What Is Success: To You (In Life)

what is success

How do you define success or what is success? All people who desire to become successful in life does need to know what it means by becoming wealthy in life.

  • Having a lot of money?
  • A lot of business?
  • Owing to a mansion?
  • Having the best Job?
  • having a good marriage?
what is success

Hey Waite A Seconds And Answer!

Are you successful ? or what is success.

Yes. Wow do you really mean “YES” ?

Then Tell me what is the real meaning of being successful in the comment section below. But if you answered “No” to the question then.

Then I guest we need to learn something about success so that we can give a congrats answer to it whenever someone asks us.

Defining success

But first let see some of the trending definition of success first.

Others Says :

  • Success is what your end goal is going to be.
  • Success? Having a great conversation, laughs, finding someone who appreciates what SO doesn’t.

From the above, you can see that there are various definitions of success but ask yourself.

Which one is the real meaning of success?

Well, what if I say the real proven meaning of success is just determine by three words?

Will you agree?

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 You can see from the above given definitions that they are all focusing on one thing but they actually don’t know how to define it in a particular term.

But, the real meaning of success is determined by three words, that is:

Accomplishment or Achievement, Target, Goal

“But wait a minute!” You say. “I came here to find answer on the question of what is success or what actually does it mean to say someone is successful, because I heard it could help me to succeed in life, and you’re telling me the meaning of success is just three words?”

Not at all! You’ve heard correctly.

Knowing the real meaning of success can help you succeed in life and you aren’t wrong, but let me explain those three words before I define them in terms of being successful or success as a word.

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Is the achieving of a targeted goal?


Is a goal that is planned to be achieved or in simple terms. Having a specific goal that you’re aiming on achieving it.


Dream or anything that a man has target to be achieved

So Back to Your question on, what is Success?

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OK, with regards to the meaning of the above 3 terms or words.

Success is simply defined as the accomplishment or achievement of a target goal.

Example includes anything that you once planned in mind to achieve and worked hard to obtain it, is term as success. Because you were able to achieve that goal you once had in mind, I could say you had successfully achieved your goal.

So in general if you had been able to achieve any of your targeted goals then I can boldly say, you have succeeded in many ways. It could be some specific amount of money you planned to have in some time, health or a skill which you worked hard to successfully achieve it.

But you may ask, what actually is to say someone is successful in life?

Well it depends. But one thing most people confuse themselves much about is. They think being successful in life is about having a huge money stock in the bank, a nice house, a nice car, a high paying job or owing the best company in town.

NO. That is not what it means to say you are successful in life.

But remember in general everyone has been successful in some ways. Because it is clear from the above that, the real proven meaning of success is just about accomplishment or achievement of a target goal. So is not about having a nice car, huge money or nice house.

But as a student of money, when we are talking about being successful in life we actually don’t mean about goals that you have been able to achieved. Remember success in general term is different from being successful in life.

So what then does it mean to be Successful in Life?

what is success

Well, to say someone is successful in life, you actually need to understand one thing that is wealth knowing about financial education.

 Have you heard of financial independence?

Hey wait, I don’t mean money that depends on its own, no. I mean something way more than that may be that was what you were thinking of. To say someone is financially independence, it actually mean someone who can stop working right now or someone who had stopped working but hence he or she can depend on her or himself for the rest of his or her life, without being in need of money or any material thing.

Such person is someone who is considered to be successful in life. Not Successful in general, know the difference. Being successful in life does not equal being successful in general.

Do you mean I will be considered successful in life only when I have achieved financial independence?

Yes Mrs. or Mr. President. You aren’t wrong at all that is exactly what it is to be successful in life. That is why the saying goes “Success is a tough road, It requires determination and hard work”.

But my finance teacher once said, “No man should aim at becoming successful in life if you know you have not succeeded in any of your past doings.”

Remember he is talking about two things here:  Success in general and being successful in life.

He actually means, if you have never achieved any of your previous plans then don’t dream of becoming successful in life.  Yes, this is true and is one quote that always reminds me of him whenever I am talking about success, because how can you dream of becoming successful in life, I mean being financially independent whiles you have not been able to achieve a targeted goal before? It the achievement of small goals that lead to bigger ones, so if you have not been able to obtain the smaller ones how can you achieve the big ones?

Focus on achieving smaller goals and as slow as it may see the big ones will follow.

So for now I guess you have found your answer to your question’s on what success is and what does it actually mean to be successful in life.  Am hoping to reply all your comment below if you don’t understand anything.

Final thought on success

We have talked about success and yes we actually need to succeed in all our doings. Knowing yourself is the first step in becoming wise, and hence knowing the meaning of success is what will lead you to become successful in life.


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