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“Do What Makes Your Soul Happy”: Quote (Meaning)

do what makes your soul happy

Do what makes your soul happy in life quote. What is all the cause of our unhappiness, depression and stress in life? We have all tied ourselves chasing money and material things. But at the end, this material things lead us to nowhere. Most often it mainly increases our level of unhappiness and depression. You might think rich people are happy because of their money. But think twice, don’t you have some money in the bank? Don’t you have cloth to wear? Have you not eaten today?

So what is the difference between you and the rich? Happiness is not about having a lot of money, owning lands, cars and businesses. No, it actually about the person you become. Waite, just stick with me to the end of this guide. Am going to show you a very “powerful” hack that will make you stay happy forever. And not only that, you can use the same hack to increase the level of your productivity and overcome laziness. But before you can use the hack, you need to understand these below tips. It’s really essential for your success, so pay very close attention.

Do what makes your soul happy meaning. A lot of people can’t go a day of full happiness. And I don’t blame anyone because they have putted materials things first and their soul last. But tell me, is it really worth living without you being yourself? No, life without you being yourself means nothing or very little. Because what will benefit you to work for a company that pays you very high to work all years without taking a day off to make yourself happy? That’s useless, trading your happiness for money is the biggest risk you should never take.

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So what does it actually mean to do what make your soul happy? In short, everyone has at least two or three things that make us happy in life. Singing, traveling or playing golf everyone is on his own niche. And what the quote means is that, don’t trade these things that make you happy for anything but rather do it. So if you are worried about why you are depressed. Ask yourself, what are some of the things that make me happy that I have stop doing? Or what are the things that I enjoy most doing? Find the answers yourself and…

Do what makes your soul shine. Never and ever trade your happiness for unhappiness. I see a lot of people doing it and ending up asking themselves why they live an unhappy life. They have exchanged their happiness for depression and stress and yet, they themselves don’t know how it happened. But I don’t want that for you. What I want for you is to be happy with your families and friends. And have them say to you that…

You make my soul happy friend or dad. That is a life that is worth living, you are not here to trade this great thing for nothing useless. And remember you are also not a slave, so don’t get too busy at work without having time to make your family happy. Because they need you most and you are the important person in this your life. So if the people around you are going to be happy, part of it depends on yourself. You might think that’s stupid but ask yourself, will my family be happy if I get myself locked in prison? No, they won’t so…

Whatever makes your soul happy do that. And don’t get yourself caught in no man’s land of unhappiness. If you think because I said those around you happiness depends on you. So you are also waiting for others to make you happy before you treat yourself good, then am sorry that happiness will never be found. Because everyone is almost 95% responsible for his or her own happiness. And only 5% of it depends on material things or those around them. Most people don’t know this so they look forward for their happiness in more money and more friends.

 But trust me, if you are a happy person, it doesn’t matter how big your money or how small your circle is. You will always be happy. Because happiness is acquired by the person you become not the things you attract into your life.   

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Take time to do make your soul happy

We all want to be happy in life so we look forward for it in some years to come. But do you think our happiness is based on how old we grow? No, you have to take the time to make your soul happy. No one is going to do this for you except you yourself. Because how will that guy next to you know for sure that, what he is going to say will make you happy or unhappy? He can’t determine that simply because he doesn’t know what may be going on in your inner world. Day in and day out we all fall into the trap of this, we say something to others we assume it will make them happy but we end up hurting them.

So don’t look forward to others for your happiness. Just look within yourself and take time to do those things that make your soul happy.

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Take time to make your soul happy meaning

There are other people who are naturally happy all the time. Others too feel happy based on the things that they do. So which type are you? Are you naturally happy or not? Taking time to make your soul happy means, doing things that make you happy occasionally. This does not need to be done in a monthly or yearly bases, it can be done daily. For example, I personally can’t go a day without playing reggae music and singing along.

So what I do is that, whenever am going for a walk or after work. I treat myself very well by playing most of my favorite music’s. And I bet you should see me personally singing and the joy I do get. It’s so awesome and amazing, I don’t wait to win a lottery ticket, I do that regularly and it makes me feel very good.

You should also do the same with the things you love doing, if you are not a naturally happy person.   

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Who said take time to do what makes your soul happy?

