“Success is not Always What You See with Your Eyes”

success is not always what you see

Success is not always what you see with your eyes. This question has been rolling on all social media for the past 3 years. Others say success is exactly what you see while others say no success is not always what you see. But to you, what will you say about it? Is success exactly what you see? Comment below with your answer. Before I move further we more details let first get the meaning of…

Success is not always what you see meaning

We all have eyes to see despite the fact that we are not blind. But do you think what we see all the time is exactly what it is? No, the fact that something looks nice on your eyes does not mean that is exactly what it is. Let me give you a personal example of what I witness some other day in the market.

It was Saturday afternoon and I was feeling very hungry in the house. I went to my kitchen I saw no food staffs. So I decided to go to the market to buy some food staff and come and cook something. I wanted to eat yam and garden eggs stew so I bought 2 sized yams with some little garden eggs and other oils and staffs. So I picked a car back and came to the kitchen. I boiled a hot water and took the yam to pill the unnecessary part out. But to my greatest surprised I found the yam to be spoiled.

Yes, completely spoiled, I couldn’t get even a little part of it to cook. So I threw it away and went back to the market woman and told her what has happened. But the seller said no I will never give you a different one not even your money. You saw the yam with your own eyes, you touched it you even feel it and now you are here telling me that the yam that I gave you is spoiled?

I said yes madam; the yam is totally spoiled not even a part of it was ok. I tried all my best just to get my money back but he insisted. So what do you think is the lesson in this? Is success always what you see? No, let just take the yam for example. When I first saw it I thought there was nothing wrong with it, there was a good weight in it and besides, it was so clean. But what did I discovered in the kitchen? Was what I thought in the market about the yam the same thing I got in the house? No…

what is the saying about success?

So the real meaning of success is not always what you see with your eyes is simply sum up in this quote. “You can’t judge a book by its cover” yes you see, when you go to the library there are a lot of books with great cover designs. Some look nice and others look very terrible but in the end the words in it are really what matters not the design. So the same with the above question. If you judge a person’s success by what you see all the time then you are totally wrong.

Yes, you are, because other peoples just try to live their life by other people’s means. Instead of them cutting their coat according to their own size they try to impress peoples with what they don’t have. So just imagine this. Let say you see a beautiful guy or lady around and you want to impress her to make him or her think that you are rich so that he or she can fall for you.

Now, what will you do? Will you go to the bank for a loan and buy an expensive shirt, watch, phone, car, shoe, and eyeglass to impress him or her? Maybe you may say no but that is what others do. They try to look rich or successful on other people’s eyes while in reality their not wealthy themselves.

So you don’t have to think all the time that what you see is exactly the same as it is, no. You may be totally wrong if you think like that. You may not know what is behind the reaction of someone’s habit or success.

Okay, now that we have gotten the meaning let see the

Important of knowing that Success Is Not Always What You See

1. You will stop judging people by their appearance

There is one thing that comes to our mind immediately we see anyone “We judge the person base on his or her appearance”  Yes one morning I was looking through my window and I saw a very nice looking lady wearing executive coat passing by. Due to her appearance, I thought she was working at the bank. Indeed she was so beautiful, yes she was and I think she is the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my window.

I starred at her very well until her face was finally painted in my mind. One month after I went to a close library in the next town and to my greatest surprise there she was a Library manager. She seems to be very happy with her job. But to me I was totally wrong, calling a library manager a banker is that right? No, I better stop judging people by their appearance. So that is one important of knowing that success is not always what you see. You will stop judging people when you get the concept in it.

2. You will stop paying much attention to what others think about you

If you have gotten to know that success is not always what you see in the presents. Then I think you have to paint a picture in a different way of how others think about you or ignore it at all. A lot of people are sick in their minds today not because they have a brain problem but it’s because of what they think others view them. Just listen to this.

A lady was walking onto her seat in a conference room. She looked ahead while walking and noticed that all eyes were on her. She became distracted in his head thinking that there is something wrong with her. Because of this though she didn’t pay attention to her steps and got slipped. She broke her ankle and couldn’t walk anymore.

So you see, how what you think others think about you can hurt you? Yes, it can do you big harm but when you understand that what others see is not what they are thinking in their head. You will pay no attention to their thought. Making you free and thought-free all the time.

Can You See The Success Of Someone With Your Eyes?

Seeing someone success with your eyes

Well, to answer this question straight forward, we need to take into account some considerations. Look at it this way. Does the person that you are figuring out have a wealthy background? Is he working in a high paying company or job? Are his friends so wealthy? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you have seen his success with your own eyes. Those are the things that could be the cause of his success.

But if you answered no and the person still looks to be rich or successful. Then I think there must be something pushing his success or he is just is trying to be fake. So, in this situation, because you can’t identify what may be pushing his success or whether he is faking you can’t predict right whether he is truly successful or not. Meaning you can’t see his success with your eyes.


success quote

Brief detail on “success is not always what you see with your eyes in life” There is a saying that says that “I don’t need to know your language to tell you that I hate or love you” what does this mean? It simply means that you don’t need to be told whether the guy in blue sitting next to you is rich or not. Base on his appearance you can judge him right away. Yes, you can judge his appearance but judging someone’s success base on what he or she is wearing is totally wrong.

I know of a rich man who is always on a bicycle here. There is also some poor man who is always in a car somewhere. To this will you say the rich man is poor just because you saw him riding a bicycle? No, you will be totally wrong. So stop judging people’s success base on what you see and also stop thinking that others will judge you base on your appearance.


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