Dirty Ways to Make Money Online Fast

7 Tips to Improve Your Financial Wellness

The best weird and dirty ways to make money online fast is by working with animals. You can get paid to do crazy things online and earn between $60 to $400 per month by working from home. Some of the methods that I’m going to show you below also include offline guides.

A lot of peoples are very poor and yet they are too shy to do unconventional jobs. They don’t know that in life, you have to pass through the sun before you can get to where there is shade. Although doing certain jobs will make you feel disrespectful. But remember this, “It better to take desperate actions to earn your daily bread than to die of hunger.”

So with that in mind, if you are a female college graduate or whatever, there are quick ways you can get your hands dirty for money. Just imagine making $800 by working for only 2 hours daily per month, how successful will your life be?

But here you are without even half of this money. But it does not have to be this way. The guaranteed answer to the question, what are the best dirty ways to make money? Is exactly what am going to show you.

I want the best for you.

So the only thing I want you to do is to take action on all the financial guides am going to show you. It sounds amazing right? Let get started…

6 Crazy ways to make money working with animals

You may consider working with animals as a mucky job. But do you know that you can earn high income in this field? It one of the best sources to find a quick work. Most people don’t like working with animals, they all wants office work.  So the demand for employment in this field is always open. 

And that means you can earn extra dollars by working part-time or full-time. Let me show you how you can increase your revenue fast…

1. Make Dirty Money – Earn From Dairy Farms

You can increase your income by working in dairy farms. There is always man forces needed in this field. Your job could be milking the cows, providing maintenance and feeding them. The environment at these workspace may not be hygienic in the beginning and sometimes it will be difficult for you to show off at work.

But as you do it consistently it will look normal to you. One thing about this work is that you need to be an earlier riser. Because cleaning of cows and milking them starts at 5:00 am. That’s just the bad-side there are other benefits too.

You can learn life lessons from animals and gain some skills you can use to start a farming business. Sorry I didn’t talk about the paycheck which is the most exciting part. There is no exact money you can earn from dairy farms. It mainly depends on a lot of conditions such as the location and the size of the farm.

However, you can make between $100 to $600 depending on the value you provide to the farm owner.

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How can you get dairy farms jobs?

Actually you don’t need to write an application for this type of job. Just walk into any nearby daily farm and ask the owner if he or she needs a helping hand. Be sure to discuss about the salary with him first before you start the job.

2. Horse Grooming

If you love horses, then this is a lucrative idea to earn a side income. Horses are used for sports and farming in different locations. And horse groomers are required to watch over these animals, check their health each and provide maintenance.

It just like working in dairy farms with one big advantage, free ridding lesson.   I know a friend who took this job 3 years ago just to learn horse riding. He worked for just 2 weeks and started riding like a pro and earning as well.

3. Become a Dog Walker

Do you know that there are a lot of people who are too busy to take their dogs out?

If you can find 4 to 5 of these peoples and take their dogs for walking, you can make a full-time income without any big hustle. Getting more clients to pay you for this job is difficult. However, if you are not too shy to knock on others door, you will find more people who may need your service.

The reason is that you will not see dog walker ads on the TV or Radio. So the best option is to ask your neighbors.

4. Pet Sitting

There are a lot of pet owners who works at night and those who return home from work at weekends. These people don’t have much time to give their pet the kind of love they would like to. Their jobs keep them too busy with no chance to have fun with their pets.

If you love animals, you can turn this into a big time business. All you have to do is to find these busy pet masters and let them aware that you will take care of their pet’s whiles they are at work or on a trip if they would like to pay you. Surely, they will be more than happy to do such business with you.

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You can make between $50 – $80 per night of your pet sitting services. And you will make more money when the pet master goes on two or more day’s trip.

5. Start a Pet Grooming Business

Mobile pet grooming service is one of the top growing businesses due to the love human has developed for animals. If you know how to take good care of your pets, I mean bath them, brush their teeth and keep them clean.

Then why not start your own pet grooming business?

You don’t need an office to get started. Check on your neighbors who have pets but doesn’t give them a good grooming. And let them understand that you will come to their house each morning to groom their pets if only they are willing to pay you something.

6. Get a poetry farm Job

Just like working at a dairy farm, you can make easy money by getting your hands dirty in poetry farms. Plus you will also get free eggs and that is something that I will personally assure you. I have worked in this field before and the owner of the farm wasn’t that greedy type.

They allowed me to bring home as many eggs I wanted. But don’t take my word for it because the farm owner was so much pleased with the value I was providing for him. So it depends on your effort and your work ethics. I don’t consider this as a weird approach of making money. And the reason is that it a learning progress job, it will help you learn various ways you can implement to start your own farming business in the future.

