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What Is Coming Is Better Than What Is Gone

what is coming is better than what is gone

What is coming is better than what is gone in your life so don’t give up. Imagine you could pretend to live in your future dreams for a moment. What will you do? You will buy your dream house, latest car, fancy cloth and throw a big party with your friends. What an amazing life! But now, here you are without any of these. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Because what am about to show you is a life-changing secret that will make your dreams a reality. So pay close attention…

What’s coming is better than what’s gone. You may have heard of this quote or proverb several times. If not once it could be more than that but why is it so important for you to know the meaning? And if you got to know the meaning, will it make your dreams a reality? I will answer it but before I do, stick with me for a moment. You may have sought for all the secrets hack to a successful life. But you have had enough. If we do become successful due to the knowledge that we have, then everyone would have been rich by now.

What do I mean?

Action and daily small consistent improvement are what am trying to prove here. I will give you all the secret formulas to success base on my own life experience and what I have learned from others. But if you don’t take any action on the knowledge you have to improve yourself and work on your dreams, forget it. Because without any action, there won’t be any result, simple.

And do you know one common thing between those who are successful and the unsuccessful ones? They all have goals. So if they all have goals why can’t they all succeed but only a few do? Action is what brings the difference. Is not about knowledge or circumstance, is about a lack of putting in work for their own future. You may have a very nice dream for the future but trust me, if you don’t take any action to make it a reality, forget it, you will wish it but never have it. But those who take action on their dreams know that…

“What’s coming is better than what’s gone” Yes, anyone who is putting in daily small effort for his or her future knows that What is coming is better than what is gone. Why because they know that all those small efforts will compound over time to make them rich or successful. But when people finally see their result, they may call it an overnight success. But to be honest it wasn’t an overnight success actually but rather their hard work. So…

No matter how worst your past has been, you can still make it at the current position you are in right now. You just have to be willing to work hard for your own future. Trust me, no one is going to do this for you if you are not willing to do it for yourself. You can make your life simple and have an amazing future by following this quote “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Be an action taker and take action on whatever you learn.” If you follow this rule, you will soon know that…

What is coming is better than what has gone. You will get a strong faith in yourself when you visualize the action you have been taking on a specific goal. You don’t have to give up, just put in daily small effort for your future and you will soon reach your plateau of latent potential. What do I mean by a plateau of latent potential? It is the day where you will begin to reap the seed of all the hard work you have Putin in. others will call it an overnight success, but you will know that it is the result of all the effort you have Putin in.

So don’t give up if you put in effort and sees no result. Because it might be that the seed of the hard work you have sowed is not yet grown to be a harvest. But remember, the sun that shines today is the same sun that shown when my grandfather was born and it will still be shinning if my grandson is to be passed in the darkness. So don’t think this quote is too old and is not effective. It has been the source of encouragement for olden day’s successful people and is still the source of motivation for all those on the road to success.

Who said what is coming is better than what’s gone?

Who said what is coming is better than what’s gone? I have shown you how effective the quote is. Now, you might be wondering who said it and why he said it. But before I show you his motive of coming up with such a great quote, stick with me for a moment. It was said by Mercedes Clark.

What does what is coming is better than what is gone mean?

What does “what is coming is better than what is gone” mean? This quote is nothing but a word of little encouragement for those putting in small daily effort for their future goals. The author knew very well that others may give up on their road to success. So, he said so to let them know that on all the effort they have pulled in, they’re going to reap the seed of it in the coming days. The meaning of it is simple, you can view it this way “What is ahead of me in the future to enjoy is far better than what is gone in the past.”

The road to success is not a straight path. You are going to feel a lot of pain, negativity, obstacles and failure but you still have to fall forward not backward. Because if you quit then it won’t be wealth trying it either in the first place. So once you have set your foot on the path, don’t give up. Sacrifice whatever it will take to make your dreams a reality. Sometimes you may need to sacrifice some sleep, money, and comfort just to work on your dreams. It worth it okay. Sacrifice today comfort for a brighter future tomorrow.

Learn from people’s experiences and all the mistakes you have done. Don’t lose hope if you fail at one thing, learn something from it, and move forward. The key to success is by making use of your past experience you have acquired in all the mistakes you have done. That is why the saying goes, the one who has failed ten times is much stronger than the one who has never fail. Because people are built by every mistake they have done and people without experience of such a mistake may not know what to do in case they should encounter one in their lives. So focus and remember that what is coming is better than what is gone.

The quote is actually of two parts with different meanings. Before I show you the second part, pay close attention to the first part…         

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Better is coming – first part

Better is coming is simply about the future or what is ahead of you. Great things will be happening very soon. This part of the quote basically refers to what is yet to be enjoyed in one’s future. It enfaces the difference between what is gone in the past and what is yet to be achieved. The author made it clear that nothing less is coming but only better things. And yes that is what you may be waiting for, who wants to break his back now and get nothing from it in the future. Nobody wants it.

Best things are coming on your way. So look forward to the future and don’t dwell on the past. There is great hope for the future, worse things may have happened, but good things are coming your way. These may come in different forms. For example, if you are a Christian, then it could be a day afterlife where you will be with your fellow Christians after death with God. If it’s about money then it could be the day where your dream will come true as financially independent. But does this mean you should ignore…

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What is gone – second part

What is gone, throw more stone on the past. In the first part of this quote, what is coming is better than what is gone. Focus on what is coming in the future. The second part is the opposite of it (the past) A lot of people are fun of dwelling in the past instead of what is ahead of them. Not realizing that what is gone is gone and nothing can be done to change it. If you are prone to this, get rid of this mindset, and stop living in the past. Focus on the future ahead of you instead. Because you can’t do anything about what has already happened in the past but you can do something about the future that is ahead of you.

So why do you have to waste your time and be thinking of the past? Reserve such energy to work on what is ahead of you. There are a lot of opportunities coming in your way. You just have to work hard and get prepared for it because opportunity comes on a timely basis. Today it will be here and tomorrow it will be gone. When it comes and you are not prepared or ready for it, it will go to the other person who is fully ready for it. Put in hard work and remember, what is coming is better than what is gone. If your past didn’t go well, you can put in hard effort today to turn the bright surface of the table.

What is coming is better than what’s gone Arabic proverb

What is coming is better than what’s gone Arabic proverb. You might be wondering where this quote came from or the nationality of the one who invented it. It is an Arabic proverb and below are some of the wise proverb associated with it:

  • “If you want to change the world, Change yourself first”
  • “Don’t give others what you don’t have. If you do you’re giving some part of yourself”
  • “If you are not willing to help someone up, never look down on him”
  • “If you love yourself, then love everybody as yourself”
  • “Great things in life are beautiful because they were hard to be achieved”
  • “Set your own price don’t let them put one on you, your life is 100% your own responsibility”
  • “In all remember, all things are possible, don’t give up”

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