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How to Become Rich with Nothing: Fast (overnight)

how to become rich with nothing

How to become rich with nothing? During my 20’s I searched this question repeatedly on various search engine platforms. Can you guess the intention I was having for doing so? Not sure. No problem is simple, all that I wanted is a way I could become rich with no money in my hand, and I mean $0. I was very poor so if would have searched for “How to become rich in life” You know the kind of answers I would have got? Some will be like: Increase your income, start your own business.

But my question is. How can I start my own business whiles my bank account balance is $0?

Do you have any idea how I can start my own business without any money? Please if you have, comment below so that I can implement such an idea, please.

The reality is, there is no way to start your own business or increase your earnings whiles your earnings is $0. So if that is the case, then how can you become rich with nothing?

Yes, that is what I searched repeatedly in my 20’s. But I couldn’t find anyway, all the ideas that I got do require you to have at least something small in your bank account.

So how are we going to become rich?

Well, don’t worry that is exactly what am going to show you now. You see life is not easy as people see it. But this is on condition because you can’t compare a child born into a rich family with that of a child from a poor family. Life will be easy for the rich child but what of the poor child? It will be very hard.

But whatever the case is let get into it.

How to become rich with nothing in life

1. Marry a Rich Partner

A very poor friend of mine who is currently very wealthy than me myself called John. If I was the first then he was the second poorest kid in the class.  Because we share the same traits we became very good friends and whenever you see me in school, there he was too. We were very poor so we had our own group of a few poor friends. Because one habit I discovered in my childhood days in school is that most rich kids don’t like associating with poor kids. If you don’t know and you fall into their hand, they will bully you badly.

So you know what the saying goes “birds of the same furthers flies together” This is a common problem that the world is facing. Within almost every 50 gatherings of peoples, there are at least 5 separate groups who share the same traits or means. So you know what “Discrimination is everywhere”.

But guess what, John has been very lucky. I actually don’t know what happened. All that I knew was that he was fired recently from his job. But one year later John called me and said “hey man you know what, am getting married next week Sunday” I didn’t say a word I just cut off the call and did my own stuff. Because he sometimes distracts me with his funny words when am busy so I knew he was just joking. But he called again and said the same thing. But this time I gave him a reply “With who?” Susana, he replied. What? How can that be possible, a poor guy like you?

I was very surprised because Susana is from a rich family and besides his father owns a lot of companies in the city.

Truly, truly the married came on and they got married.

Now you need to come and see John with your own eyes, how rich he is. So this is a big lesson for you to learn something about it.

If you are ready for marriage and you know for sure that you are with no money but you want to become rich. Then marry a rich partner okay. That is the best way to become rich if you are with now money. But remember not to marry any rich partner because if you don’t take care you will get married to someone you don’t like because of money. So look for someone who has a good character as well as wealthy or from a rich family.

2. Get a high paying job

Do you know one rule I learned in my 20’s when it comes to making money? “There is no free money” If you want to become rich you need to work for it. The best way to become rich with no money is to get a high paying job. This is important because you can’t just wish $800 to fall into your palm monthly just like that without you doing any work. Whatever you need in this word you have to work for it. That is one thing that puts most people into poverty. They dream of becoming rich but yet they are not willing to pay the price of building wealth.

How to become a millionaire overnight for free

But tell me, is there any way one can wish something and the next day is there? No, if it was to be easy like that everyone would have been rich. Yet is not easy, so pay the price, get a high paying job, and start saving for your future.  There are so many jobs out there with good wages but see to it that you get the one that is high paying or with a reasonable paycheck.

So put in the work, go out and get a job and stop day dreaming of becoming rich. It will never come true if you don’t put in any action. 

 3. Put an end to things that will never make you rich

 This is what changed my life. I was just wasting all my time on unnecessary things that have no value to my goals. We have occupied our self with a lot of stuff that we need not to. A lot of things that keep us busy all the time has nothing to do with our life. We need to get rid of this stuff or give it a minimum time and focus much more on our goals.  At first, I could stay up the whole night and play video games. Then the next morning I will feel sleepy and the only thing I could do is to sleep for 7 to 8 hours. So just imagine me wasting the whole night playing video games and wasting day time sleeping too.