Freaky Ways to make money through cleaning

How much exactly can you earn from cleaning business? You can make from $10 to $30 an hour depending on your location and whether you want to work full-time or part-time. You can make such money with the following list of cleaning services:

1. Window Cleaner

Starting a commercial windows cleaning business is very challenging. But what about door to door window cleaning? You don’t need to rent or invest in an office space to get started. All you need is few cleaning tools that don’t cost more than $50.

So guest how much you can earn by offering to clean windows for small businesses and your neighbors. And the best part is that it does not require you to work full-time. Most employees working in white color jobs regularly start work at 8:00am. And this probably means you should be on your way home at that time. But…

How do you get started with door to door cleaning business? And how can you find potential long-term clients for your service?

Well, since you’re not planning to do this full time, I suggest you walk straight to other nearby businesses you know. Then ask if they need a service of a window cleaner, if yes, continue with the negotiation. If no, there may be other places that may need your service.

Although finding clients to pay you for your service seems could be a struggle. However with a word of mouth and without being shy to tell others about your service, you will find more clients that will like to come into contract with you.

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Remember this, once you find a potential client, please provide him or her good service so that you can be recommended to other businesses. Your chances of succeeding in every field mostly depend on your network. So let those around you see great value in you and they will sell you to others.

2. Door To Door Pool Cleaner

If you have a pool in your house, then you already know how much others earn from cleaning pools. This job requires some swimming and other pool maintenance skills. However, it not something that will take you a year to learn.

You can earn between $5 to $20 an hour just by getting rid of some stubborn stains. The best way to get started and make fast money from this is to attaché yourself with others who are already into this business. So if you know a friend who provides this service, join him or her rather than doing everything yourself.

If you are lucky enough, you may stumble on a friend who will teach you for free if you have no experience at all.

Later you can go ahead and charge more based on your worth or start a big business. Then you should have insurance, pay in taxes and employ others to work under you and give them their monthly wages. Is that not a good advice and a dirty method for making quick money?

3. Dog Poop Cleaner or Scooper

There are so many dirty ways to make money online. But when it comes to offline, you can’t beat Dog poo cleaning. It one of the craziest approach you would never like to make money with. But pause for a while and ask yourself, do rich people clean their dog poo? If not, how much do they pay others to get the task done?

There are a lot of demands and requirement for Dog poo cleaners mostly in gardens and in rich homes.

I know you would probably not be happy to do this work. It might look so disrespectable to do but remember, “You got to be tired than to be broke.” So if you have time and you can’t find any other job aside this, go for it and earn something to fill your pocket.

4. Private Health Center Cleaner

The best way you can increase your earnings fast is by being employed to clean private health centers. These private companies depend on individuals who aren’t into government jobs for it day to day operation. So getting employed in such company can turn into a full time income.

Most companies will require you to work long hours because regular cleaning is a requirement for all health care facilities. But think about the benefits, you will get free medication and earn between $350 to $1000 every month.  This is a value based job, if your boss sees more value in you, he or she will be more than happy to give you’re a promotion or increase your paycheck.

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If you are lady reading this you are probably wondering if these kinds of jobs are good for you. Surely, most of it is for boys but I don’t want to leave you behind. So the question you may ask me now is…

How can females make money online fast?

12 Ways for females to make money online

For women, there are so many ways you can make a side income working online few hours a day. Let me show you some of the guaranteed ways.

1. Start a Blog

What is a blog and how do bloggers make money? Blog is a website that is mainly based on a specific niche. Or in the other hand, it’s a website that contains articles. If you want a practical view of what blog is, then this site you are reading this article on is a personal finance blog.

Blogging wasn’t as popular as it used to be because in the past making money online with a blog wasn’t possible. For example, I had a blog called get-rich-home which doesn’t exist anymore.

I started it when I was young and trust me, I never earned a cent from it until I got it sold. And the reason was that, online payment gateway wasn’t so common as it is now. So there was nothing like affiliate marketing, ecommerce and Google AdSense.

So guest what, I was just blogging for fun and paying hosting bills year after year. But things have changed now and…

You can easily make $100+ every month blogging. The benefits of having a blog is that it is completely passive you don’t need to be at work all the time. Isn’t that great?

The earnings you can make from blogging actually depend on your own consistent effort. And the reason is that blogging is not a get-rich quick approach for making money. It takes time, however if you work hard enough, it will not take you more than 5 month to earn your first $100.

If you don’t have any idea of how to get started blogging, don’t worry there are a lot of online courses you can get for free. But my little advice is that you learn from people who know exactly what they talk about. Anyone with internet connection can post any idea on the web and you got to be careful of who you learn from.

And also one thing I want to make it clear to you is that “you need to be willing to learn and improve.” It’s a continues process and without consistent improvement, you will be lack behind by your competitors.

