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“Don’t Just Fly, Soar”: Dumbo (Quote Meaning)

don't just fly soar

Don’t just fly soar is an inspirational quote from the animation movie Dumbo created in 1941. The quote comes with a great lesson of reminding us not to be too comfortable where we are or what we have. We often get stuck in our comfort zones, thinking everything is alright and there is no need to put in any effort again. And here is where the quote comes in. Because we cannot predict the emergencies or what may happen to us in the coming days. We don’t have to get caught in a status quo but to be aiming for the best all the time.

So wherever position you find yourself, don’t give up or quit, keep inventing, and help make the world a better place. Because there is a high risk of getting too comfortable anywhere you may find yourself. Here is an example, Imagine you have actually made a good investment that brings in $100 every month. And let say you depend on that interest every month. Because it takes care of all your expenses, you have decided not to work or start any side business as a second source of income.

Don't just fly, soar dumbo quote meaning

To this what will you depend on in case you get seriously sick and waste all the money on medical bills on the 5th  day of the month? How will you survive on those 25 days that are ahead of you to end the month? Will you go for a loan at the bank? And if you do how are you going to repay it since you have no intention of making extra money. So don’t just fly soar but rather keep working for great things. Don’t be the man or woman who will still be depending on his or her parent for money even at the age of 50.

 Don’t just fly soar meaning isn’t straight forward in the animation. If you have watched it before, you would have realized that it was a little hard to grab the concept from the beginning. But when you watch to the end, you will finally understand the whole idea behind it. So if you have not watched it I really recommend you do that, it’s just a one and half hour movie.

Don’t just fly soar who said it in dumbo and what was the reason behind it? The quote was actually invented by  Walt Disney in his animation video titled Dumbo, Dumbo. The whole idea behind it is to provide encouragement and caution for us to work hard and achieve great things in our life. It also serves as a source of motivation for climbing the ladder of success. So don’t give up and always strive to soar.

Final thought on the quote – don’t just fly soar

don't just fly soar
“Don’t just fly soar”

So in short, keep working on your goals and remember that whatever effort you are putting in today, there will be a payoff tomorrow. Again, if you have seen why you should strive soar. What you should know next is –  Why You Should Be The Love You Never Received. It Essential for your success so pay close attention to number 3.

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