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Successful. My Secret of Succeeding In Life


Living a successful life and succeeding in everything we do is what we all want. Today, in this article am not going to talk about anything else but myself. Because I keep getting bellows questions over and over and so I have made a decision to reveal my entire secret and how I became so successful. A lot of you guys do ask me:

Hey, Justice what made you so rich?

Is it true that you are rich because you take advantage of all the opportunities?

Is there any secret behind your success?

What can I do to become rich like you?

Well, before I answer all these above questions there is one thing I have to make it clear to you.

Becoming rich or successful in life is not destined to any person or is not something that is meant for others only, no. Even though others would be born into rich families and due to inheritance, such person may be rich but that doesn’t mean he was destined by God or birth to be rich, no it doesn’t work like that. Is all about hard work, creating your own life, determination, and also setting goals and taking actions to reach them (I will show you how to do this the right way) If you know how to do this you will surely become successful.

Those are the base secret of all successful people and me myself. Wealth doesn’t grow on trees where you may just climb and take your share out of it no, you have to create your own life. This is a big secret that most poor people don’t know, they believe life happens to them while the rich believe I create my own life. So below is how I did it to become a success.

1. Setting Goals To Succeed


To me setting goals wasn’t a big deal to me because it was something that I was thought of during infancy. During my childhood in school my teacher always used to ask us almost every term, what we want to become in future. I never changed my answer to his question whenever he did ask; I always replied “I want to be a millionaire” but the reality is I didn’t knew who a millionaire was, all what I knew was, a millionaire is someone who has a lot of money and yes I wanted to have a lot of money because we were poor and yes here I am today.

But remember I said I never changed my answer to my teacher’s question. Many of my colleagues did gave different answers, today they will say “I want to be a doctor” tomorrow they will say “I want to be a teacher” the next day “I want to be a pilot”. So you see most of them didn’t actually know what they wanted to be in life but I did.

One of the biggest advantages of being born into a poor family is that, it makes you think about your life and your future all the time. I experienced this during my childhood age, and truly because we were poor and we didn’t like our standard of living, I was always thinking of ways to make things right and that got me to know who a millionaire was. So I sat a goal to be a millionaire and that was my determination to overcome the poverty life that I was in.

What you should learn from this successful guide

Set goals in life; know who exactly you want to be in the future. Take your time to do this and think about it very well so that you will not end up changing your goals anyhow. You actually can’t be successful in life without goals, just like a house before it would be build it must have a blue print of the exact house (plan).

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2. Working on Your Goals


“A goal which is not acted upon is a goal with no value” A lot of people dream of becoming rich, successful and this and that, but they don’t work on their goals or dreams to make it reality. How can you say you want to have 6 packs in the coming week whiles you don’t act upon it by exercising your abs? Before you set any goal, be willing to work on it because without action your goals will just be “wishes” and no wish does become reality without act.

Take me for example;

Do you think I didn’t act on my goal of becoming a millionaire?

Well, I did; I paid the price I knew exactly where I wanted to be in the future when I was young so I kept my eyes on the prize and that was my source of motivation. Nobody did encourage me to work on my goals, I did it myself because whenever I see how wealthy the prize was and imagine myself being in that position, it motivates me to work hard on my goals instead of standing idle and day dreaming. Sometimes I felt like there was no hope and things will not work out for me but whenever I set my eyes on the prize and imagine myself already in that position it encourages and motivates me to do more.

What you should learn from this

Don’t allow your dream or goal to be a “wish” work on it and remember a penny work is one step to near your goals. There will surely be a time where you will feel like giving up but don’t, remember it happens to every successful person. That is how life is, the odds will not always be in your favor, so you need to have the guts to work hard on your goals even when there seems to be no way. Elon musk once said “When Something Is Important Enough, You Do It Even When the Odds Are Not in Your Favor”.