Yet I was dreaming of becoming a man of means all the time. “Do you think playing video games and sleeping is what leads to riches?” No, so put an end to things that will never make you rich in life and start working on things that have value on your goals. Because just imagine you having no money with you. And yet you are not willing to do things that will put money in your pocket. How are you going to become rich?

4. Learn a High-Income Skill

In the world of marketing, there is one rule called “Skill for money” commonly known as passion for money. The words explain itself, all that is involved is to exchange your skill for money. It simply the best way to become rich if you are with no money. Learn a high-income skill that is highly in demand and start making money with it. There are so many skills you can choose from today but each and every individual has his own choice. One cannot choose rightly for the other. So you do need to do it yourself. Research about any high-income skill in a field you are passionate about and am sure you will find many of it.

But if you are unsure here are some: copywriting, computer programming, SEO, web development. There are so many skills income there but this is related to technology only. That is why I said search in your field and choose from. Am passionate about technology that is why I came up with those.

5. Learn about money

How can I get rich with no money?

How can I become a millionaire with nothing?

How can I become very rich?

Do you know what all these questions are about? Or what can make all the above questions possible? Is money, yes money is what can cue all our wealthy needs. Money is what will make you successful, wealthy, and rich in life but do you know what is so stupid in life? Only 20% of the world population knows about money and how it works. So my question to the 80% is. How are you going to let your money work for you while you actually don’t know how money works?

Impossible right? Yes that is why 5% of the world population is poor and 95% are rich.

Start learning about money today and know how it works before you can have it slave 24 hours daily for you. Without the knowledge of you knowing how money works. You will rather have to use your own strength to work hard for money. But this is nonsense, right? Yes, why should you work for money while you can have it work for you? And yes most people still don’t understand this little concept so they work hard with their strength all the time for money. When they stop working their earnings also stop flowing and they become poor.

This is a very bad mindset. If you want to become rich in life you should know that the root cause of richness or success is money. So you can’t do it without money. You need to understand how it works, so if you want to become rich in life make it your habit to learn more about money. You don’t need to be a college professor to learn about finance. There is almost a book for everything nowadays you just have to pick one and start reading it. The best book I will recommend for you is “rich dad poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki a real estate investor.

6. Focus on acquiring assets

To become a man of means you should own a lot of assets. But by the way, if this is your first time of hearing of assets let me explain. Assets are anything that puts money in your pockets.

So is simple and I hope you have gotten the concept right? Anything that put money in your pocket is an asset and that is exactly what am telling you to focus on building. It is said that the more asset you have the more money you will make. Yes, this is true. Let say if you have 50 vending machines that make daily sales of 300 products each. You will make more money than someone who has only 20 vending machines of the same sales.  So if you really want to become rich then focus much more on acquiring more assets.

Remember your current job is only an asset to you once you are still working. But remember that when you stop working that asset is no more yours.  So don’t consider your job as an asset but rather focus on acquiring asset that will put money in your pocket without you having to work for it. An example includes owning your own business, Investment.

7. Save to invest, don’t save to save

Most people think putting your money in the bank account will make you rich overtime. If you said yes, why don’t you run an experiment yourself? Leave $100 in your bank account for only 10 years. Do you think the value of it will increase? No, it will reduce due to inflation. If it is a high growing bank with a lot of petty expense your account balance will be $0.

Yes, so what is the point? Does this mean you should not save in the bank? No, but rather instead saving just for saving seek why don’t you invest and earn more money with it? Investment is one way of building a passive income for your future. The earlier you start the more money will have when you are grown.

Become rich with nothing fast overnight: final thought

So it obvious, there is no magic way of becoming a millionaire with nothing? Or how to become rich with nothing? You just have to put in the work and apply all the above tips to success. No, one is going to help you if you are not willing to help yourself. So put in the hard work and do the hustle but remember to “Hustle like you are broke and think like a millionaire”.

Just apply the above principles and you will achieve your dream goals easily.

Comment below of any idea that you know that I couldn’t include and also don’t forget to ask whatever you don’t understand.


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