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Be the reason someone believes in good people: and (kindness)

be the reason someone believes in good people

Be the reason someone believes in good people. This is a great quote that I thought of it all day. Imagine that because of your good deeds, someone will change his or her character into a nice person. How will you feel, if such person comes to you and says he changed because of the kindness he saw you being to someone some day? You will be happy right? Yes, that is exactly what most people want. Why because nobody wants to be memorize as a bad person.  And as the saying goes “Good names are better than riches.” And being recognized as a bad person in a specific society is like living at hell in a cell.

And do you know one important lesson I have learned in life? When you are known to be bad, you will be accused of anything that goes wrong even if you weren’t the one who did it. Whey because they know you are the only wrong doer there. Here is an example of what I just said. There was a boy named John who was living with some guys of his age. John was within his 20’s and very stubborn. Among the guys he was living with, he was the youngest and the shortest.

be the reason someone believes in goodness and kindness of people
“Be the reason someone believes in the kindness and goodness of people”

He stole from his friends several days and got caught. They warned him never to repeat such an act but John will not stop. The next time he was caught, the guys decided to teach him a lesson so that he will learn something from it. And do you know what they did? They handed him over to the police and got jailed for 3 month. The guys love him so much and they couldn’t stand on their feet whiles John wasn’t within their mix.

So at the end of the second month, they made their mind to get John bailed. They went to the police station and talked to one of the officers. But the police insisted, what they said was that, once he is a thief who has been jailed for 3 month.  They can only free him at the end of the third month. The guys became so amused and did all their best but all their effort was in vain. The police didn’t allowed John to be bailed. So they had nothing to do than to go home and wait for the end of the month.

John was so worried of how his best friends could get him end up in prison. But when he thought of it for a while, he became aware that his friends want him to change. So he said to himself never to steal again in his life. But when he was finally bailed, the stealing was still going on within the guys. So his friends got an idea that John hasn’t learned any lesson after wasting 3 month in jail.

But this time, they did not inform the police. They asked John straight why he is stealing again. To this John replied, I don’t steal from you guys and I will never in my life again. That was the same story he was giving before he got jailed. So what will his friends do? They threw him out of the house and told him never to come back. John has to find somewhere else to live. He went to one of his aunties and lived with them.

But among the guys the stealing was still going on whiles John wasn’t with them anymore. So finally they got to know that John has changed and he wasn’t the one who was stolen from them after he got bailed.

So what do you think was the main reason why his friends threw him out of the house? Because John was the only thief who has been jailed among them. And because of that no one should be accused of any stealing than him. Do you see how bad it is to be known as a bad person? So be kind and “be the reason someone believes in good people” If you are known as a good person, others will like to be with you and to follow your footsteps. But, if you are known to be bad, then prepare to be accused of any bad thing that will happen.

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness meaning. This actually means that, you have to live a peaceful life which people will learn from you. If people believe that you will not influence them badly with your character, they will try and copy most of your habits. But if your character is the opposite, you will be a symbol for those around you to never do well. Because you are the product of your environment and is either you get influenced or you influence others.

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people. This is another quote which it meaning correlate to what I just explained above but with a slight difference. What this actually means is that, let your deeds prove to others that all good peoples are kind and not bad to live with. This reminds me of what one musician said “Rasta man throws one stone and it brings the feelings to all wicked people.” So you see the difference here right? Don’t be the reason why others will not appreciate the good work of all good people.

Be the reason someone smiles today. We all know how cheerful it is to wear a smiling face all the time. So don’t hurt others but rather be the main reason why they will smile. Because of some act you may show some day, that little act can make someone happy all his entire life. And that is exactly the kind of person you should be. Not someone others will be mad to live with. That is why we keep on remembering comedians even after their death. Why because, we smile whenever they open their mouth.

Be the reason someone believes in goodness of good and kindness of people
Be the reason someone believes in goodness of good and kindness of people

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of god. Do you know that because of your deeds, an evil doer can change into a Christian? Yes, that is one way of influencing others and it is the most powerful one. Because, action speaks louder than words in real life. People will mostly respond to what you may do than what you will say. The saying that goes with this is, talk is cheap but showing prove is hard. Yes, if we are to believe whatever others will say, we will end up in hell. This is because sometimes people say things they have no idea about just to impress others.

So the whole lesson here is to be kind so that people will follow the goodness of God. Don’t drive peoples away with your actions. Do that and you will bear the consequences someday.

Be the reason someone believes in kindness.

Be the reason someone believes in kindness is also related to the main quote above. But here, it point directly to kindness. So what does it mean to say someone is kind? It means that person is very generous, not only with his money but his actions. When we talk of kindness, others thing being kind is only about offering money to the needy. But what if you get drown in water and someone help you out? What if you have nothing to eat and someone shares his or her food with you? What if you have nothing to wear and someone offers you a shirt?

Those are all forms of kindness, it’s not only about handling money to others. You can be kind to others with the skills you have or any form of help you may provide. So the quote actually means, be the reason someone believes in good people. And that is peoples with kind heart and good deeds.

Final thought

In short, I have shown you couple of good things you can do that others will love. And also, why you should be kind in your community so that others can do the same to others. The only thing I want to remind you of is to take action. Don’t let your learning leads to knowledge but actions. You will only see result when you act on whatever you learn. The fact that you have a great business idea does not mean you have a profitable business running, no. You can actually achieve that when you act upon such idea.

The next important thing you need to know is why you should forget the mistakes and remember the lessons in your life.


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  1. I have Faith that good people will shine through the lies & hate at the end….thank you for reminding me of that!!!!

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