How to Save Money Each Month: From Salary (Fast)

how to save money each month

How to save money each month for beginners. Imagine you got to know the essence of saving when you were at the age of 10. And you have saved 20% of all your earnings. How much will you have in your bank account now? Very huge money I can’t predict. Most of us never had a chance of knowing the importance of having a saving account. Most often we do hear that small drops of water make a mighty ocean. That is true, just imagine fetching a big bucket with a small cup of water. Within 2 to 3 minutes that water in that small water consistently putting into the bucket will soon make it full.

That is the power of saving money. You start by nourishing your money three seed and later reap the big fruit. What if I tell you that with the use of this simple trick, you can triple how much you save every month? Saving isn’t a problem is just a world we always hear in the most financial report. But do you think it’s just a word of mouth? No, you need to embark on it with action and that is exactly what am going to show you.

7 psychological tricks to save more money for beginners

1. Minimize the time you spend on  social media (Money saving hack)

It seems like anytime you go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform you are being bombarded with ads. From electronics to cloth, just like pictures in videos we actually want to see it. You will click on ads and where does it direct you to? Shopping sites, buy this and that. And yes who doesn’t want to wear the nicest cloth in town? This you may pull out your credit card and make an unwise purchase of things that are not in your budget.

how to save money each month
5 hacks to save more money

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Because most peoples are using social media for businesses, if you truly want to take control of your spending, you should minimize the time you spend on various platforms. Or for better for worst, install extensions that will block advertising ads, so that you will not be tempted to buy what you have not budgeted for.  

If you want to take it easy on how to save money each month, just…

2. Use automatic deduction

If you have no control of your spending, an automatic deduction will work wonders for you. If you are not familiar with automatic deduction, they work in the following way: Whenever you get paid, a portion of your pay is withheld from going into your main account. Such many will be put in a separate saving account you have created.  Typically people set up a savings account which is brooded into some cases not accessible to all of the monies continuing to compound.

An automatic deduction is really an effective strategy for saving money. It was indeed my first approach I went by when I first searched for how to save money each month. It saves you time from walking straight to the banking hall to put money into your savings account.  

3. Imagine your future self-rich

Sure, spending $5 on Starbucks coffee doesn’t seem like a big deal. But what if I tell you that $5 can compound to $100 by the time you retire? You might change your mind, right? Every time you consider a new purchase, no matter big or small, ask yourself if spending this money will get you closer or move you further away from achieving your future rich life. Visualizing your future goals daily and how much you want to have in your bank account will motivate you to save a certain percentage of every dollar you receive.

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Do don’t have to be working all day of your life without having time for friends, parties, and no time for traveling around the world and call that a life. You are not a slave, imagine your future self-rich and do anything possible to save now so that you will be successful in the future.

We are getting to the best part on this list. But before we get to it there is a secret “Hack” of knowing how to save money each month, I want to show you…

4. Sleep on big purchases (top savings tips)

I hope you have once in your life made at least 2 or 3 unwise purchases. If you haven’t then I tell you, I made almost 20 unwise purchases which I have regretted just last year alone. Sometimes, we may come across things which we actually don’t need but because such item is exactly what everyone is using, we may be tempted to buy it with no option to decide. But do you know that if something seems too expensive for you and you sleep on it, you can make the best decision? Sleeping on big purchase help you to save money in two separate ways:

  • Without proper sleep, your decision-making capabilities diminish, and the risk of risking your monetary behavior arises. So the car you will normally not consider driving map up in your driving way.
  • Sleeping allows you to set time to consider big purchases. Take the evening to sleep on large expenditures and allow your unconscious mind to process information related to the purchase and analyze it while you are dreaming
how to save money from salary
how to save money from salary

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5. Use only cash

Do you have an emergency fund? Do you remember how hard you struggled to gain such money? If you are being told to exchange your emergency fund for a T-shirt will you do it? No, why because is wealth more than a T-shirt. That is exactly how it is if you shop with credit or debit cards. Because you cannot see the real amount of money in it with your naked eyes, you thought those pin codes on it just numbers so you should use it to make any unwise purchase.

One of the best money-saving tips is to only spend cash. Whether you are buying groceries or a new phone, spending cash makes you to know the monetary value of those options. This is because as you are paying, you are physically handing over money and being seen the depletion in your wallet. Whiles if you use a debit or credit card, the potential to spend seems almost endless.

6. Calculate the cost in hours (Savings secrets the rich use)

The second last hour tip is to calculate the costs of your purchase into cost hours. For example, if you make $20 an hour in your job, then buying that $100 new T-shirt is 5 hours of your time. Ask yourself, is that shirt really wealthy 5 hours of slavering away at your job? When you begin to see your purchases in this way, you will become more conscious of how much your personal investment hours was it, making you think twice before spending ferociously.

how to save money fast
creative ways to save money. Money saving tips

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You remember I told you I will give you one “Powerful” secret on how to save money each month right?

Below is it…

7. Generate more income

The truth is your ability to save is restricted to your level of income. If you currently make minimum wage, then saving a lot of money will be impossible and the only way to improve this situation is to find ways to increase your income. For some, this may be taking another part-time job, doing freelance work, or increasing your skill to allow you to end a highly hourly wage but don’t go for home loans.

If you found this article useful or you have any suggestions please comment below on how to save money each month.  


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