You can blog about anything including:

  • Personal finance
  • Pets
  • Investments Ideas
  • Technology
  • Self-improvement
  • Cooking
  • Parenting

However, I suggest that you pick a niche you are passionate about. So that you can turn it into a big online business by writing about things you love.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best ways you can make money online. If you have gotten some skills that others can pay you for it then why not start freelancing? Let me explain to you what freelancing is in case you don’t understand.

Freelancing is a contract on-demand job that doesn’t require physical working space. Here is an example, Let say you own an online news website. And you have realized that in other to keep your business growing you can’t do it alone. You need the service of others.

So you log on to an online job portal sites and hire a content writer to write an article for you. Here, this content writer doesn’t need to meet you one-on-one at an office to get the job done. He or she can do it in the comfort of his house.

Who is the freelancer here, you or the content writer?

It the content-writer, you have got into contract with him or her to write an article for you in exchange for money.

It not only for writers, there are so many lucrative skills you can get others to pay you including:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design & development
  • Mobile apps development
  • Video Editor
  • Copywriter
  • SEO specialist
  • Digital marketing
  • Transcription

It doesn’t matter how many skills you have, if it one take action and start making money. There are many freelancing sites you can get started today such as upwork, fiver, freelancer, toptal and people per hour.

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One tip for getting more clients is to create an eye catchy profile and make sure your portfolio includes your best works. And also be sure to communicate effectively with your client to know their requirement before you start the project. So that you can provide a good service that will lead to a long-term contract.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

You can’t predict exactly how much you can make from YouTube ads. Because the CMP advertisers pay for their ads varies based on the ad type. Having a YouTube channel is just like having a blog. The difference is the content, you will be creating videos instead of writing articles.

And you can make millions of money through affiliate marketing without even paying attention to ads. The fact is that it’s the biggest platform to drive thousands of traffic to your online business. It also allows you to embed affiliate links into your video descriptions so that your audience can click on it to make a purchase.

Unlike blog, you don’t need to buy a domain name and hosting to get started. All you need is a good camera to record your videos. If that sounds like you have to buy one, hey you can use your smart phone.

To get started, I suggest you take some hours to learn about YouTube SEO first. Because to get monetized you need 1000 subscribers in the last 12 month and 4000 watch time. You can easily reach this requirement in a minimum of 5 months if you put in the effort to learn about YouTube SEO.

Also make sure your content is based on a specific niche. If you target different niches for the same channel, their algorithm will be confused of your channel. And that will have a big impact on the growth of your channel.

The key is that to make billions of money from this platform, you can’t only depend on your followers. You must have some anonymous users to watch your videos. And the right way to get these users is to implement SEO techniques.

Although, no one knows exactly what the YouTube algorithm expect. But you can research and learn what is working for other YouTubers. Mostly, you would have to add your target keyword in the Title and the video description.

Remember, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to shot qualities videos. Just adjust your camera settings and make sure your voice is clear to your audience. Also focus on quality over quantity, I see a lot of people uploading more videos daily. It not about how many videos you upload, if your video is helpful and your audience interact with it YouTube will recommend it to others watching similar videos.

4. Earn From Virtual Friendship

Virtual friendship is another money-making idea for females to get paid online for chatting with others. There are a lot of grannies and lonely peoples looking for companionship. And as a virtual friend, your job is to be online and chat with these peoples at some specific times.

You don’t need to meet offline in-person, zoom, google meet, Facebook and Skype is the main source for communicating with these peoples. If this is your first time of hearing about this idea, you might be wondering of why others need virtual friends.

  • The “why” may be because of these reasons:
  • Not having anyone to talk to
  • Feeling introverted
  • Loneliness
  • Want to talk to someone with specific interest

As you can see, it could be so many reasons.

You don’t need to be worried about sharing your personal matters with these peoples. Because they just want to talk about things like movies, sports, books, pets and celebrities.

One big benefit of being a virtual friend is that it can lead to a long-term friendship. And this can help you to build a great network with others. Just imagine becoming a life-long friend of someone who has a skill you have been dreaming of acquiring. How happy will you be?

You will have the opportunity to ask more questions about such field and let him or her guide you with real-life experience. It can be a big opportunity that can open ways for great achievement in your life.

Another benefit is that most online platforms that offer this service will allow you to make your own schedule and choose the appropriate time to chat with your friends. This means you can do this as a side-hustle or full-time gig. 

To start getting paid online for this gig, you need to create an account on rent a friend first.  Make sure to upload an attractive profile picture so that it will attract more people to buy your time. You can make $600+ per month depending on the terms of the site you sign-up.

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But before you get started, make sure you have good communication skills. You also need to have a very good likability so that your friends can keep buying your time over and over. It doesn’t mean you need to have a degree in communication to get started. No, if you can speak fluently in English that is enough.

5. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

If you have been blogging for a while or you own an online business, then you are already aware that Pinterest is a full-time job. Using a graphical software’s like Photoshop to create attractive pins that will attract users to click on your pins is a lot of work that require special skills.

But whatever it might be let divide it into “what, why and how.” So that you can understand the concept that I want to show you.

Note that this is not part of the dirty ways to make money online fast. This is rather a full-time clean job that you will be paid monthly for your service.

What is a Pinterest Virtual assistant?

Pinterest virtual assistants is just like any other assistants employed to work under a manager of a particular company. Here you do nothing than working on your clients account management.

They are responsible for creating boards, management of pins and creating of ads.

Why do people need Pinterest virtual assistance?

Pinterest algorithm is very complicated to understand and no matter how hard you try, if you don’t follow the right procedure, you will end up working in vain. Due to this most individuals and companies hire other Pinterest specialist to help improve their business growth.  

For example, I personally couldn’t see any better growth in my business when I started using the platform. I knew very well that I was doing something wrong, so I hired one woman to take care of my board’s management.

And I was paying her $200 a month for management of three boards. And truly, my traffic started improving. But I wasn’t paying in vain, I was getting real traffic that convert well into sales.

How can you make money as a Pinterest virtual assistance?

You first need to learn more about Pinterest marketing and SEO. This is not something that you can master in a day because the real algorithm is not known to anyone. All what the marketers are doing is trial and error.

But there are some approaches which are working for others. So you can out source and learn, there are so many tutorials on YouTube but not all is worth learning. So be careful of what you feed your mind. Others are just sharing their opinion to get view for their videos to earn more.

The real question that you need to ask yourself is…

How can you make money online from Pinterest?  Well, you can make-money by working from home with your smart phone or laptop. You only need an internet connection and you can put affiliate links to your pins or your blog links to make more sales.

Affiliate marketing is the most profitable way to make money from Pinterest. You can also use the platform to promote your own digital products such as E-books, online Courses and software’s.

6. Sell Courses Online

In this technological world, you don’t have to meet in person with your students to teach them something. The internet has made it possible for all the peoples across the globe to communicate effectively without any hustle. But you can play smart and take advantage of this great opportunity.

Whiles your friends are using the internet for unnecessary communication, why not teach others online for fee?

If you have some knowledge or skills you think others might be interested in learning, why not make it known to the world? There are many platforms like Udemy and Coursera that you can host your courses for free.

All you need to do is to create an account in one of these platforms and fill some details that are related to the subject of your course.

The main reason why you need to get started immediately with this idea is because of the demand of technical skills. Currently the most high-income paying skills are the ones in the tech industry. And a lot of young once are so ambitious of mastering these skills.

So the right time to earn extra dollars from the skill you already know is now. But how can you get started?

First, you have to research and look for the best platform to host your course. And I do recommend Udemy because it one of the websites to sell online course. Then you have to create tutorials contents in video form and publish it.

But remember, you can also create PDF tutorials and sell it to those who prefer reading over watching. And to make more money from your course, you have to put in some work to market it yourself. That is one thing most people lack in digital marketing.

Although platforms like Udemy will promote your course to it audience for free. But imagine 200 people has already published a course on the same subject “dirty ways to make money online fast.” What position do you think your course will be ranked when others such for such course?

You will surely be ranked somewhere between 150 – 200 and tell me, who will have the time to scroll to that position?

It’s not an effective strategy to allow these platforms to market your course. You have to make it known to the world by advertising it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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You can also take advantage of affiliate marketing and pay per click ads.

Affiliate marketing strategy –There are a lot of bloggers and other social media guys with many followers. Your goal is to reach out to these people and let them market your product for a commission. This is very effective and you will pay them some percentage of the course price whenever a purchase is made.

This people will advertise your course and give you the freedom to do other  important task.

Pay per click or impression ads marketing strategy – You have probably heard of Google AdSense and Facebook ads. They are all advertising network you can use to promote your course. Most of these networks will only charge you when someone clicks on your ads. If a purchase will be made or not by such user, that’s not their business.

Their job is to give you the traffic and it’s up to you to convert it into sales.

7. Test Products for Money

This way of making money fast for females may sound very weird if you haven’t heard of it before. So let me break it into simple steps and show you how you can profits from it.

One way that companies come up with great idea or products is based on the feedback and review of their consumers. For example, manufacturing companies regularly conduct a survey of their existing products so that can put measures in place to develop the best products that will hit the market.

In the past this was done in most companies premises. But we are in a computer world and things have changed so everything is being done online.

You can test companies’ products or provide a feedback of similar items you have used and earn from it. I can’t directly tell you how much you can earn because the commission varies depending on the site you sign-up. And also quality feedback is one big factor. And the reason is that most people try to give feedback of products they haven’t used before with the aim of making money. But you can make between $1 – $20 per product review or feedback.

