Living In Poverty And Being Rich Compare And Contrast

Living In Poverty And Being Rich Compare And Contrast

Living in poverty and being rich compare and contrast. Imagine you could increase your earnings from $200 to $4500 monthly with below hack. How well will your life be? You will save and buy your dream house or car in just one year. But now, here you are sitting in front of your laptop reading this article and wishing that was your life. (Check the hint for becoming wealty quick)

But you don’t need to worry, the magic secret of transforming your life from living in poverty to richness is just a few scrolls away. Inside these below magic secrets between the poor and the rich, I will show you simple life tips that can change your life instantly. Most of the peoples want to become rich but yet they keep doing what the rich don’t.

Below is the contrast between living in poverty vs. Living a successful life as Rich person.

1a. Poor people blame the government for unemployment (compare And contrast)

Unemployment is a big issue in most countries. Poor people blame the government for not providing job opportunities in the country. For them when something is not right, it always someone’s fault but never themselves. Because they think every problem isn’t their fault, they don’t border looking for solutions to it. They will complain and say this and that about everything without doing anything about it.

1b. Rich people blame themselves and find solution to the problem

Rich people pay no attention to the country they live in, they take full responsibility for their own lives. When something is not going right, they will access themselves and find a solution to it instead of blaming the government or their relatives. They understand that to live a successful life, everything depends on them, not the government. For them, unemployment or unavailability of resources is not a reason for unproductivity. They look for resources themselves and make things happen.

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There is one “powerful” secret in living in poverty and being rich compare and contrast I want to show you below…

2a. Poor people buy cheap things

When you hang 20 poor torn shirt on the wall and sell each for $1 and hang another quality 2 shirts for $30. A poor person will buy all the cheap 20 torn shirts and live the other quality 2. They prefer quantity over quality. Whenever they see a high price tag on something they don’t even border asking for a deduction, they will look for a cheap one to buy.

2b. Rich people buy quality things

Rich peoples prefer one quality thing that will last for a year than 20 things that will lose value next month. It is not that because of their money they choose to buy high price items, no they just prefer taking a quality decisions over cheap ones. That is why most big growing companies in your countries are own buy successful peoples.

3a. Poor people trade their time for money

Poor people always prefer to work under someone. They have no intention of creating their own future and because of this, they work 9 – 5 trading their time for money. That is why whey whenever they get fired you later see them broke.

3b. Rich people trade their time for result

For rich people, they don’t trade their time for money. They’re always seeking results they don’t care how long it will take for them to complete a particular task. So far as the return value can change their life or have a great value, they focus on that rather. According to Forbes, 90% of rich peoples are result-oriented. When Warren Buffet was interviewed last two years, what he said is “I visualize the return of every penny I invest and that powers me to invest more”

Among all this assumption of living in poverty and being rich compare and contrast.

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Below is what I want you to pay special attention to…

4a. Poor people copy others

Every economy has a problem of complaining of high competition. For the poor, whenever they see any profitable small business in town, they quickly establish one for themselves without taking their time to learn what makes such business successful. Because of this, they end up complaining of a high competition market. They don’t invent ideas for themselves, they are always seeking to live their life’s base on how other people do their things.

4b. Rich People create

Rich peoples believe that “I create my own future” This is why you will see them reading books, listening to podcasts, and having a deep meaningful conversation than that of small talk. They keep on looking for ways they can make things happen to better their own lives. This does not mean that rich people do not also copy others. They do but how they do is different from the poor. When a rich person sees a profitable business niche in town, such a person will take his time and analyze things deeply and figure out what the other person isn’t doing right and do it. This is why there are almost 200+ banks in every country but each of them has its own customers.

5a. Poor people Live to impress others

This is one thing that keeps most people’s poor. They always look for ways to look good in the eyes of others. They buy fancy cars, dress, and take first-class seats just to show others that they have received their monthly paycheck. This doesn’t get them anywhere, but rather all these items end up being a liability on them. I know a friend of mine who went for a loan to buy a new car just to flash some beautiful girls. He had his house wealth two times the car taken as collateral because he was unable to pay for 20 good years.

