Success is When Preparation Meets Opportunity: Quote (Meaning)

success is when preparation meets opportunity

Luck and success is when preparation meets opportunity. That is what I was told by my formal teacher. He said it this way, keep learning and practicing if luck comes your way and you are not prepared, it will go to the one who is fully prepared. Opportunity doesn’t wait for any man, today it will be here, tomorrow it will be gone so keep training yourself and always be on point. What a pearl of incredible wisdom he told me. But during that time I was so dumb, I never got the ears to grasp the meaning of what he said.

Indeed success is when preparation meets opportunity. Let look at it this way with a simple example. There were two college graduate students looking for employment. They all had the same qualification as their degree shows. It was time for them to finally get a job and prove what they have to offer to the world. But there was one issue. The qualification they were holding, before any company will offer them employment, they must have at least two completed projects on their resume.

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They all knew it clearly but one of them never made his mind of completing any project. The other one took his time and got prepared well by doing 3 projects. To him, he wasn’t afraid to fail big or to dream big. He did the project anyway if one company rejects, some may accept. Just one month after, a new opportunity arise, and these guys were required to submit their CV for employment. The manager of the company took his time and did an interview with them. He offered the guy who had done 3 project employments and told the one to go and do 2 projects and submits it the next month. What a great opportunity he missed, is really true that “Luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.”

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He went and did 2 projects, but the time he submits it the manager told him that someone has already occupied that position. If you were to be him what lesson will you learn from it? Will you always prepare for an opportunity or wait for an opportunity to come before you will get prepared? It will be better to prepare for an opportunity than to wait for it first. Opportunity doesn’t wait for any man, it doesn’t care if you are the son of the president or whoever gave birth to you when it comes and you are not prepared it will never wait for you to get ready.

If you want to be ahead of most peoples, you have to be fast and take advantage of every opportunity that shows up in your way. Never lose it and regret later.

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Final thought on Luck or success is when preparation meets opportunity

I have shown you why you shouldn’t waste an opportunity in your life, now the question is how can you make use of every opportunity that shows up in your way? Is simple, just get prepared, keep learning, research, and improving yourself. The fact that you are not successful now doesn’t mean there won’t be any opportunity in your way. Be patient with yourself and grow stronger all the time and success will follow you soon; success is when preparation meets opportunity. If you have seen how to make use of the opportunity, then how can you become rich and successful? Here is the answer, 10 Powerful guides to become rich and successful quick.


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