One thing you also need to know is that, most products won’t be available to you on which ever website you get started with. And that’s because some products are meant to be reviewed by certain genders only. For example, imagine a lady giving a review of guy’s trousers, how many guys will purchase such product based on that lady review?

So depending on whichever platform you start with, you will only be suggested with products that are related to your personal information. And that should give you an idea of how you should structure your profile details.

As a woman I suggest you only test groceries, self-care, beauty and health related products. If you have no idea of how to proceed, you can use these popular product testing sites usertesting and Brooks. Remember to fill in the necessary details that is related to the products you want to provide a review when creating your account.

8. Online – Digital Marketing

Online marketing is mainly referred as digital marketing. Many companies want to make their brands well-known to the general topic and the only way they do achieve this aim is through the service of digital markers.

So in short, it’s the promotions of different brands to connect with customers through digital communication and the use of the internet. This can be done in so many ways including social media, email marketing, guest posting, web-based advertising and multimedia messages as a marketing approach.

Simply think of it as marketers who promote business products to reach potential customers. Hey, is digital marketing not the same as affiliate marketing?

The answer is no, affiliate marketers get paid based on commission of products but digital marketing is a contract based work. A company could hire you for a year and pay you every month to promote it brand.

That’s the meaning and the next question is “Why do companies need online marketers?”

Well, I don’t want to bore you with dummy idea, let make it practical. Imagine you have established an Ecommerce shop online but you have no experience in marketing. And as you know, a shop without potential customers equals potential losses. 

So what will you do to make more sales? The best option is to hire an online marketer to promote your products and brand. However, if you want to be greedy, you can put in two to three months and study digital marketing yourself. This can take more time and besides you also need time to focus on developing of products.

So it will be good to delegate some of your task to others.

The main needs of marketers in every business is to help increase sales and brand awareness.

How can you learn digital marketing and make more money online?

If you are really serious about making money online then it’s one of the high-income skills you need to learn. There are free courses available on YouTube and I suggest you take advantage of that.

9. Sell Handmade Products Online

If you have some basic crafting talent, you can make thousands of dollars by selling handmade products online. You can make painting your side-hustle and earn from it if you have a visual art background. Rope bowls, wall hangings and sew pillow covers that is made with different color combinations are all example of things you can sell online.

There are endless of products you can create and if you are so passionate with your skills, you can turn it into a full-time job. One big challenge is how to get customers to buy your products. Because the purpose of bringing up products to the market is to make sales. So how can you sell your products online?

Well, you need to learn some online marketing skills but if you want to take the easy way then there are many online shopping platform you can take advantage of including Etsy, ArtFire and Amazon. All these websites have partners that you can contact to help make the shipping of your products easily.

You can also contact online influencers, affiliate and digital marketers to promote your handmade products. This idea will only work if you can take care of the shipping yourself. Why am I saying that?

Imagine someone recommended one of your products to his friend and he or she made a purchase. How are you going to ship the product to the person if you are not in the same country with him or her?

So to make things simple, I suggest you take advantage of the above shopping platforms I told you earlier. Then later when your brand becomes well-known, you can then go ahead and create your own website and handle the shipping yourself.

There is an 18 year old girl who said she makes between $566 – $1000 every month selling handmade products. How did she do that? She promotes her products to social media followers and she let them aware that she can only deliver to peoples in her city.

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This is a great lesson to learn and implement to cut down the cost of shipping products to people in different countries. Sounds great right? Let continue the…

Dirty – ways to make money online fast.

10. Cooking

We all love home-cooked food even though some of us have no cooking skills. All my co-workers love home cooked foods and we always order them over restaurant food. Am not going to tell you to cook, carry it on your head and sell it in the street. No, that’s a lot of work but there is more professional way you can do this.

So if you have a very good cooking skills and can cook different delicious foods, contact local companies employees and ask if you can provide them home-cooked food daily. They will surely say yes because this is an offer we are waiting for someone to come to our office and provide us with.

And not all office workers prefer going out for lunch and dinner. So it a great opportunity for you to take advantage of this side hustle and make millions of money.

Here is an example, imagine you have been employed as an accountant to take care of particular company finance. Because auditors will be at the office to check on you regularly, you will sometimes trade your time of going out for dinner for work. And that means you will not eat for the day? No, you just don’t want to waste too much time on food. But what if someone can get you a food at your office?

That will be awesome right?

If you don’t want to take care of the delivery yourself, then here is a hack. Create a website and make it known to companies’ employees. People should be able to order food from your website. Now, how will you get the food to them when an order is made?

You can hire 2 to 5 motor riders to do the delivery. They just need to know the location of the person who ordered the food and that is not something complicated because Google map can do that.

