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Never Force Anyone to Talk To You in Relationship

never force anyone to talk to you

Never force anyone to talk to you or make time for you. This is a very interesting sentence; I know you might refer it as a quote. But whatever the case, that’s not what am interested in. My focus is the lesson in it and how you can use it to your advantage and achieve great things in life.

Having great buddies or friends around you all the time is really nice. But sometimes too, you got to enjoy your own company for a little while because who knows what may come out of it? One bad thing with people is that, when they get to know that you are forcing yourself on them, they begin to treat you anyhow they want.

Why because they might think you don’t know your self-worth. This is the main reason behind those who use people for nothing in return. If they get to know that, you are counting on them for a better future, you are dead my friend. They will use you ups and down’s for their own benefit.

But remember, this is not always true with kind people. There are others who are very generous in life. They don’t care the fact that you are not related to them, if you need their help, they will quickly lean a hand. But such people are scarce to find nowadays because currently, everyone is fighting for his or her own share of the pie. This makes a lot of people thinks life is full of competition.

But no, that is a false idea and what do I mean?

You have heard this before “life is a race, if you don’t’ run fast you may get trampled.” They have painted this in their mind that’s why they don’t have any intention of helping anyone. And that’s the main reason why I want you to stop forcing yourself on someone. Because for them, the whole world is competing against them and my question is…

Will you help your competitor to overcome you in a race?

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So my friend, never force anyone to talk to you. If you call and they don’t reply, you shouldn’t be too upset because you might not know what the other person in into. Instead of walking straight to his or house to make complain of he or she is rejecting your call; why not enjoy your own company?

Having great friends is really worthy. But don’t force someone to stay in your life if they don’t want to be with you. Throwing yourself onto them all the time will give them a big signal of how you don’t cherish yourself. You need to learn how to accept certain things in life and deal with it alone. You can’t change everything that has happened in the past but you can start now and change the future that is ahead of you.

If you have forced yourself on friends that have used you in the past, just let it go. Don’t even think about it because there is nothing you can do to change it. Just focus on the lesson in it and make decisions on it to beautify your life. If others have been treating you badly or made you felt you aren’t worthy. This is the time to fire them out of your life and focus on important things. It might be very hard for you to loose others. But my friend, if you don’t let those pushing you down go, how are you going to move forward?

So have the courage to let others go. Because you are the CEO of your life and you alone has the power to employ or fire your back biters. Don’t expect someone to do it for your, that’s not going to work because the harder they fall, the harder they will come.

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Check some of why you can’t force anyone quotes below. And also…

Don’t force someone to make time for you

This does hurt a lot. They said they will make time to accompany you the court but they don’t off, they promise to go to party with you but they don’t. When someone promise you with his or her time and they don’t fulfill it how does it feel? It very painful because they may be the only person you might be counting on. Am really sure you have faced this disappointment once or twice in your life.

Yes, we have all been disappointed before and we end up hurting ourselves. But I don’t want you to be encountering this disappointment in your life. So learn the lesson in it and stop forcing others to make time for you. You can invite others to your party but if they don’t show off, it shouldn’t drive you mad.

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People are always like that, they won’t be there for you all the time. But you can be there for yourself whenever you need yourself. Just look at how sweet it is and why you should treat yourself well.

So if they aren’t ready make time for you, just let them be whatever they want to be. And put in small daily consistent effort on your goals and forget about their disappointment. That’s the way it should be and as the saying goes “Staying alone doesn’t mean you are week. It a sign of greatness and self-reliance.”

But remember, this doesn’t mean you should go out and fire all the people in your life. No, that’s not what I mean here friend. What I mean is friends who aren’t ready to hold your back, those pretending and bringing troubles in your life. You need to fire them at once with no regret. Then replace them with best once or live lonely. Because if you don’t let them go, there won’t be room for good friends to come in.

