“Success Is The Best Revenge” (Quote For Anything)

success is the best revenge

Why success is the best revenge in life and the quote for anything? Today I have a very special guest from google called Tim. He works as a data scientist for Google. I have known him for the past 5 years. I have learned a lot from him and besides, I will say he is the reason why am able to code in Python today. I first met him on YouTube where I began following his python course. He is a very good computer programmer as well as a data scientist, no wonder he is working for Google. I have actually had a lot of personal chat with him but haven’t been able to talk to him face to face (that is what am hoping for) He will tell us why success is the best revenge to take in life.

 According to Tim, he was once a very poor child from a poor family. We will hear from him how he became so successful from a poor background, and why he was so glad to become rich in life. If there are any steps we should take to become rich like him, he must tell us.  Over the past, I showed you why we must all take revenge for our success. Most of us have discipline ourselves much on such a task. We haven’t accomplished much, but we are still on track. I will not say we have made it to the fullest because, why the rich ones are enjoying life, most of us are still struggling to put food in our mouth.

success is the best revenge on ex

So it will be wise we learn from the rich ones and do what they do, so as to become like them. The law of cause says “Whatever a man sow, is exactly what he or she will rip” so if we sow the same seed with the rich, we may rip the same fruit with them.

 (Remember, this is a transcribed interview with me and Tim. The content may sound personal as me and him speaking in front of an audience, on “reasons why success is the best revenge in life”)


Hi, my name is Tim, and as my friend said, we have been programming and done a couple of projects together. He claims to have learned much from me which I think is true. Despite the fact that I have thought him a couple of programming languages, I do see him as a co-programmer, not a student. This is because we have worked on almost 4 web apps together remotely. Never the least, Justice here seems much more than to be called an expert computer programmer because his works seem to be so encouraging.

I was raised by my poor parent in California. When I was young at the age of 4. My parent had a small shop in the next city. But because from here to there was so long, we did take a car every morning to there. One day, something sad happened, an accident occurred on the road. In the mix of 50 peoples in the car, only 14 of them got their life back. My mom, dad, and my little elder sister couldn’t survive. My parent died instantly but my elder sister was able to breath with a sour on her breast. She was rushed into the hospital with other injured ones. My aunty heard it and came to the hospital full of tears.

She went into the patient room where my sister was and came back silently. He sat with me in the waiting hall for a while and took me to her house. I was crying, because I was so young and knew nothing, I thought my mom, dad, and sister are all in the hospital for treatment. That evening my aunt said to me “Small” (that is how she and my uncle used to call me) your sister is also gone. I couldn’t understand the meaning of what she was saying (I was such a dumb kid). Two months after, they buried all the three together. During the funeral, I saw a lot of posters and knew this is my mom, dad, and my elder sister. But with the coves, I thought it was just an ordinary 3 boxes with nothing inside. I never knew that was the end of my mom, dad, and sister.

Afterward, I stayed with my aunt for almost 12 years. That is where I started schooling and later continued at Harvard University as a computer programmer. Within my aunt’s house, there was her last born Joana.  Her voice is just like my elder sister. When she sometimes shout in her room, I sometimes thought is my sister. I did wonder a lot about how she sounds familiar with her.

 Joana never likes any little thing I ever did in the house. She was the main source of my sadness, she sometimes treats me in a way that makes me feel I was in the wrong family. But because I had nowhere else to go, I had no option than to be with her no matter how bad she treats me. I was very dumb in class but because of how bad Joana treated me in her mother’s house, it pushed my spirit to study more so that one day I could move to my own house. A few months later in class 5, I was then able to pick up whatever I was thought in class easily. I began learning hard than most of my colleagues.

I was very worried about how I was going to continue my education in the senior lever. My aunty was getting too old and her husband had died before I was born. We were only living on the family 2 rental properties. But God being so good, I got a scholarship and continued my education at Harvard University. Within me, there was a high burning desire to succeed and prove to Joana how she should treat orphans well. I also knew success is the best revenge in life to put all your enemies into shame.