Women making money online – do you want to be one of them? If yes, then let me show you the next hack I have been waiting for…

11. Copy writing

Copy-writing is one the top high-income skills that pays very well. I understand it’s not everyone who like’s writing but hey, copy-writing is not about writing 1000+ words daily. No, some copies just require 50 words to convince customers to make a purchase.

If you have not heard of it before let me make it simple.

What is copy-writing and how much can you earn?

It’s simply means writing persuasive advertising copies to convince customers to take action. Here is a simple example, many companies want to increase the number of sales they based on the type of marketing campaigns they send to their customers often. And as you know “A man who stop advertising to cut down expenses is like a man who stop the clock to save time.”

Before companies can make more sales, they have to send out high convincing marketing campaigns to their customers. And that’s exactly what copywriters do, they help increase business sales through the world of mouth. I hope that gives you an idea of what is meant by copyrighting?

Why do businesses need copywriters?

The main aim is to increase sales and brand awareness. We all like to purchase items from our favorite brands. So it doesn’t matter how good a company product is if people don’t know about the brand, it will be difficult for them to buy.

So in other for companies to make their products and brand well-know, the service of copywriters is required. It will be very hard for companies to make more sales than it competitors if they refused to employ the service of marketers.

How can you make fast money writing copies for companies?

First you need to get a job that will pay you very well. One big mistake I see people making is that because there is not enough job in the system, they go for any company that will pay them any money. No, you need to know your self-worth and if you believe that you are highly experienced in your field, then you have to work for a company that will pay you well.

Listen, there are many peoples with the same level of experience and skills you have making millions of money in different companies. So why work for a company that will pay you less money?

If you don’t want to work for a company, you can still make money with this skill through blogging, email and affiliate marketing. Or simply approach online entrepreneurs and see if they will pay you for your service.

How to become a highly paid copywriter?

You first need to enroll in a local community school or online copy-writing course if you don’t have this skill already. If you don’t want to spend any money on this skill then you can use all the free resources on the internet including YouTube and blog Post.

I suggest you enroll in a course because you have no idea how much copywriters make. And enrolling in a course will help you to learn it more quickly and get your hands on practical works that will make you more valuable.

What are the best weird ways to make money online fast? And how can you get paid to do weird things online?

12. Social Media Manager

I know you haven’t experienced this before but if you have worked as an admin of an online community before then you will know how hard moderating social media post and comment can be. Most online entrepreneurs can’t handle this task together with their full-time job so they hire others and delegate such task to them.

This job does not require only moderation of community members post. You need to be active on all the social media platforms of the company like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and replay to customers messages.

To make money as a social media manager, you need to make it your full-time job or work part-time for multiple companies. The truth is that most companies will pay you based on your value and the rise of engagement they may see in social media page.

So you need to be someone who has likability to build good relationship with others. You can earn between a ranges of $100 to $500 per month if you choose to work full time.

3 Ways – Get paid to do weird things online

1.    Matchmaking side-hustle

This is one side-hustle business that I didn’t know of until last 2 years. This is how it works…

Many peoples are very shy and don’t know how to propose to someone they want to start relationship with. They even try online dating platforms and it doesn’t work. And this is a great opportunity for you to get paid to do weird things online.

You don’t need to meet in personal with whoever you want to match with another. You can use Tawkify and work from home and help other guys and girls to match with each other. I know this sound very crazy to you but listen, some matchmakers earn 6-figures.

All you need to do is to explore some of the websites that offer this service. Don’t I don’t recommend making this your full-time job. It sounds too unconventional and what answer will you give in-case someone ask of your job, will you say matchmaking?

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So do it as a side-gig or whenever you need make some urgent money.

2. Earn from your junk mail

I often delete all my junk mails to free up space and am pretty sure you have been doing the same. Mostly if you have some online business or you have account in many website, you will be receiving messages often.

But stop deleting your mails you can earn a side-income from SBK Center. You are probably wondering how possible this could be right? Well, SBK Center is an email marketing research company that accept all kinds of mails to help carry out their marketing research.

You can create an account on their platform and they will assist you on how to send them your daily mails in exchanges for rewards like prepaid credit card or gift card. You can also become one of their consumer panelists and enjoy other benefits. However before getting accepted, you will be asked of questions related to insurance, investment, loans and banking.

That will help you earn real money than exchanging your mails for rewards.

3. Get paid to walk

Once we have legs it’s meant for walking and won’t it be nice to make some side-money from it? I know exactly what you are thinking, am not going to tell you to take part in Olympics so please don’t get your running shoes ready.

There is an app called Bitwalking which is available on both android and iOS. To earn from it you need to launch the app and walk around and it will automatically calculate your earnings which you will be paid in cryptocurrency or bitcoin. If you don’t have account in any of these two digital asset then you can check for other pays that pays directly through banks and PayPal.

