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My Circle Is Small: For A Reason (Quotes Meaning)

my circle is small for a reason

My circle is small for a reason. This quote is a very interesting one with a deep meaning. And am going to show you an important concept that will help you a lot on your journey to success to achieve great things. You may be interested in surrounding yourself with a lot of friends. Yes, there is nothing wrong with it but your choice of friends is where the problem lies.

You can choose to have 200 positive friends and that’s totally fine. But if you have gotten some negative friends at your back, you need to watch it very well before things get out of your control. Because there are certain friends that have problem to every solution. When you accept them, your life will be ruined forever. That’s why you got to be very careful about those you surround yourself with.

 My circle is small meaning isn’t far from the dictionary. Do some research and it will tell you exactly what am going to show you…  

Keep your circle small. Everybody aren’t your friend, you got some people that want to act like they cool with you. Just to snake you, talk down on you to other people.

But when you silent that’s not going to work because at the end of the day, real will recognize real. And that’s the thing about me, always good with my mind. That’s my talent right there, I could see through people I know it’s fake, I know valid and solid people.

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And you aren’t got to be no street solid dude. I know a lot of duds that’s not in the street. But they solid, they take care of a family; they do what they got to do, take care of all their responsibilities and that’s what it means to be a man.

 But you know nowadays, you got to keep your circle small. Because when you got a big crowd around you calling everybody your friend, you won’t know which way the snake will come, and that’s why you got to keep the grass cut.

One thing about the same dudes I have been rocking out with is that. I have been rocking with them since kids. Real solid and noting has ever come between that barn. If we somewhere and something pop off, We gonna hold each other down, the wolves aren’t never full.

We have been in plenty situations but we held it down. You know what I mean and that’s what real men do. It’s not about being in the street, not about being a gangster. It’s about having a good solid people in your corner.

I keep my circle small and I got few solid ones, I don’t have big crowd. I know a lot of people and a lot of people know my circle is small.

But I said, I keep it solid, I’m humble and that should have taken a long way in life. But when you are just trying to fit in everywhere that shit isn’t going to work.

You got to keep water in your system and take care of your body in silent.

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Keeping a small circle of friends isn’t going to kill you. Chances are it might improve your own life, because if you don’t make room for good once. You will be bored forever.

You know when you solid, people are going to know that yes this is a solid dude and he is humble. And a lot of people will get jealous and gravitate towards you.

Real gonna recognize real?

Some people don’t like how people rock with you and you are aware of it. They want to make an excuse to hate on you and other stuffs, this is how the world work. Man you got to know your moves.

You never know who you sitting around got a big foot. If you caught up in some shit, it’s a lot of innocent by standers going like that. That’s why I just focus and remain solid. Remain humble because I have been through up and downs. I have been through that storm, and I am not going to let nothing take me back there. People sit back and just smile in your face, and they don’t even know why they jealous you.

They just got that jealous in their DNA and that’s them, you can’t change them. Just don’t surround yourself around that type of energy.

Low vibration okay. Stay solid and focus on your goals. If my circle is small it means am doing more alone and so should you.

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Keep Your Circle Small

Keep your circle small and your bank accounts bigger. Let me tell you, learn to cut off negative people that are fucking friends.

Listen, if you hang around four bums, chances are you’re the fifth bum.

If you hang around four cocktail waitresses, chances are you’re a cocktail waitress too.

If you hang around VIP hosts, surely you might also be VIP host too.

Why Is It So Important to Keep A Small Circle

Listen friend, birds of feathers flock together, elevate yourself. The more successful I get, the less friends I have. The more successful I get, the more friends I loose. Every single year, I loose friends.

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Because I cannot be around people who are not elevated by level, trust me.

I have friends that I respect and we are cool. But I will send a text to them here and there to two or three people that ever spend my time with because I need to surround myself with people that are smarter than me. And also those who have the intention to make more money than me. My circle is small but it doesn’t mean I don’t have any friends, note that.

Be very tough to surround yourself with people like that so when you become successful, you cannot go down, you cannot go down the ladder and just accept mediocrity as friends. You can’t accept media core friends. If someone disrespects you, if someone is disloyal to you, you need to cut them by the legs and chop them off.

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My Circle Is Small For A Reason

Just like friends, they could be good for 10 years but they can lose their loyalty for you and then steal from you.

Learn to forgive but not to forget everybody. Everybody makes mistakes. So if you are reading this right here and you’re my friend, I’ve already forgiven you but I will never forget you.

So elevate and if you’re not successful and you look around and all your other friends are not successful, that’s a direct correlation of you. Surround yourself with eagle’s not dumb little pigeons and put the work in. Remember entrepreneurship is a very lonely road. There is a lot of lonely night.

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It very lonely because no one understands you, no one understands that you have worked on Christmas. You can’t go to birthdays, you can’t go on date night, and you can’t travel. I’m so dedicated to my business of building empire. I have known nothing why because I’m sacrificing so much for my business.

Why Can’t You Cut Off Your Circle

 Entrepreneurship is a very lonely road so remember to surround yourself with the right people and if anyone does you wrong, learn to get rid of them because if they were disloyal to you first, they’ll be disloyal to you again and if that happens…

Shame on you that’s your fault for letting them back in your life.

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If you are in a relationship that you know that person isn’t trustworthy, not loyal to you and they don’t hold your back when you are not around, just cut them off.

Because listen, if they burn you once and you forgive them and let them back in your life and they burn you the second time, that’s on you and you deserve to be burn.

Everyone out there knows right now that, you have one or two associates that aren’t really your friends. And you keep them because you’re bored and afraid to be alone, remember greatness happens when you’re alone not when you are with the crowd.

If someone out there doing you bad, cut them by the knees and cut them off because they are not good for you. Elevate yourself because you are who you surround yourself with.

Note this circle is small quotes and remember it all the time. It will help you a lot on your journey to success.

  • “If your four best friends play video games all day, most likely you also play video games all day.”
  • “If they smoke pot all day, surely you are also a pothead.”
  • “Change your circle and change your life.”
  • “my circle is small for a reason.”

 Stop blaming the government and take responsibility. Get rid of all the clutter and cut all the bums out of your life and become successful.

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