Author of the quote is currently unknown. What a very sad story, but you know it can’t be possible. Once the quote exist there must be someone behind it, so who is behind it? That’s where the problem lies, but research is still ongoing for it and everything will be updated here when ready.

What is a happy soul?

A happy soul refers to those who have trained themselves to remain happy in all times. That does not mean people who are not naturally happy don’t have a happy soul. They do have, but their level of happiness can never be compared to those who have been naturally gifted with. You may see a smiling face with someone with a happy soul all the time and this will be opposite to those who are fully depressed in life.

So in short, a person with happy soul are those with so much joy all the time. They don’t wait to be promoted or for a raise before they treat themselves good. Or neither do they look forward to material things or others for their happiness. They are always happy and you will always see them with a very cheerful and smiling face.

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How do I keep my soul happy?

With all the above secret guides to happiness, let me show you how you can keep your soul happy forever. Remember that you need to take action to embark whatever am going to show you. The reason is that, without you taking any action, you will not see any happiness in your life. Is that simple, because there are others who like to brush through ideas. But those who achieve what such idea may say are the few who takes actions. So pay very close attention and be willing to do what am going to show you for a happy life.

1. Do what you love and not what others tell you to do (top secret to happiness)

 There are so many people in this world who are fully depressed. Simply because they are doing what everyone is doing and not what they themselves want. Don’t do that but rather listen to your heart and do what makes your soul happy. So look within yourself if you are sacrificing some things for your happiness, then it time to put an end to those things.

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2. Associate with positive people (or happy people)

 A lot of people are very gifted by God and by means of inheritance. But due to bad company, they have lost all that they own. And yes that is the penalty of those who associate with negative people. Because you can’t keep dancing with the devil and ask yourself why you are still in hell. And they have also forgotten that birds of the same feathers flog together.

 Limit yourself from bad people because their actions will lead you to where you don’t want to be in life. And at the end they will make you unhappy and depressed. So look within yourself, are there some groups you associate with that are having some bad influence in your life? If yes, you got to do something about it before it too late.

 There is one big question that the answer will increase the level of your happiness instantly. And that is…

Do things make your soul happy?

When I was young, all that was in my mind was to grow up and buy myself a car and a house. Why because there was no happiness in where I grew up. And I thought me working hard to achieve those things will make me happy forever. But now, here I am with my own car and not happy all the time. I know I do ride in the same boat with a lot of people on this issue. It’s you and I know it for it very well, so let address it.

What we both have been blind of is that, we thought more things equal more happiness right? Wrong, that is never the case. The number of material things you have does not have anything to do with your happiness. The concept behind this mindset of us is that, when you are in a position you don’t like. You begin to think that you are unhappy because you haven’t hit that position you wants. So you then begin to look forward on your happiness when you hit that position.

But what you may have not known is that, in real life. The higher your position or the more things you have, the more your problems will be. And can you live a happy life with so many problems? There is a saying that goes “Because of more wealth, the rich can’t enjoy a sound sleep. But the poor do sleep very well.”

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So stop looking forward for your happiness on things you don’t have. The little that you have been blessed with, be content with that and do what makes your soul happy. Because life without you being yourself or being happy means nothing. And also there is a very good side effect of happiness. It is proven that those who are always depressed die early in life than happier ones. And this should paint something in your head if you want to live long.   

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Do what makes your soul happy quotes: examples

This quote is really awesome and I can’t stop thinking of it. The meaning and the lessons in it are really good for personal development and increasing productivity. But wait, there are other quotes like this too that is very mind blowing. Check it below and use some as your daily affirmation or live on the lessons in it. Let those lessons serve as a guidance for your life because it really essential for your success. So pay very close attention.

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Final thought

In short, all am saying is that don’t sacrifice those things that make you happy in life for anything. Those things may seem wealthy but I will advise you that if it will take away your happiness, don’t do it. Focus on those things that make you happy even if it small, just do what makes your soul happy. Being a little bit happy all the time is much better than, being depressed or unhappy all the time. But wait…

With all this hacks that I have shown you, there is a problem. Can you be happy all month without having something to buy food? Surely no, because that will make things even worst for you. So what should you do? Go and work and you will get some money for food. That is the usual answer most people will tell you. But what if you have no experience or college degree to secure a job? We also know that there is an unemployment issue everywhere. So that answer doesn’t work anymore. So what should I do?

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