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“Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today”: Quote (Meaning)

be the reason someone smiles today

Be the reason someone smiles today. Currently, if you look around, almost 80% of people in this world are unhappy. If it’s not a money issue, it’s an unemployment issue. And as far as our population keeps growing, these two problems can never be fully eliminated. Because, if 100 kids are to be born today, the government has to create a job opportunity in the next 20 years for at least 75 of them. And these same kids will marry and reproduce in the next 5 years. Making the population much higher. And remember that, the higher the population, the higher the number of issues we may have.

I know you have been waiting to ask me about those dying. Yes, when someone dies, the population decreases. But remember the rate at which people are dying is lower than the rate of birth. So if we are to make a simple illustration, I will say, if 200 people are to die today, 350 will be born. And 200 minus 350 is 150 so we now have 150 people to our population. Suppose if 150 people are to be added to our population every day. Will the competition in the country be high or low? What of the unemployment issue, will it stop? Never will it end, the fact that people are growing every year, the unemployment issue will be higher every year.

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So what is all this analogy? What I want to prove here is simple. If you are waiting for the world to get better before you will be happy or make others smile. Then you must rather get better because the world problems will never end. So enjoy yourself and be the reason someone smiles today. Don’t let the world detain you and your family’s happiness. I love food very much and I know you do too, so…

Be the reason someone smiles today or the reason they drink. Not only can you make others smile. With a simple act of kindness, others may get a drink or food to eat for the day. And within that day, such a person will remember you until the moonset. Because it may be that if not you, such a person wouldn’t have gotten something to eat. So be kind and show others love. When Am talking of kindness I don’t mean offering money to others only. Most people think they can only show generosity or be kind to others by giving them money only.

Oh boy, that is only one form of kindness.

You can be kind to others with the skill you have, by showing love, by giving them a gift or any little help you can offer to others is a form of kindness. So don’t wait until you get a raise before you show others love. Any little help you can offer go ahead and give it to them. Prove the world with your example, not your words. And remember, much blessing comes from the person who gives than the receiver.

be the reason someone smiles today or drinks quote meaning
Be the reason someone smiles or drinks today

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Just last three month, BBC reported that one businessman in Ghana has offered $1000,000,000 to one big children’s home in the country. According to the man he said, he has gotten a lot of help from different sources throughout his entire life. But now, he can testify that those that he got help from were all happier than him. Why because the moment he signed that $1000,000,000 check, he got a filling that he had feed almost 10000 peoples in Ghana. Can you measure the limit of blessings this man will receive from God for feeding 10000 peoples?

If you have read all the way top to this point, congratulations! You really deserve a cup of coffee. And I know by the end of this guide, you will surely – “be the reason someone smiles today.” But if you have paid very close attention, you can see that I have said a lot without explaining what the quote means. How can I be so wicked like this? Well, before you try to repeat that again, let see the meaning below…

Be the reason someone smiles today meaning

Be the reason someone smiles today meaning isn’t far from the dictionary. Try and such it word for word and you will get what you don’t want. So what then is the real meaning? In short, it actually means, you should be kind to people. So that because of you, they will be happy, they may have food to eat, wear a smiling face and feel good in life. Just tell me how happy you will be and how long you will remember me if am to buy you the latest car in town right now?

Your day will be so bright and you might think, I was sent by God for such a gift, right? Yes, so enter your address in the comment box below and let me do justice to such a gift. No, joking here am serious bro.

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That is how you should make others feel too. Let them smile and be happy by showing them a little act of kindness. Don’t be like that your next neighbor who doesn’t care how others feel. Be the reason behind their smile and never hurt them for your own benefit. There is nothing nice in this world that can beat love. Because if you love your neighbors, you will only do them good, you will never hurt. So be kind and let others be happy because of you.

Hey, I have gotten the meaning very clear. But tell me…

Why you should be the reason behind someone’s smile?

We are living in a world where people have different conditions. Others are poor and others are rich, others are happy and others are unhappy, others are employed and others are unemployed. Because of this, we need to be kind and help each other. If all the peoples in the world are to be in the same state, the level of their happiness would have been the same. But here we are, living in a world where the rich are 60% happy, the poor 10% happy, the unemployed 20% happy, And the orphans 5% happy.  Don’t we have to help each other?

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If we decide to care about how we only feel, others will live their entire life here being unhappy. Put yourself in such person’s shoes and imagine how the world will be terrible for you. You will wake up every day and be wishing others will come to your aid. Yes, that is exactly how others are feeling right now. And because of that, you should be the reason behind their smile. How, did you felt when I told you to put yourself in poor people’s shoes for a day? You felt unhappy and so bad right? Yes, remember what the Bible said – What you want others to do to you, do the same to them.

7 ways to be the reason someone smiles today

1. Offer them a gift

One simple way to make others happy is to offer them a gift. No one will ever feel bad for receiving a nice gift. So go ahead, if you have a shirt you are no more interested in wearing, why not give it as a gift to others? This does not mean, you should only give others what you have stopped using. You can buy new things or give them the money to buy themselves.  

