Success is a Journey, Not a Destination Meaning (arthur ashe)


Success is a journey, not a destination. Imagine you could wake up every day, and find $1000,000 in your bank account. How happy will you be? Maybe, you will quit your job or you will never worry about working. Because all our struggling is just for survival, and the main key to be able to survive for a long time is money. So do you think, your account being automatically renewed with $1000,000 daily, will it be wise to do any form of hard work?

If you respond “no” you have said it correctly. But now, here you are, your bank account balance does not even increase by $1 daily. Don’t get it wrong but that is how life is. It functions as “no work no gain” But do you know there are others, who get their account increase monthly by $100+? Yes, they are, and we called them the successful ones. But what is the difference here? Why do they get their bank account balance increased every month and not me? Don’t worry, you will get your explanation in this article. But maybe, you might think success is a destination, not a journey.  So you are waiting for your time to come right? Wrong, this article will show you the right view on this subject, so that you can become successful following the right path. 

Success is a journey not a destination meaning isn’t something complicated. It actually means to be successful, it is a journey on which may come across you, is never a destination for you. So you don’t have to think all those successful people you see have been destined to be rich by God. No success is a journey for everyone.

success is a journey not a destination

What does it really mean to say someone is successful in life? Is it the amount of money he or she has than others? Or is it because of the finest cloth he or she wears? Just think about it for seconds and comment below with your own answer. To get this concept about success clear. Let me tell you a story about one rich man and a poor man, who lives in the same city. I will call the rich man Mr. Rich and the poor one Mr. Poor (is about the same title, success is a journey, not a destination).

Story of a Successful rich man and an unsuccessful poor man

Mr. Rich believes in hard work and thinks success is a journey, not a destination. Mr. Poor on the other hand thinks success is a destination. Mr. Rich put in a lot of hard work 70 hours weekly. He recently started his company and employed two workers. Because of his mentality, his life is really improving. Mr. Poor on the other hand, because he thinks success is a destination. He just does a minimum hand to mouth work that will cater for his family’s daily needs. He does this because, in his mind, he thinks success is a destination so he shouldn’t struggle much but rather, wait for his time to come.

Ten years past and Mr. Poor has not done anything for his family. He has no money in his bank account. All that he says to his wife is “Oh don’t worry, I will keep working on this hand to mouth job, my time will come I will be successful” forty years passed by and still Mr. Poor has nothing to show off, except his little family. He became too old that no company could employ him due to his health. So he went on retirement with $0 in his bank account with no insurance policy. How will he and his family survive? Someone asked. He had no option than to beg for food and money on the street. And yes that is exactly what he did.

Mr. Rich’s business is really growing and he had established other 10 branches in different locations. Due to his great mentality, I will not say he is rich but rather a successful man. He has saved a lot of money and made an investment in other businesses for his family. Due to his age and physical health, he is too afraid to look after his businesses. So instead of managing all the business himself, he hired differently managers to all the business branches. He went on retirement and he does not need to work for money, nor does he has to beg for food or money. His family life standard of living keeps on improving year after year. (That is why it right to say, success is a journey, not a destination)

So to this, whom among these two peoples will you say, he is much successful? Mr. Rich right? Yes, not Mr. Poor. But do you know one secret that set these two parties apart? Is their “Mindset” that is why the saying goes “To become rich, you got to get brain to succeed” On the road of success mindset is everything. Is not really about hard work, because Mr. Poor was also working very hard, but it is his poor mentality that leads him to poverty. If he would have changed his mind, he would have been successful.

So the true meaning of success in general is, the ability to succeed at the plans you have in mind.  That is why the saying goes “Each of us has succeeded at something” This is true because every human, has at least accomplished certain plans he had in his mind before.

But remember success in general is different from “Success in life”

Because all our struggling in life is about survival, here is the true meaning of success in life. It is the ability for you and your family to be able to survive for the coming years, either you work or not (being financial independence is the key).  Yes, that is what it meant to say someone is successful. If you can survive for the coming years either you work or not, without any financial or material needs, then you are successful, “CONGRATULATIONS”.

