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Do Good And Good Will Come To You – Quotes

do good and good will come to you

Do good and good will come to you in unexpected ways? Do you believe in the meaning of this quote? If you were raised in a religious family, you have surely heard of your relatives saying “treat your neighbors as yourself.” We all feel good when someone treat us well.

Imagine coming back from school with a starving tummy. How will you feel if the nearest restaurant offers you a free food for the day? You will be very happy right? But do you know that such kindness is very scarce now?

Well, if it’s not for you, then it is for many of us. Because to most people they can’t remember the last time someone made them felt good. And that’s why am saying good people are very scarce to find nowadays. There is nothing wrong with generosity but the problem is that everyone wants to become rich before they start showing kindness to others.

They always say, “If you are not well stand, don’t carry anyone on your shoulders.” But do you think this quote does make sense. There is sense in it in some way but not all occasions this quote should be applicable. Because if everyone is to paint this mentality of waiting to be success before he can help others, then how will the disabled and poor kids survive in the street?

And that’s the same reason why most people think life is a race. They see everyone as a competitor in everything. And surely if am competing with you in a race, will I offer you a help for you to overcome me? Never will I and it’s the same mentality with everyone. But truly I tell you, until we get rid of this mentality we can never move forward.

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In a society where so many wicked people exist, doing good can put you in a lot of trouble. Especially when a wicked government is in power, the more kind you become the more trouble you will get yourself into. Because righteous and wicked people are two different separate humans.

But this shouldn’t scare you off to hold back your generosity because the bible says “righteousness will protect the man whose way is innocent but wickedness will bring down the sinner.”

So no matter how awful they prosecute you, keep on with the good deeds and protect your image. Your father in heaven will take notice of it and reward you accordingly. And also remember, no matter how hard the world turn against you, your goodness will remain forever. And it the same good deeds that will bring blessings in your life each day. 

 I just don’t know what is wrong with some other people and why they hate kind ones. But what I know is that, the fact that we have different mindset and conscious on everything, we can never be the same.

What one man may find it to be good, other persons conscious may prevent him or her from doing it. But…

Do good and good will come back to you when you don’t expect. But don’t be showing kindness with the expectation of immediate reward. Your job is to keep on with the good deeds and blessings will fill your cup all the time. And remember to keep your grass cut because you don’t know which way the snake will come and bite you.

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What You should Know About Life

There is a great thing about life. Good things come to those who do well. And that’s exactly what I want for you, success and richness. But before you can obtain all these, you need to understand what the above quote actually mean. So am going to let you on a very important concept that is very essential for your success. Pay very close attention…

Do good and good will come to you meaning?

The meaning of the above quote can also be simplified with this quote “you reap what you sow.” It was said in the Bible that, “If you sow good seed, you will reap good fruit. And if you sow bad seed, you will reap wind.” Don’t’ ask me the quotation because I don’t know. Am actually not good about remembering Bible quotations.

So in short, it means if you are kind to others, they may be kind to you too. Because in life we naturally begin to care for others when we recognize that they do care about us. Let say a friend bought you a phone someday ago.  There may be likely that you will also try to do something in return for such friend. Remember, what goes around comes around and if you throw a ball to the wall, it comes back to you.

One and all we have all done bad things in the past. But it’s not too late, we can still do our best to help the needy once. So it’s not worth it thinking about how bad your past has been because you can’t go back and change anything. That’s not under your control. But you can start right here and change the days that’s ahead of you.

do good and good will come to you story

It’s doesn’t matter your past because listen, everyone has done something stupid before. And no matter how you feel guilty about it, you can’t go back and solve those problems. But you can learn from your past and apply it today and the days ahead of you.

Do good and good will come to you origin is unknown for now. It is a very nice quote with a very deep meaning but where it originated from is currently unknown. But research is in progress and if any new information I will let you know at the right time. But currently take it as if you have heard it but does not know who said it. But..

Below is a very interesting story I want you to know. As you read, please take note of the lesson in it because it’s really worth knowing…

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Do Good And Good Will Come To you Story

I want to tell you a very interesting story of two street poor guys, John and Jimmy. They were raised as orphans in a town called “Enkasa” by a religious woman. The woman treated them exactly as her own biological sons. He thought them how to leave their live according to moral standards of the Bible. Although she was very poor but he did all her best to provide the kids all that they ever need.

 John and Jimmy later grew to their teen age; they were of the same age.  Later these two boys traveled to the city to find a better work because the woman was too old and was not able to work anymore. And because of that, they found it very difficult to find their daily bread.

The two boys reached the city and were not able to find a place to sleep that very night. Unexpectedly, they saw a man with a lot of luggage needing immediate help. They quickly approached the man and carried his entire luggage to his house.

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The Payoff Begin’s…

When the boys were about to depart from the man’s house, he immediately asked them how much they will charge for helping him with his luggage. But the boys said they don’t want anything in return. The man was very shocked but he offered them a place to sleep and ask of who they are the next morning.

The boys told him of how they were raised as orphans by another woman. He heard their story and felt very sorry for them, he was a very rich and kind man. But sadly he was without a child, so he accompanied the boys to their village to meet the woman.  When they got there, the man felt sorry for the woman too on seeing her condition and how she has been able to raise two kids alone.

So he took them all to the city, bought a new house for them and sent the boys to a school. What a very kind act?

And you can actually see the woman was reaping all the good deeds she has been sowing in the past right there.

“Failure is the mother of success”: quote and (origin)

Well, this is a very long story, and that’s just a brief overview of it. But in case you need the PDF copy, just let me know in the comment section below and I will forward it to you. But my little advice for you is that…  

Do good and good will follow you wherever you go. Even if you are not getting quick result from your kindness, just keep on with the good act. Because remember, it took the woman in the story almost 18 good years before she began harvesting all the good seed she has been sowing. 

Do Good It Will Come Back To You Quotes Examples

Do good and good will come to you Quran verse. There is a verse in Islamic Quran that emphases on the same quotes and am sure you might be very well interested in it. But how will I know if you are able to read Arabic. So I suggest you just stick with the English version I have given you above, but if you still want it, then you can easily Google it, there is a lot of answers out there.

But below is a list of related good will come to you quotes with a very deep meaning:


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