But be careful my friend, there are a lot of thousand apps on Google Play store that claims to do the same but most of it are scam. You may even come across some apps that will tell you to fill your banking information as a method for you to get paid. Be careful they just want your credit card and bank information’s for their own benefit.

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So don’t be a victim, however if you still want to earn from these apps, then ask a friend to recommend a proven similar app.

4. Earn From Sports Betting

The best freaky way to make money online is through sports betting. Although many people don’t like the idea of taking risk but let me tell you “life is full of risk.” How is that true? If you cross the street is a negotiation, how sure could you be that no car will jam you? If you buy food from the market it’s also a risk, how sure are you that there is no poison in it?

Success is all about taking risk but is not every risk that is wealth taking. You can play very smart and bet on your favorite club with your spare money whenever they have a match. The odds may not be on your favor all the time but when it does it could make difference in your life.

I keep seeing betting slips on social media of others fortune.

How much can you earn from online sports bet?

Mostly it depends on how much you stake and the amount of money putting on that match.

There is no magic in sports bet so I can lie to you that I can give you a sure tip. So you just have to use the computer between your two ears and as longs as you don’t give up, your day will come. I will advise you to compare 3 or more betting website and go with the one that offers high percentage of money on matches.

5. Get Paid To Wear Promotional T-Shirts

Do you know that most of the people you see wearing T-shirt with promotional content in it get paid for it? Well, here is how it works. Let say I have established a company that produce mineral-water and I want to reach more customers.

I can make my brand well-known by offering to pay others to wear my company T-shirt to attend special events like wedding and parties.

Most of the companies that expand their growth through this process mostly give out their T-shirt when there is an upcoming special event.

I saw one guy at Facebook called Jason Zook who says he had worked with over 1600 clients and 600 companies. And he has been making $2000+ per month, he had even created his own website. When I contacted him 5 months later for more details, he said he is focusing on other businesses

This is a great business that you can take advantage of it and do it in your spare time or whenever you are being invited to an occasion. What you should do is to find potential companies that will offer you this service. And that is not challenging, you can actually ask your friends if they know any. Or simply walk straight to offices and ask.

Wearing promotional T-shirt in the miss of your friends can be very weird and it may stumble you to down this idea. But hey, it better to get yourself dirty and earn your daily bread than to die of starvation okay? You will probably not do this for long time so it worth doing it for some quick-cash.

There was a guy in my class doing the same job and I never knew of it until when we were about to graduate. I always thought all those fancy T-shirt he has been wearing are all his favorite. And whiles I was struggling to pay my college bills he was playing smart. And trust me if I would have knew it early, I would have got myself into it and earn extra-dollars. Because I was just working part-time as a shop assistants which the paycheck wasn’t enough to cover all my bills. And sometimes I have to work over-time to increase my wages.

The dirty ways to make money above isn’t the only proven guide, check also…

How can I secretly make money online?

Making money online – how can you secretly do it?

1. Earn Extra-dollars on the dark web or dark-net

The dark web also functions just like the normal popular website like Facebook and the rest that you have been using. But the difference is that the dark-net is only accessible to only specific peoples. Unlike Google and Twitter where everyone can just enter the URL in his or her browser and begin using it, the dark corner of the internet doesn’t work that way.

All the people that access the dark web are anonymous and no one no their true identity.

I hope that gives you a fair idea of how things function over there? Now…

Why do you have to use the dark web to make money?

Since it a private place on the web, people will surely use it to do things that they don’t want others to know about. For example, others think that if you make your business ideas known to others, they will steal it. So two or more people joined as a team could meet on the dark-net and discuss about their business plans without the notice of anyone.

And later they can bring this business to the market and earn millions of dollars.

The dark-web can help you make money online secretly without any of your friends or relatives knowing about and it the main reason why you need it.

How can you secretly make money on the dark web?

Making-money on this source is not that hard but don’t take my words for it you need some coding skills for sure. Because to access it you need to use tor-based browsers and finding some the address of Websites on this source is weird part.

But if you are so passionate and you have no skills and you still want to earn extra money from this source, then consider hiring an experienced hacker.

Most banks keep their private details on the dark-net and you can hire a hacker to steal some bank information for you to sell it. What about changing students grade on the deep web for money?

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It also a very good source for drug and gun dealing but hey, that’s too dangerous and if you don’t take care you may end up in jail. So I don’t recommend that because I want the best for you and will not recommend a life threatening source of income for you.

Always be careful and think twice before making any move on this platform. If you got the chance to access it one day, you could be chatting with an FBI agent anonymously without you knowing. So never and ever give out your personal information to anyone unknown to you okay?