I graduated from Harvard and started my internship at one Tech Company in California. I was assigned an instructor to help me install all the necessary software the company has been using for development. He was an Ex-Google programmer and very decent. Because he was so kind, I took him as my friend and he agreed to help me to understand most of the modern tech skills. I was just a computer programmer, he thought me to become a data scientist in just 5 months. After, he did a couple of projects together with me and noticed I could look for employment as a data scientist. But I lack one thing, data scientist certificate. I was holding a computer science degree but that can’t guarantee a data scientist company to hire you.

 I needed something more than that. 5 months after, I finished my internship and I was ready to be hired as a programmer. Because I had no data science certificate, I never bordered of writing any job application about it, I knew every company is going to reject me. So I was just using such skills for my personal and other freelancing projects. I mailed a couple of companies my job application and none responded back. I became so frustrated still leaving with my aunt under Joana’s care.

success is the best revenge who said
success is the best revenge who said

 I called my instructor and told him how every company is not responding to me. He said “Look, you don’t need to be mailing companies, why don’t you go there directly and show them a couple of projects you have?  Pretend you want to speak with the manager and when you get the chance, show him or her some of your best projects” Oh no that is so hard am too shy, I said. He continued “See, do you want to work at Google with your data science skill if you get the chance?” but I have no degree in data science, I said. He continued “Google doesn’t employ students base on their degrees, your ability to understand things quickly, your thinking skills, and how you could use the resource you have is all that Google needs from you. Believe me, I have worked there before and before I got there, I once had the same mindset you had. Google is just 20km away from here, why don’t you give it a try? Waite let me talk to a friend of mine there if he can help you out”

Oh really, I can’t wait to hear the feedback, I said.

He called back and said “Tim, rack your brain and come let us meet my friend tomorrow” Does that me my projects? I asked. “No remember what I told you, Google doesn’t care about your projects or degree, your understanding, creativity, and mindset is everything” Hmm, I will be there bro, thanks a lot, I said. We got there the next day and one month after I was called for an interview. I passed, got employed, and up to now, I still work at Google as a data scientist. I have sold a lot of business software to many companies and had some investment. I now own 5 houses to which I have given 3 of it for rent and 1 to my aunt. My life has been so successful with so joy. I sometimes thought of my parent and elder sister, I wish they were at life. I wish God to look after them and me, so we can meet again in paradise.

Justice that is how I started. I was supposed to treat my aunt’s daughter Joana exactly the way she treated me but I have taken the revenge with my success. Now she treats me like his next brother whenever I pay her a visit. Success indeed is the best revenge in life, you don’t need to fight with anyone, just keep on focusing on your goals.

Thank you Tim, am really grateful for your time.

Why is Success The Best Revenge For Anything?

We all want to become successful in life. To some of us, we dully dream of making more money so that we can purchase our dream house or car. While most of us have this dream of becoming successful, others are doing it as a way of taking revenge. Let look at why their reasons for doing so and why success is the best revenge.

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1. Success will put your enemies into shame

Do you remember the sad story of Tim’s family? What about how his aunts younger daughter Joana, treated him? If you don’t, you can quickly read it above and come back to this. According to Tim, he said Joana treated him badly, he added “She was the main source of my sadness, she sometimes treat me in a way that makes me feel I was in the wrong family” So here Tim was able to figure out his first enemy and the reason he must succeed and move to his own house.

When he got employed at Google and later became rich in life, he added “I was supposed to treat my aunt’s daughter Joana exactly the way she treated me but I have taken the revenge with my success. Now she treats me like his next brother whenever I pay her a visit” So to this we can Clealy see that the main reason why Tim was so eager to succeed in life was Joana.

He did all his best to put Joana into shame without him fighting or saying any bad word to her. Success indeed is the best way to take revenge in life. He even bought a house for Joana afterward and never stopped visiting her. Tim is really a kind person, not all the peoples in the world could do this. Paying your enemies back with good is really a hard task for most of us.

