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“Be the Love You Never Received” (Meaning)

be the love you never received

Be the love you never received, be the acknowledgment you never got. I know you have been hurt before in your life, if you haven’t then most of us had. Sometimes people do wish someone wonderful or special will work into their life on the day and give them an amazing love that will last the lifetime of their life. If that is your idea, congratulations! You are one step away from all of us. But am really sorry that is not how things work. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, you need to learn how to give yourself the love you seek and be the love you never received.

Just assume for a minute that your friends haven’t been giving you the love you expect from them. That is very bad, but because you know it very bad you have learned to give yourself the love you seek. Now you don’t expect anyone to walk into your life and make you feel like gold on a clay tablet. You have mastered how to feel happy living alone or with your friends without needing them to give you love before you could feel happy. How will your life be? You will be so great of yourself, you will praise yourself all the time, stay productive, and do things cheerfully without getting hurt. But now, here you are without any of these.  But it doesn’t have to be this way, the secret of knowing that to be the love you never received is the key to happiness is just a few scrolls below.

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Be the love you never received meaning

What does it actually mean to “Be the love you never received, be the acknowledgment you never got” I will explain it in seconds but first we humans want to change the world but first we are not willing to change ourselves. We want to receive love from others but we are not willing to give love to ourselves or to others. Because of this mindset, most often we wait for other people to serve us better before we serve them better (Don’t be rude to yourself).  Here is a simple example to explain the meaning of be the love you never received.

Mia is a young lady who is within his 20s currently preparing for marriage. Over the past, he has been abused, hurt, and dumped by so many guys. Because of these, she has made his mind not to open his door for anyone unkind to enter. She is looking for a guy who will love her, making her feel the earth belongs to her. But within Mia, she has no hint of giving love to herself or others (She lives her life in expectation of other people love).  One morning she was walking on the street and got approached by one man who was neatly dressed in an executive suit.

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She proposed to Mia and they both agreed to get married. They did the wedding and got marriage peacefully as they did expect. But after a few months, Mia’s husband’s love washed away on her face.  Mia begins to feel that she isn’t getting the love she did expect. What will you do if you were to be in her shoes? Will you devoice and look for another man? Mia did not but despite the fact that he wasn’t feeling happy with her partner, he also felt all her friends don’t care for her anymore. This caused Mia a serious effect on her health as a result of overthinking and stress.

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The fact is no matter how many people did come to Mia’s life because Mia knew not how to give love their love for Mia’s son wash out. This made all her friends rejected her because they all wanted to be loved as a result of Mia not knowing how to be the love you never received.

 be the love you never received
be the love you never received

So as the example above illustrates, if you are waiting for someone to walk into your life before you will feel happy then you have to start learning how to feel happy alone. Because you might not know if no one like that may come into your life. The point is when you learn how to give love and be happy with yourself that is the time people will give back the love you gave them. Remember this may not always be the case because sometimes you may give love and never get it back. So don’t expect that because you have shown love to one particular person he or she may also show you, love.

Be the love you never received rune lazuli, this is also one example of it. Someone lived in life hoping to receive the exactly the proportion of love he showed to others. When he didn’t get it, it became a nightmare for him.  That is natural because we are all born from different families with different perspective of everything, what you might expect of me may not be what I may be willing to give you. So give yourself the love you seek and be the love you never received.  If you master the skill of self-love you will need not to get hurt anymore in case you don’t get the love you expect from someone. No matter the case you are the source of your happiness, you are always there for yourself, you take yourself to launch whenever you need yourself and buy yourself the nicest cloth.

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 No doubt about it be a living proof to yourself and others’ source of happiness. This is an important concept most people who feel depressed all the time should know about. Almost 80% of the world’s population are depressed due to lack of love. So look at how healthy and lovely the world will be if we all learn the skill of self-love. When it comes to life, it’s always about yourself, you will always be the source of everything to yourself “You don’t need to know your language to tell yourself that you are in love with yourself”

Final thought on be the love you never received

So in short, don’t wait in an expectation of peoples love. You deserve much and super love and the only person who can give you this love is you.

Why you should be the love you have never received

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