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Trust the Timing of Your Life: Quote (Meaning)

trust the timing of your life

Trust the timing of your life and never lose hope. Once upon a time, I started a new business and lost it in that very month. How did that happen? Am the kind of person who is so eager about the result. If I say am going to do this, I wish to see the result that very day or the day after. This habit has made me lost a lot of great things over the past. But it worth it because I have learned a lot of lessons in it that will help you on your journey to success.

The most painful business I lost that I can’t stop thinking about was my graphic design firm. It was in a very good location, there was a good market there and people were passing by all day. But my conscience never allowed me to see the future of it. Because the business was new, most people didn’t know that such a firm exists. So I had to wait for a while for it to get known by others. But because I was so result-oriented, I decided to quit and I did. These questions were going through my head over and over. I have been here for a month and still, people don’t recognize me? Maybe all the peoples here have their own printers in their house? They are all graphic designers themselves. Don’t I have to stop and do something else before it too late?

Whiles, I thought the business collapsed because of a bad market, the monster was actually within me. I failed because of my conscious, my inner spirit was so result-oriented.

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But I know am not in this alone. Maybe you are also like me, you can’t wait to see the result of whatever you put yourself into. It’s natural and if you have also been thinking that you are alone, then remember, we ride in the same boat we two. But what we do not know is that…

Life is all about timing and if you can’t wait for the exact time for everything, you may give up soon. But don’t worry I have got you covered with a very “powerful” hack. And this hack will boost your earnings from $200 to $990,000 every month. And not only that, it will improve your life and speed your success. I know when everything is going all right. You will buy your dream car, house and even throw a big party with your friend’s right? But nowhere you are without any of these. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The secrets of using this hack to your advantage are just a few scrolls below.

But before I show you how to use this quote to your advantage, you do need to know the meaning of it first.

Trust the timing of your life meaning isn’t far from the dictionary. You can search it word for a word, but trust me you may end up with full jargons of off-balance meaning. Am saying that because that is exactly what I did when I was looking for the meaning of the quote. But luckily, you are not going to waste your time on that, save it for something else. In short, it actually means, there is time for everything and not everything, but those things in your life. Yes, if you don’t get it just reread it and you will understand what I mean.

Both good and bad, it will all happen at the right time for a reason. Your goal is to know why certain things occur in your life and take the necessary measures to resolve those.  Sometimes if bad things happen in our life, we blame those who are around us. But more often than not most of our failure is a cause of the monster who is within us.

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So if you have put in a lot of effort towards your goals and haven’t seen any result. Just don’t be in a rush but…

Relax and trust the timing of your life. That is how exactly things work out. Certain things happen very fast and others too very slow. Have patience and never lose hope in yourself and keep on working on your dreams. And as far as you don’t quit, you will achieve something great out of it in the future. Life is a slow game and where success is a concern, people are not measured by how fast they take action or their height. Your ability to thinks deeply and the determination to take action slowly in every situation is all that it takes to succeed. Nothing less and nothing more. So…

Trust the timing of your life and stay patient. Do you remember the tale of the race between the tortoise and the rabbit? The rabbit knew very well that he can run much faster than the tortoise. So when the races begin, the rabbit run very fast and went and sleep somewhere. It did that because it knew the animal tortoise will take a very long time to get to where it is. The rabbit fell asleep deeply and the tortoise slowly overpasses it and took the first position.

When the rabbit finally wakes up and runs to the final line, the tortoise was already there. Hey, how did you got here? The rabbit asked and to that, the tortoise replied. My only talent is that I just don’t quit. I might be slow but my determination and desire will always keep me ahead.

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What a very great lesson we can learn from that tale. Be the tortoise and don’t give up when things are not in your favor. The odds are you will surely make it one day.

What does trust the timing of your life mean?

I gave you an overview of the meaning above, but let dig into it deeper because it is really essential for your success. If you are patiently waiting in an expectation of your dream, then you are already doing what the quote says, “trust the timing of your life”. It actually means you have the courage to wait and to enjoy the fruit of all the good seeds you are sowing today.

