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“When you focus on the good, the good gets better”: Hicks (quote)

when you focus on the good the good gets better

When you focus on the good the good gets better. This is a great quote that I can’t stop thinking of. It has been my source of motivation and mainly my stepping stone to success. Imagine you can change your life in just three days after reading this guide. How happy will your life be? You may buy your dream house, that fancy cloth, and even throw a big party with your friends. What an amazing life? But now, here you are without any of these. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The secret of knowing all the hacks to a successful life is just a few scrolls below.

In this step by step guide, I will show you, why you should focus on the good things. And what will happen if you train your mind to focus on only positive things. How can you train your mind to do that? I will show you how but before I do, stick with me for a moment.

Do you think it’s important to focus on only the good things and forget about the bad ones? Sometimes altering a bad issue can bring joy to one’s life. But can that be possible? Can you go back and change the bad things that have already happened in your life? No, the past is gone and the life you have now is to live in the presence and what is ahead of you. You can only think of the past but you can’t do anything to change it.

What should you do? You should only think of the past if you are ready to learn from the mistakes you have done. If not, focus on the good things. Because “when you focus on the good, the good gets better.” So if you are not ready to polish your life, with the lessons you have learned from your mistakes. Then don’t waste time thinking about the past. The presence life and what is ahead of you is what you should focus on. And remember…

You will only get better when you get better. So don’t dwell in the past, take advantage of the mistakes you have done and apply those lessons to the future that is ahead of you. No one is perfect in life, we all learn from our mistakes and get improved. I have also not seen any successful man or woman who has never made a mistake in life. Taking Warren Buffet, the great investor as an example.  He lost almost all of his investment and do you know why? Because he invested all his money in one source. And after he lost his money, he learned a big lesson which made him to come up with this quote – “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

If you think you are the only one that has ever made a mistake, it’s time to know that the whole world ride in the same boat with you. Without mistakes we can’t learn and improve, and if you need prove of this, then let take the man who invented light bulb as an example. He failed almost 100 times before he found the right tool that could help him to achieve what he want. And do you know what he said when he was facing multiple failures? “I have not failed, I have found 100 ideas that won’t work.” So he didn’t give up when the odds were not at his favor. But he used those failures as a stepping stone before he was able to make the bulb work.

Mistakes and failure are part of the journey to success. Without failing, how will you know that this idea will work or not? So…

Focus on the good and the good gets better. But don’t forget the lessons you have learnt from your mistakes. The good and the bad, they are all part of the journey. Don’t waste too much time on negative things you have done in the past. Even if you find the right remedies for the solution, you can’t go back and change things. Use those remedies to cure the pains that you are about to face. And also, focus on the good things you have done in life. Visualize those and let it serve as an encouragement for you.

When you focus on the good, the good gets better Abraham hicks. This wonderful quote was said by Esther Hicks, mainly accredited as Abraham Hicks. She is an Author and American inspirational speaker, I really admire his words. He has a lot of great quote that will motivate you to embrace both the bad and the good.  I really love listening to most of his audio tapes. Whenever I am filling bored and hear him speaking, my mode will change instantly. If you have not listened to any of his podcast, I really recommend it.

Abraham hicks focus on the good
Abraham hicks focus on the good

When you focus on the good, the good gets better meaning?

When you focus on the good the good gets better meaning? If you have read all the way up to this line, congratulations! You really deserve a cup of coffee. But one thing you may not have noticed is that, I have said a lot about the quote but I have not explained what it means. How could I be so wicked? In short, it means that when you focus mainly on the good things that you have done in life, your life will get better. Why because when your thoughts are evil, bad things come unto you. And when you think only about good things, great things will come your way.

And as the saying goes, your inner word is a complete summary of your outer world. The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life. This is because we only take actions on what we think with our mind. So if you consistently thinks of ways to gain badly from others, there is no doubt that you may break into someone house someday. Think right and embrace all the good things in your life, don’t be optimistic.

This does not mean that if you focus on the good, you will never have a bad day or unhappy moment. That is not actually the case. Life is filled with both downs and ups, and it is right to embrace both the bad and the good. Focus most of your time on good things and pay less attention to negative things. What do I actually mean here? The best explanation is given below…

What does focus on the good mean?

What does focus on the good mean? This means that paying no attention to the bad things in your life at all. Here, it actually means that you should not waste a seconds thinking about the bad things you have ever done. Why do you have to do that? Is because the past is gone and it gone forever, you can’t go back and change anything. The life that is ahead of you is what you should think about. And as the saying goes, don’t dwell in the past but in the future.

How do you focus on good things?

How do you focus on good things? You have seen the need to focus on good things and achieve great things in life right? Yes, but how can you actually put those ideas to work and have that amazing life you want to live? Before I show you how, pay very close attention to this important fact. Your life will not get better only when you focus on good things. Again, your life will never be great only when you focus on good things. It will be better, only when you take action on those good things you focused on. Because without action, there won’t be any result. And you will be paid directly to the proportion of the effort you put in.

These are some of the things you can do to focus on good things.

  • Follow your passion and not what others tell you:  I see people doing almost whatever they see others doing. Even if they have no idea of such thing, the fact that everyone is doing, they will also do it. This can be a great life trap for you. If you have no idea of what others are doing, don’t get yourself involved. Work only on the things that you have set in your plans, not what others have planned for you.
  • Build network with good people: There is a saying that goes like this – your network is your net wealth. Why that because, those you associate yourself with has the ability to determine your success. Associate with criminals and you will find yourself breaking into others houses. Build a network with good people and they will help you to achieve your goals. Their aim is to become successful in life. So if you get close to such persons, they will assist and give you all the hacks to success.

Final thought

Remember that, when you focus on the good the good gets better. Think positively, take action and put in daily small effort on your goals. That is the building blocks for achieving great things. Because, success is nothing but daily small consistent efforts. So don’t give up, learn and get better every single day.

Your suggestions and contributions are accepted. Comment below of whatever you want to add up to this guide or if you have any misunderstanding. You have found the road to success, but now – How Can You Become A Millionaire Overnight For Free?


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