Meaning of Journey

success is a joourney

A journey simply means a continues process in life. It is like riding a bicycle to the next city. Until you rich there, you are still on a journey. You may pause and rest when tired, but that does not mean you have reached your destination, No. You are still on a journey. To understand this well, let look at this example.

John and James have been sent by their mum, to buy foodstuffs in the next city. Because the road is too long and the family has no money for transportation, they used a bicycle. They began the journey, which is just 2 hours ride away from their house. Because James is physically week than John, every 30 minutes he paused and rests somewhere. John did not take a single rest. He got into the next city exactly 2 hours, meaning his journey is semi accomplish (he needs to return back home before we can say his journey is successfully accomplished).  James on the other hand is still on his way coming, not even half of his journey completed.  John returns back home, successfully in 2 hours, meaning he has accomplished his journey. James is still on his journey because he has not yet even reached the next city.

So journey is a continuous process until you reach your destination, you are still on a journey. So what then is the destination you must reach on, to be successful? Don’t worry; you will get your answer in a minute. A journey and destination go hand in hand. That is why we do need to be clear about this idea that says, success is a journey, not a destination. Let get the meaning of destination first, before I answer your question.

What is the meaning of destination?

success is not a destination in life

Earlier on above, we saw the real meaning of journey. But now let look at what it means by destination. You remember the example I gave you above about John and James right? Well, if you don’t, quickly read the above heading before coming to this. We saw that James was still on his journey because he had not yet reached the next city. Neither has he even returned back home. But what of John? He has returned back home safely meaning he has reached his destination.

That is an example of a destination. But what is the true meaning of destination? It is a target point one must reach on. So simple, let say, your goal is to walk to the next city barefoot. When you get to that city, you have reached your destination.

Is success a destination?

Okay, now we have gotten the real meaning of the three words: Success, journey, and destination. But the question is, Is success a destination? Most peoples think, if you reach a certain point in life, you must then be considered successful. Is that how life is? They think if you are able to afford that nicest cloth and the latex car you are successful. Simply because destination is a point one must reach on. But these peoples forget that life is a continuous process, not a destination.

So if life is a continuous process and you think success is a destination then answer this. If you have in mind that you will consider yourself successful when you buy the latest car in town. Then my question is, will you consider yourself successful when the car gets spoiled on a certain point where you have no money to repair? No, this is not the true meaning of success. Remember, success is the ability for you and your family to be able to survive for the coming years, either you work or not (being financially independent is the key).

So being successful in life does not mean, you will be rich at a certain point and be broke at a certain point. No, that is not a true success but a destination success. What then should we consider one successful? Should we say, success is a journey, not a destination? The answer is just below here…

No success is not a destination, is a Journey (Real Explanation)

We have learned that success is the ability for you to survive, for all the coming years or your entire journey days in life, either you work or not. We cannot say success is a destination because life is a continuous process. Being able to survive for all the coming days without being in need of any material or financial needs is what is meant by true success. It is not a destination we all have to reach on. If it is a destination then we all should consider ourselves successful.

This is because let says we should consider any one of us successful when he or she is able to afford to buy a $100 cup of coffee tomorrow ($100 cup of coffee tomorrow is our destination here). What if you can afford to buy it tomorrow but the next day, you can’t even afford to buy a $2 cup of coffee? Should we consider you successful in life? No, that is a destination success but not a real-life success.

So success is a journey, not a destination as you may think. It is a journey because life is also a journey, and if you can be able to survive for all the coming days without being in need of any material or financial needs, either you work or not, then you must consider yourself successful. Yes, that is the true meaning of success. Not where one will be rich today and tomorrow can’t afford to buy him or herself a food. So it right to say, success is a journey, not a destination.

A final thought on “success is a journey, not a destination”

That brings us to the conclusion (success is a journey, not a destination). I hope you have learned a lot from this. Comment below what you have in mind about this idea and I promise a quick reply. Also, you can comment below of any suggestion you may want to contribute.


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