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You Can’t Force Someone To Be With you   

I want to give you basic tips to make your life happy and successful. I know you may find it very difficult enjoying your own company. But sometimes you got to accept that loneliness fiercely and let some false friends go. Because it better to be alone than to be around friends who aren’t ready to hold your back when fall.

There are three important concepts I want you to know roughly. These are real life example from friends who got themselves into a false relationships and end up chasing winds.  Focus on the lesson in it and use it to your advantage. And remember, “Never force anyone to talk to you.”

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1. Don’t Ignore The signs You Talk With

I feel like there are people out there that will be able to say, you know what I experienced…

There are signs in everyday life that lets you know the standing of something. For example, a friend and this young lady met and got her number. They started talking on the phone. They had three phone call conversations.

Each time the amount of time they spend on the phone got shorter. So the first time he called her was 30 minute and they were feeling each other out. However, he didn’t feel that connection and that was a sign right there.

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The second call was 15 minutes, It was shorter than the first. The third call was 7 minutes. So with those conversations getting shorter, that tells him obviously there’s no connection there. Because a conversation should really be getting longer if you’re getting to know someone for the first time.

That was the sign right there. But he could have ignored that sign and say, “I’m going to continue to pursue or I just want to.”

Look, a lot of time people just ignore the signs. You know a lot of time they’re just like “ah I know that this is what’s happening or I see that this is what’s happening however, I’m going to bypass it and just ignore it for now. Maybe things will get better” No don’t ignore the signs and never force anyone to talk to you.

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2. Don’t let them hit you with their knowledge

They, re going to leave anyway so listen, if they’re not interested in the beginning they’re going to leave in the end. So pay no mind to how fine she is, beautiful or how bad the body is. If she is not interested in the beginning, she is going to leave in the end.

I have another example here. Another young lady and a mate. This young lady is quite attractive, she is physically fine. Very pretty in the face and she has a nice body, trust me she is fine and about 140 pounds just to give you a visual view, she’s thick.

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However, there weren’t really any connection. He just didn’t feel a genuine connection and he could tell that um she had a lot of options.

And of course she has a lot of officers because she’s attractive. So he left her. No matter how attractive the person is if that genuine connection is not there, they’re going to leave anyway.

So keep that in mind out there trying to force relationships just because someone is beautiful or attractive. You’re going to end up alone by yourself. Never force anyone to talk to you if they don’t want to. There are others out there who will make you feel much worthy. So why don’t ignore the pretenders and make room for them?

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3. Be self-reliant enough to leave them alone

For most of guys, I know they’re going to let a lot of girls that are coming in contact go. Simply, because there are not enough of people that will be able to fulfill the needs of the best version them.

The best version of others is really another frequency. Once they find someone that’s on that same frequency, then they begin to make a move. However if they’re out there meeting people that are not striving to become the best version of themselves, then there’s not even a conversation. There’s nothing that they can really build on and there’s nothing that they can expand. Because they’re simply not on the same frequency.  

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With that, I’m also going to say, know your value and self-worth. Because if you don’t know your worth, then someone can just assign any value that they want to you. If you don’t know your worth saying “okay I just want to be with you , trying to force myself into your life” They are going to be saying something like “ This person has nothing going for himself, he don’t have a life, he need me. You know what? I’m going to put him on the bottom of the totem pole.” That is why i said,never force anyone to talk to you.

They will just treat you however they want. Text you whenever they want and hangout whenever they want but that’s stupid. You will send them a good morning text, and they will be waking up next to somebody else. Replying to your text in the evening around 7:00PM with “good evening.”

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“Don’t Force Someone To Make Time For You”: Quotes Examples

I know you have learnt a lot in this quote? There is a lot of lessons in it that will help you on your journey to access. Your job is to implement it and take all the necessary actions to make your life successful. If there is anyone who is a roadblock in your journey, just fire such person. Letting them stay will give them the chance to hurt you more. And the more they hurt you, the more pain and suffering you will get into.   

Below is a list of amazing quote that is related to what we just discussed. I know you will love it and if you do let me know in the comment section below. And always remember, never force anyone to talk to you.


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