5b. Rich people live their live according to their own means

Rich peoples are unlike the poor, they don’t waste money anyhow. Every penny they will spend is on a budget. They don’t live to impress others but they live according to how they are in real life. “Hustle like you are broke, think and do your things like a millionaire” No one cares what you wear or eat, just do your things and live the life you prefer.

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Moving to the “Best” part of this assumption of living in poverty and being rich compare and contrast…

6a. Poor People do not learn about money

Lack of financial education is the main reason why most peoples end up being poor.  Is not that most people don’t make any money at all, most people’s monthly paycheck is bigger than most successful people’s paycheck. But what these peoples do with their money is what makes them poor. Because they are not willing to learn anything about money, they do whatever they like with their money without thinking of investment or savings.

6b. Rich people do learn about personal finance

Rich peoples are eager in acquiring more knowledge about money. They learn on daily bases on ways they can increase their earnings and where to invest safely for great returns. Instead of watching a TV show on Saturday evening, you will see them reading books about personal finance. They calculate the interest they will earn on their interest before the due date. This makes them very smart and reacts back to any person or financial institution which tries to mess with their money.

7a. Poor people waste time on what they don’t want

Most poor peoples don’t care whether what they do on a daily base will any impact on their future goals or not. As far as their at life today life must go on. They waste their time working on things which will not have any great value in their life. Because of this, they will work very hard on a daily base but in the end, you will see them broke. Simply because they don’t schedule their daily routines according to what they want to achieve in the future.

7b. Rich people focus on what they want

Unlike the poor, rich peoples knows that success is nothing more than daily small progress. They believe that small consistent daily achievements will later sum more to what they want in the future. They live their life and do things base on what they want in the future. If they want to become a footballer in the future, you will not see them at parties but rather in the training field most of the time. This doesn’t mean they don’t play or take leisure time at all, no they know the right time for everything. When its time for work, work must go on and when its time for playing, playing must go on.

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The magic of transforming your life, with this assumption of living in poverty and being rich compare and contrast. Is just below…

8a. Poor people invest in big TV Set

According to Forbes, if you compare the rich to the poor, almost 95% of poor people own a TV set and only 5% have a Library. They focus more on entertainment than reading or seeking knowledge. There is nothing wrong with the TV but the number of hours most poor people waste their time watching movies could be utilized for something productive that can change their entire life.

8b. Rich People have big Libraries

I once visited a financial advisor hall in the next city here. I took me straight to his hall and I saw a lot of book categories in all the corners of the room. I first thought he had a school down steps.  He told me he had read all the books in the room without living a single page. That is awesome, you do need to see the total number o books and calculate how many years it will take you to read if you are too.

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9a. Rich people build passive income

In wealth-creating there two terms which are very common (Passive and Active) Passive income is where you work hard for money and later stop working on it and watch the earnings roll in. Whiles active income is a type of money to which when you stop doing a particular task, your earnings also stop, just like your current job. Poor peoples don’t like creating passive income, they prefer short term rewards and works on work and pay jobs.

9b. poor people focus on active income

Rich peoples are not like the poor, for them they know exactly that they can be fired at their work any point in time. Because of this mentality to look for ways they can still get paid either they work or not. That is a passive income (either you work or not, you still get paid) that is why most successful peoples never go broke. They let their money work for them as a form of passive income and do nothing but to watch the earning roll into their account. 

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living in poverty and being rich compare and contrast, Final thought

You have seen all the different assumptions in the mindset of poor people living in poverty and rich peoples living a successful life. If you want to become successful in the future then you got to start doing what the rich peoples are doing above, so as to achieve the same result they do achieve. The above Assumption of living in poverty and being rich compare and contrast has a lot of life guides in you can use to change your life. Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge, take action on your learning’s and you will achieve your expected result.


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