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2. Tell them a joke

There is a quote that says, “I don’t need anything big in life. Just funny friends, food, and shatter.” Who doe’s not smile on a joke? Everybody does and that is one way you can make others feel good. You don’t have money or food to give them? No problem, just go and tell others a very funny joke and watch how happy their lips will bounce repeatedly. I personally love jokes and sometimes waste almost three hours watching funny clips on Friday night. That is the way things should be and doctors even suggest all humans to laugh for 30 minutes every morning. It’s good for your health and put you in a positive state for the day.

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3. Play pranks on others

Do you know some funny pranks? Awesome, go ahead, do it to others, and laugh together with them. When you play pranks to people, it reminds them that you care for them. And this makes them feel very important in life. Who doesn’t want to be seen as the most valuable person in a community? Everyone does, so play pranks on your friends and make them feel valued.  Check also Why Success Is Not Final

4. Compliment others

Do you remember that student sitting next to you who scored 0% in the exams? Hey, there is nothing to make fun of, don’t let them feel so ashamed. Don’t tease such a person but rather, compliment him or her for having the courage to write the exam. When we compliment others even if they have done something bad, it gives them the motivation to try more times and improve on it.

Just imagine how you will feel when you get teased by your friends for losing a marathon? You will decide not to ever involve yourself in any competition again right? Yes, that is because you don’t want to be teased in case you lose. But you could have done better if others were to compliment you for showing up in the marathon. So encourage others to do good and let your complement serve as a source of their joy.

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5. Say sorry to peoples you have wronged

No one is perfect in this life. Even the first human who was created perfectly later became imperfect. How much more you and I who were born imperfect? So don’t be shy to say sorry to peoples you have wronged, because they know they do wrong others and so do you. When you say sorry to others it makes them feel that you did not wrong or hurt them intentionally.

 Look at it this way. Imagine I step on your leg and didn’t say sorry and just pass by. How will you feel? You may chase me and give me a slap right? Yes, because you know I did it intentionally that’s why I didn’t border saying sorry. But how will you feel in case I did say sorry immediately I stepped on your leg? You will say, oh is nothing just be careful next time. You will say that because my “sorry” will make you feel I didn’t do that intentionally.

So, say sorry to others and let them be in peace with you, instead of them thinking you have something against them.

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6. Share a meal with others

I bet you have slept on an empty stomach before. If not once it could be twice or more than that. But if you haven’t tried it before, oh is so sweet so give it a try okay? As the saying goes “Hungry man is an angry man.” Try and hurt someone who has not eaten for 3 days and see what he or she may do to you. If he doesn’t beat you with a stick, he will shot you with a gun if he has one. Don’t hurt hungry peoples it is easy for them to act crazily.

But rather, share a meal with them and they will smile and remember you forever. There are so many ways you can do this that won’t cause you an extra dollar. Got your dinner ready? Great, why not invite someone into din with you? Got some food left in your kitchen? Awesome, why not give it to those kids outside who hasn’t eaten for 4 days?

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7. Encourage others to do more

Sometimes, we all lose hope when we tried something several times and get no results out of it. This reminds me of a project I have been working on for the past two years. I have put in a lot of effort but when I try to measure the success of it, I feel like quitting. Last three months I decided to ignore it and work on something else but I didn’t know I was so close to my plateau of latent potential.

 I stopped working on the project for a while. Then that very month, something strange happened. I showed the project to one of my friends who is very experienced in the field of that project. And this is what he said, “You have wasted your time on this, you are already hurt and wasted money into this. That is a very great effort but trust me. If you can work on this for the next two months. You will see a great outcome of it.” I did as he said. At the end of that very first month, the project was bringing in a lot of money. Something I never thought of, it was mind-blowing for me.

You see, how a single word of encouragement from my friend made me put in a lot of effort and achieved the outcome I wanted? That is what we should do to others too. We need to encourage them to do their best, even if there seems to be no way. Because remember, where there is a will, there is a way.

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    Be the reason someone smiles today quotes examples

Be the reason someone smiles today quotes examples. Below is a list of quotes that is related to what we just talk of. Look through it and tell me which of them do you like best. And also if you understand what it means, kindly explain it in the comment box below.

  • “Be the reason others believe in goodness of people.”
  • “You don’t love the life you live. You are the reason.”
  • “The devil behind your success is not outside. It’s within.”
  • “Prove the world by your example not your words.”
  • “Do unto others as you want them to do to you.”
  • “Learn from your past and apply the lesson in the future.”
  • “When something is really important to you. Do it even if the odds are not at your favor.”
  • “They want you to do good but never better than them.”
  • “If it doesn’t affect your pay it shouldn’t affect your day.”
  • “Work hard in silence and let your success shine.”

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Final thought on: be the reason someone smiles today or the reason they drink

In short, don’t look down on others if you see them not doing their best. Encourage them and offer any little help you can to them to do their best. So be the reason someone smiles today. Use the skill or the talent you have to help others and be the reason they may have something to drink daily.

You have seen why we should all help each other. Now, the problem we are in right now is, we are not rich or successful ourselves. So how can we become successful or millionaires and help others? The guaranteed answer is here – how to become a millionaire overnight for free pay close attention to number 3. It essential for your success.   


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