We all need to work hard on our goals so that we can succeed and put our enemies into shame. Let them treat you badly and say all sorts of bad things about you. Never say a word to them, focus on your goals, and let them watch you succeed in life. Remember success is the best revenge.

2. You will be proud of yourself when you succeed

If you get the chance to speak to Tim one on one as I did, I know you will surely ask, how he is feeling in his new home. Am sure he feels so proud of himself despite the fact that he sometimes misses his mom, dad, and elder sister. Listen to what he said “My life has been so successful with so joy. I sometimes thought of my parent and elder sister, I wish they were at life” Tim’s situation is really painful, but I still congratulate him on how he has been able to stand on his feet.

He feels very proud of himself now. He doesn’t need to be told what to do and when to do it at someone’s house anymore. I know this is not only Tim, ask any successful person how he feels now compared to his or her past and he will tell you exactly the same. This is because when they look in the mirror and thinks about how they started and where they have gotten to, joy fills within their heart. Success brings a lot of happiness in life. When you haven’t gotten to the level you want to be, you sometimes feels like you haven’t done enough and sometimes consider yourself a looser. But when you begin to experience success, your mode then begins to change.

3. Success brings a lot of respect

Within any community, among rich and poor, which of them do you think they are more respected? Is the poor ones right? Wrong, you do need to do your research again. I personally sometimes get annoyed when am walking on the street and sees a lot of peoples begging for money. I know generosity is really important (my grandma thought me that) but when you give money to this guy and move 30 steps and the other man comes then after another, it feels somehow.

Giving in life is really what we must all do to help the needy ones. I know a man in my community who do take 10% of his paycheck every month to charity homes. He is really a kind man and well respected in the community. When you are successful in life, people will give you respect automatically without even knowing anything about you. And if you don’t know the main reason why success is the best revenge, is this, when people see how popular you are, how they talk to you can change instantly. Every successful man or woman is respected in some way.

4. Others will wish to learn from You

King Solomon once said “there is nothing new under the sun, what you are seeking for has already been achieved by someone” When most of the peoples talk about this quotation, all that they say is, “learn from those who know it or learn from the successful once” That is exactly how success is built. If you dedicate your life to learn and do exactly what successful people does, you will soon become like one of them. Remember the law of cause and effect (Whatever a man sows is exactly what he or she will ripe)

success is the best revenge for anything
success is the best revenge for anything

When you finally succeed in life, the young ones in your community begin to follow your footsteps. They will want to learn from you and do exactly what you do so as to become like you. Is this not a sign of respect in life? It is, just imagine how good teachers feel when they see a student they have thought before successful in life.

Okay we are getting to the best tips on this guide.

But there is one powerful reason why success is the best revenge I want to show you…

5. Success brings joy in life after revenge

Success indeed is a source of happiness. Just imagine how happy you will feel when you buy your dream house or car. When Anthony a friend of mine in high college landed on his dream job, he hosted a big party for all his friends with his first paycheck. Looking at the smile on his face, I knew he had finally gotten what he had been waiting for. My mind never failed me, I was right, now Anthony owns almost 3 businesses in the big city. The last time he invited me to his house, there was a lot of joy on his face than the past.

No one wants to feel sad all day in life. We all want to be happy and feel like we are in the right world with the right peoples. But because we sometimes fail on our plans and can’t reach where we want to be, we sometimes feel sad and thinks we shouldn’t have been on this earth (Such idea has been in my head several times in the past). But when we begin to rip the fruit of our hard work, joy begins to fill our hearts.

6. Success will make you aware of what you are capable of

Once you have finally achieved what you have been dreaming of. You will feel proud and noticed what and what you are capable of. Self-awareness is really an essential thing everyone must know. Knowing your flaws and what you are good at will help you to do more in life. There is more to life after success, don’t think once you have finally achieved what you dream of, that is the end, no. Life is a continuous process, the table can turn upside down at any time. But knowing yourself very well will help you to adjust yourself to every circumstance.

Success is the best revenge in life one must go after. But never the least, you must still know your capabilities and watch every bit of your steps.