There is time for everything and everything happens on its own time. If you understand this, you will not have to worry much about why things take so long sometimes. Remember, there are certain things you have full control of over it. But others too, you can’t do anything about, all you have to do is to wait patiently for such thing to take care of itself.

Here is an example. You have started gaining weight and you hate it right? Well, you can change it because you have control of what to eat and when to eat. You got angry because your best team lost the competition right? Well, you can’t do anything about it because you are not among the players yourself. So don’t waste your time and energy on things you have no control over it. Instead use that time to focus on your dreams and to work and be the best version of yourself.

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Who said trust the timing of your life?

The quote was said by Brittany Burgunder. He is a certified professional coach (C.P.C.) who is specializing in eating disorders. Also a and formerly ranked tennis player equestrian who battled with an eating disorder for years. There is a lot to be known about her, but we actually want to make use of her quote.

How do you gain trust in life?

There will be times in your life where you will think and feel that there is no hope for the future. I bet it does happen several times and it never stops. The main reason why we feel that is that, when we look back at our past and where the people that we started with has gotten. We feel somehow most often when one of our peers gets employed while we remained unemployed.

So one proven way for you to gain trust in your life is to not compare yourself with others. Never and ever do it because the more you compare yourself with people who are above you, the more you lose self-confident.

 You may not have the same resources, and abilities with others. And they too may not have what you have and mostly, what you have survived might have killed them. Don’t over watch what they have and look down on yourself. You are worth more than anyone in your life. So know your self-worth and take life easily, it’s not a race.

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Is life a timing?

Timing of life is one big question I do hear people talking about all the time. The short answer to it is yes. But not just yes because I got an example to back it up. Imagine you decided to take an engineering course that will take you almost 4 years to complete. You didn’t care about how long the duration is because you are so passionate about engineering. You took the course and everything was going on well with your classes.

But one day, you heard in the news that all the engineering workers of one company has been laid off. How will you feel? Will you continue the course or switch to a different one? If you really have high self-confidence and so passionate about the course, you will never quit. That’s very true, so let say you finished the course and got graduated. Now what next? Employment, that is what most student hate. Sending 10 letters of employment every week and hearing no response is really a hell on earth.

But if you know that life is full of timing, you will never give up. You will keep looking for employment until your time come for one.

So life is full of timing and if you don’t use it to your advantage, you will give up on most important things. There will be obstacles, challenges and bad days but remember, that is just part of the deal. And you will never go into that forever, there will be opportunities and good days too. So take things easily and trust the timing of your life.

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How do you trust God’s timing?

This is where I was falling behind in life. When you pray hard for something and sees no result, it becomes mind blowing. And it makes you feels that God is not at your side. It has happened to me several times and I know you have also had such feeling someday. But let look at it this way, if God is not with us then why does he still provide us water and air? Will you give such gift to someone you hate? Surely you won’t. We need to believe in God and keep on praying unto him because he knows what is best for us.

Sometimes, it does feels like God is being too slow on certain things. Yes I might say he does that because he knew when it will be appropriate for us to have something in our life than we ourselves. So we need to trust him on everything, don’t lose confident in him. And the best way you can trust God’s timing is to believe that he will open a way for you at the right time. So continue in prayer and seek his mercy all the time. Don’t also forget to pray for the people around you, they have a chapter in your life story.

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Trust the timing of your life quotes: examples

I love this quote very much that I can’t stop thinking of it. To that I have listed some of best quotes on the web according to Forbes in 2018. I personally use most of the quote below as an affirmation. You can also do the same if you believe in affirmation.

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Final thought

In short, trust the timing of your life and keep on working on your goals. Never and ever give up or sell yourself short. Self-deprecation leads to nothing but failure but remember, that is not what I want for you. What I want for you is more blessings, happiness, good things, riches, and more love. So go get it, it’s possible and it will happen in your future. Markdown my words.

But remember, trusting alone will not guarantee you a successful future. There is a secret to richness and most millionaires are using it at your back. To have your own share of this, you need to take action on number 3 of the – Proven Ways to Become A Millionaire Overnight For Free. Remember not to copy and paste that content anywhere because it’s a money making secrets for only you.


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