One effective way to keep you motivated to work on your goals is to always set your eyes on the prize and imagine yourself to be in that position. When you do this, it keeps you alert to think positive on your goals all the time and neglect all negative thought. You can also say this affirmation to yourself all the time “I have a very strong will power, it tells me when something is wrong and when is right, when something is wrong; it doesn’t allow me to, but when something is right; it forces me to do it and it always guide me to succeed, that is why am always growing, I succeed in everything I do”.

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3. Creating Your Own Life To Success


This is a big secret that keeps most people poor and the rich keeps getting richer. It just sum up in few words “Rich people believe I create my own life, poor people believe life happens to me”. For you to become successful you have to create your own future.

Here is an example between two mans, one poor and the other rich, I will call the poor man Mr. P and the rich man Mr. R.

 Mr. R knows that, for him to become success he has to create his own future. So he set goals of retiring young and rich. And yes because he was willing to create his own future he worked hard on his goals and finally made it a reality.

Mr. P had a different mindset and hence thought that life should happen to him. He always says to himself that “if you are destined to be rich; you will surely be rich and if poor; you will surely be poor”. So because of this mindset of him, he didn’t set any goals and yes indeed he became poor in the future.

But tell me; are people really destined to become successful or the opposite in the future?

Never, this mindset is never good everyone has the right to decide his or her own destiny. Mr. R never had this mindset so he created his own future and worked towards it, Mr. P had a different mindset a thought life should happen to him and indeed it did happened to him. If you want to be successful in life you should neglect this bad mindset if you already have, it a mindset that exists only in the poor, and also it creates laziness. Remember Mr. P never did any hard work he was only doing hand to mouth work and hoping to see how his future will be. He was indeed lazy because he didn’t set any goals to work on and yes if you don’t set goals for yourself life will set one for you.

What you should learn from this

Create your own future, get rid of this bad mindset of assuming life should happen to you and remember “IF You Don’t Set Goals for Yourself; Life Will Set One for You”

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4. Being Financially illiterate


“The best way to catch a fish for yourself is to learn to fish” This is a base secret toward riches but most people sees it as a waste of time, but tell me; is it really waste of time for bankers to learn about accounting, budgeting and business management before they can secure a job position at the bank?.

Never, if you want to be a millionaire or billionaire, there is a high probability rate that you are interested in money and yes you have to learn something about money to be able to invest wisely, budget wisely and to spend wisely.

              I know so much about money and ways of becoming successful in life but tell me; am I not illiterate about money and the field of becoming successful? Surely I am, if not just ask yourself where do this entire financial secret that I have been telling you come from? Is all about learning, and the way I do it is by reading financial books and listening to business news. I always say to others without me being financially illiterate I wouldn’t have been to where I am today. Is all about books, books, books not any books but financial books.

I started reading financial books when I was 16. I knew I started very late but the time I was 20 I was already investing in banks by buying shares before I got into stocks and bonds. Why was I able to do this? I had a knowledge about it and I applied it and it did work. Remember education always pays the best interest.

You don’t have to pay for a course to learn about money or investment, there are books that I have been reading; they do provide me free financial books all the time. What I did was to try the books for the first 3 month for free and after the 3 month expired I became so interested in learning about money because it was helping me on my goals. So I purchased the 1 year plan for only $5 and I was able to download the  books and read it at my comfort and also there is a sort of category of free financial books I did choose from. With only $5 for a year plan I was allowed to read almost any book about money that I like.

So I didn’t paid for financial education anywhere all I did was to click on below image link, tried the books free for 3 month and I was allowed to sort through almost all financial books in this world and pick the one I wish to read or download. That was the beginning of my financial education. So if you want to be successful in the future then I will recommend you do it just how I did it by clicking on below image link to start reading for free.

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What you should learn from this successful guide

Be financially educated. If you want to invest your money in return for high interest the best way to do it is to learn about investment. Don’t just go out and invest in any company without you having any knowledge about investment, remember “The penalty of a man who invests unwisely is to lose all his earnings”. The best way to start learning about money to become a success is to start the way just like how I did it by reading free financial books by clicking on this below image link.

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