7. Peoples will have trust in your ideas

 Do you know the main reason why most of us don’t believe in all the ideas we hear all the time? Just give me a second and I will show you. In “richest man in Babylon” Ark-ad lost his first gold by seeking advice from someone who knows nothing about trading. Then Aganish advice him never to repeat such a mistake again. If he wants to know something about money, he should seek advice from those who are competent in handling money. He further told him not to seek advice from the shill maker if he wants to know something about the stars (If you haven’t read the book, all that am saying may sound like jargon’s to you. But you can give it a try and read it afterward for better understanding)

The main reason why we don’t implement most of the ideas we hear from our friends is that most of them actually knew nothing about what they sometimes say. But because they have heard something small about it, they could also say something about it to another person. Yes, talking is cheap but proving it is the hardest. We all want to hear advice about a specific subject from those who are already in such field. I don’t think it will be wise for you to go ahead and do what a shoemaker will tell you about marketing without you taking your time to think about it. Such person words need to be think twice on because his ideas don’t reflect his life.

When you have finally succeeded in life, a lot of peoples will have trust in your ideas. This is because they will think you have finally made it and you are a reflection of exactly what you may say. Peoples whose actions don’t reflect their words are hard to believe. Most of their thoughts are false ideas.

We are getting to the end of the reasons why success is the best revenge in life. You do need to know this below guide before the end…

8. Success brings a lot of friendship

If you do believe success is the best revenge in life, listen to this. Just last week, I was listening to an interview of one famous musician on the radio. According to him, he said “When I had no money in the beginning, I had only one friend, that was my mother. But now, every show I play, I get at least 3 friends. I now have so many friends than what I can remember” That is it, we all want to be close to famous peoples. Who doesn’t want to be known as Bill Gates best friend? Success is the main source of many friendships.

When people see you as successful, you may have a lot of friends than you may want. You remember how Joana treated Tim after his success right? Just look at what Tim said “Now she treats me like his next brother whenever I pay her a visit” yes does a good lesson for us, he turns his enemies into friends.

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9. Success will Make you famous

I want you to do me a favor this time. Am not asking for money or any big thing. Just comment below, the name of the poorest person in this world. It may take you a year to come up with an answer. But what if I ask you the name of the richest person in the earth? You may say is Bill Gate in a second’s right? Yes, even a 5 year old baby can tell you the richest person in the earth. Why do you think is so easy to identify the richest person than the poor one?

Is simple, just imagine how famous Bill Gate, Jack ma, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffet are. Do you think if they had been poor someone could have been so proud of mentioning their name in this article? No, But because of their success, here they are, playing a role in this article, without paying me a cent for mentioning their names. Yes, that is how famous those who know success is the best revenge are. If you are looking for a way to be popularly known in your country or city, then consider working hard on your dreams. Once you have successfully made it, you will be famous. Who knows your name could be in the next article tomorrow.

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Advantages of knowing that success is the best revenge who Said

Tim had said a lot about his success than what our ears can grab. But do you think is really important to know that success is the best revenge in life? Just look at it this way, how will you feel by driving in a car and knows not where you are going? What if you know your destination? You will feel great and drive straight to there right? Yes, the same is true with our personal success. When you know exactly where you want to be tomorrow, you will do all your possible best today to walk on the exact road there.

But what if you know nothing about why you must succeed in life? You may live your life anyhow. Just look at that driver over there who knows not where he is going. He drives the car and rests anywhere. He doesn’t know where he is going so everywhere is a destination for him. But life is not like that, to be an accountant tomorrow, you must pay the price today and drive your car there to such destination.

Success is the best revenge quote? final thought

I thank Tim once again for his time. He had thought us a lot of lessons with his life on why we must take revenge for our success. We have seen the importance of knowing that success is the best revenge. We need not to fight with anyone. Our success should be all that we must focus on. Comment below your suggestions and I assure you of a quick reply. so now that we know that success is the best revenge in life, the question to ask is, how can I become successful? the answer is here, all you need to see how you can become successful quick is to click on this How To Become Rich And Successful Quick


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