It’s really a good source of income and a lot of hackers earn six-figures every month working for others and themselves. That means you need to take some hacking course if you want to do everything yourself without hiring the service of someone.

2. Get-paid $100 and over for taking pictures

There are three types of content that people make money online with and that’s text, videos and pictures. A picture speaks more than 1000 words and people use it to create quote, ads, websites and slide-shows. If you are good at taking pictures, you can make $100+ online that could cut down some of your bills.

There are so many websites for hosting images and most of these platforms allow others to download the images for free. Some of the pictures are made available only for premium users and that’s how you the site make money. But most of the sites don’t keep the profit alone, they share it among their contributors.

I consider this idea as part of the easy ways to make money online from home. You can create an account in most of these websites and sell photos in your free time. You may not get paid fully for the same amount whenever someone purchases any of your pictures because of hosting charges. But you can earn at least 85% of the sales on your pictures if only you put in a lot of effort.

You need to be creative though in shooting pictures, however you don’t necessary need to be a degree holder photographer to get started.

To make crazy money online with this idea you first need to research and find the top website people buy photos often. The reason is that there are many image hosting websites online but you can’t earn from them all. Some will just waste your time, so you need to play smart.

You can start with Smug Mug which is a very popular website to create a second source of income. They sell different kinds of all mugs be it cups mug, T-shirt or coffee mug. They have a printing company that handles the printing of mug designs whenever someone orders a copy of your mug.

To get started, you first have to create an account and upload your mug designs. This actually requires you to have some sort of graphic design knowledge.

There is another one too called Foap that both video editors and photographers can earn real money legally. It available online and they also have an android and IOS app that you can download and use if only you prefer mobile applications over websites.

They will share the profit 50/50 with you whenever an agency, brand or anyone purchase a phot or video in your Foap portfolio. It one of the popular platform that has a nice user designed dashboard.

So with all the above two websites what I suggest you do is to take charge of your content promotion. Yes, to make lucrative money you need to advertise your images yourself so that more people can see your work and purchase and recommend it to others.

How to make money online blogging for beginners?

You can use social media and email marketing to promote your photos. Also pinning on Pinterest is one of the best methods for promoting contents.

3. Become a high paid proofreader

Who is proofreader? They are people who assist text based content producer such as bloggers, book authors, news reporters and court report to make sure their contents has no error and is grammatically correct. Their main job is to double check several times the work that has been done by authors and editors.

For example, let say you are a proofreader and whenever I finish writing a blog post I bring it to you to identify errors for correction. When you are done with your job and gave me back the content to publish, I have to pay you for your service.

Also whenever I publish the post and my audience identifies many grammatical errors, I will surely blame you for poor work done.

How much can you make working online from home as a proofreader?

To work in a local newspaper company or as a court report checker, then you surely need to have a degree to apply for this kind of jobs. However if you just want to earn six-figures working online in the comfort of your home, then you surely need to target online content producers like bloggers and EBook authors.

If you don’t have the skill already, then you surely need to learn it by enrolling in an online boot-camp or course. Then after successful completion you need to contact authors directly for work. You can also take advantage of freelancing platforms like fiver and up-work. How much proofreaders make per month mainly depends on the number of clients they work with and their years of experience. As a beginner you can earn a range of $100 to $900 working with two or more content producers.

4. Type Online For Cash

Are you good at typing and can type more than 60 words per minute? You can earn $300+ per month through transcribing alone and it really easy approach: Listen to some podcast and type it out but make sure to use headphone. The monthly earnings of transcribers are related to how fast they type and also the terms of the company they choose to work for.

Basically, they get paid based on the length of the file they type be it podcast or audio book.

Want to earn full-time income with this skill? is a company that hires freelance transcribers and pays them based on work done. There are other websites that offer the same service but this is the only guaranteed company I know.

If you don’t like working as a freelancer, then I will suggest you work directly with podcast producers. They are people who record speech as an audio file and publish it online for others to listen. They sometimes want to have some of their podcast transcribed so that they can publish in their blogs. So getting to know this people will expand your network which will open more doors for you.

One big advantage of working for individuals over company is your assurance of being recommended to others.

5. Sell Used Products Online

This particular idea solves all these money related questions?

What are some weird ways to make money?

How can I make $100 a day legally?

How do you make money when you’re poor?

How to make crazy money fast online?

If you have used items you no longer need, why not profit from it instead of throwing it away? You can sell almost anything on Ebay without moving an inch from your house.

Conclusion – dirty ways to make money

Those all the guaranteed real ways to make millions of money online for females, students and almost any internet user. What you need to do now is to take action, because without action you can’t achieve anything.

If you have been dreaming of becoming rich quick, then check how to become a Millionaire overnight with no money. If you have any ideas for making passive income online, please share it with us and thanks for reading.


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