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The days are long but the years are short: who said (source)

the days are long but the years are short

The days are long but the years are short. Hello mothers, kids, and dads. Today I have got a special guest on this platform called Tony. He is going to tell you who said the above quote, its meaning, and the lessons in it. Don’t forget he has a real-life story to bark it. And he is going to show you how you can use this quote to your advantage. He is a medical doctor and an entrepreneur with a lot of experience and high-growth businesses. Getting to know and learn from him is really a blessing. That’s why I choose him as my first interviewer on this platform for you.

So pay very close attention. His words are inspiring and mind blowing. This is his story…

 Days are long years are short. That’s something a patient told me about eleven and a half years ago. It’s stocked with me ever since. And because of where I am right now, it’s resonating like no others.

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So just to let you know. She told me right after we had our third child. I remember, during that time I was working for Wissey chapel clinic, preparing for a marathon and I was up, night after night with my wife and our third kid. I was very tired and I remember going to the clinic that morning and I was like am just tired, am just tired but you know anyway.

And she goes like this…

Men remember, the days are long but the years are short. There will be days where it will feel like it can’t end. There will be nights where it wills feels like the crying won’t stop. And you know where I am right now writing this article? is actually a high school. And I just drove one of my oldest daughters to one of the standardized test examination.  She is going to be gone after college in a few months and is crazy.

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 I mean, I can still remember the day we had her in our arms. I remember there was a day where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl. And I remember a police officer has to take her to a hospital which is near the stadium. We were celebrating around 2:00 in the morning, people were out in the street just being ruddy and we couldn’t get to the hospital. My wife and I were all broke and I do think of that day as an accident. But here we are now, my daughter is getting ready to head off to college soon. You know taking her big ACT exams. The days are really long sometimes but the years are short, it goes by really fast. 

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So look am telling you all that for what reason? You know we have so many goals, dreams, and things we want in our life. But sometimes to get there is like it going to take forever. But I want you to know that it really goes by fast. Yes it does, the days might seem long but the years are short. It is amazing to me the number of things that had happened to me over the past eleven years since that patient said that to me. I have created four additional businesses since then and I have helped so many people. My kids are totally different and the relationship with my wife is so different.

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The things we have gone through, health wise this and that. So many things have happened and it just felt like it was yesterday that this lady was telling me this – The days are long but the years are short. Just remember that, and use it to your advantage. When you are like oh I can’t, this is going to take too long. No, no it will be over in no time, so go after the things you want in life. Never and ever decide to give up on your own dreams, if you have tried hard and seen no result. Just remember that…

Days are long but the years are short for your success. You might be thinking because you have putted in so much effort is not going to work anymore. I tell you, it will work like a magic in a very short years you never expect. And when it happens, you might think you just worked on that dream yesterday.

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The world is moving too fast but we the people in it can’t see it. We thought we have a long way to go because we have come so far. No, our time is limited, and…

The days are long but years are short. It doesn’t matter what has happened to you over the past. If you keep worrying of something bad that happened some days ago. Just forget it and focus on the future. Because you can’t go back and change anything. But you can learn from the past and apply that lesson in the future. Those are the days you are going to battle for not what is gone. If it parenting, don’t give up. Because that baby who keeps waking you up at night is going to be a grown up in few years.

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That’s natural and a life cycle we all humans do go through before adulthood. So mums, babies and daddies live happily and embrace any moment in your life. Don’t stop when you are going through a hard time. That’s just part of the deal. The worries, late night and the hard work will be over in no time. Just don’t give up and remember “If something is really important to you. Do it even if the odds are not at your favor.” But…

You might be wondering who said this quote and why he said it. I know that’s a question you have been seeking an answer for. You will be very amazed if you see the person and his motivate of that quote. So how can you see it? Pay close attention below. I have explained everything in step by step order in an easy way for you.

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Who said the days are long the years are short

It was said by Gretchen Rubin the best seller. She is a very great author with top leading books in the system. Some of her top books include Better than BeforeThe Four Tendencies The Happiness Project, and Happier at Home.

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Motherhood the days are long but the years are short

Motherhood the days are long but the years are short. Most of parent goes through a lot of hardship when they see their new born babies. That’s probably what I went through and is something you can’t get rid of. Because being a wife or husband is not only about providing food for the family or paying bills. Nurturing is what makes you a real mother and a father.

 Because remember, the fact that you have gotten married doesn’t mean you’re mum or dad. No, no you will only be called a mother or a father only when you give birth. You might ask that, what if I get married with no child but steps in the street and other kids calls you mum or dad? They called you that to show a sign of respect. Because at your age, they can determine that you can reproduce them. But remember that doesn’t make you a mum or dad. If you get asked of your own kids, what answer will you give?

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So don’t be scared of all the hard times you will go through if you see your first kid. After all, it will not kill you, it will prepare you stronger for your next kid (Jot it down). And trust me, when the baby is born, he all she will grow faster than you may think. That is natural, whiles we don’t seem to be getting old at certain age. Babies are not like that, every new month you will see some changes in their growth. That doesn’t mean babies grow monthly and adult grow yearly, no. Our years increase right after every year. But just that, the rate at which you may see changes in your baby’s growth or body, will be higher than an adult.

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The days are long but the years are short quote Examples

The days are long but the years are short quotes. I love this quote very much that I can’t stop thinking of it. I do remember when I saw my first kid. Then I said to myself, when will this baby grow up and become a man like me? It’s probably going to take a very long time, just imagine the stress I will go true. But all that I thought wasn’t true. The days go by fast than we think. So here are very nice quotes examples that are related to it:

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Final thought

In short, what I want you to know is that the days are long but the years are short. If it is parenting you are in or late at achieving your dreams. Don’t give up because that baby will grow fast overnight. Just remember that you were once like him or her. To nurture him or her in a way you could have preferred to be raised by your mum or dad. And don’t forget, that baby will soon be a hero and make you proud. A lot of blessings and great things will come your way when those kids become popular someday.

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Just imagine how happy Elon musk, Bill Gate, and Warren Buffet’s parents would be. Not only happy will they be. The world will bless the womb that gave birth to these great men who are making the world a better place. So put yourself in the shoes of all the parents of famous people you know. Let that motivate you to raise your kids well for a better future. Now…

I have shown you all the hacks to parenting. But tell me, can you do it without mothers love? No, you surely can’t. So what is the one thing that will make your family happy? It all about love but most people doesn’t do it the right way. So they end up tearing their family apart. But…

Click on this link and I will personally show you a “Powerful” hack that will boost your family happiness forever. It essential for your family’s well-being, so pay very close attention to step 3.


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