“Failure is the mother of success”: quote and (origin)

failure is the mother of success

Failure is the mother of success. They laughed when I failed in the first place. When I realize this quote, I made them regret who I was before. Have you ever made a mistake, disappointment, failure, or couldn’t get the expected result out of something? Oh no that is so bad, why did you even try it in the first place? That is exactly the first question I was asked by a friend when my first business failed. It went like this oh man that is a very competitive market why did you have to get yourself into it? Am sure if not one or two, you have surely been asked questions similar to that.

One thing most people don’t realize is they think once you fail that is the end, there is no way to be successful afterward. Hey did you said when you fail you can’t rise again? That is exactly what they say but there is more to it than what they think. Let me show you a very powerful lesson of a boy who later realizes failure is the mother of success.

failure is the mother of success
failure is the mother of success

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He is called Joe and he was 19 years old. For him, his hearing didn’t help him at all to grab school boring lectures. So he thought he needs practical mechanical skills. So instead of going to college to waste his time, he thought of learning auto mechanics himself. His dad was having one old car within the house compound, so he was practicing with it. He started very well, he assembled some different part of the car engine together and started it. It was so amazing because everything was on point, whatever he touches works not knowing that there wasn’t actually no fault with the car but his dad intentionally stopped using it.

One day the community that he is in organized a big competition for all the car mechanics to fix a certain car engine for a price of $234,000,000 within Joe, failure or disappointment has never come his way so he thought the price will surely go for him. The competition began and many car mechanics tried their best to bring the engine to life but never did it, they were so frustrated and getting to a point of sour. Joe was the last but one next to bring the engine to life. He did all his best but to no avail, he got so confused why it won’t work. 15 minutes came and Joe was on a point of joining the losers.

failure and success
Failure leads to success

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His time passed and the last person came. Just 5 minutes, he got the engine started, oh know how can that be possible? Joe asked but no one answered him. The prize was awarded to the mechanic who made it through. Joe looked around and said, all these 30 guys have failed including me myself, how can single you got it right? He asked the winner. He replied I have seen failure all days of my mechanic journey, everything that I touched in the beginning warrant working. But once I fail at something, it moves me one step closer to success. Remember Joe, failure is the mother of success. For five years I have tried fixing so many engines but almost 90% of it never works but I never let that stopped me I know exactly indeed that failure is the mother of success. If I did succeed in almost all the engines I tried fixing in the past, how will I be able to detect the fault with it and the right solution? Failure is what made me succeed in this competition.

Joe was so quite because to him he has never been disappointed nor failed in anything. But never the least he learned a great lesson from what he heard. What will you learn from this lesson and if you were to be Joe, what will you do next? Because of multiple failures, someone was awarded $234,000,000 for succeeding in a competition. And because of multiple success, 30 guys lost the price. What is the lesson here?

failure is part of success
failure is part of success

We learn from failure, not success. So when they say failure is the mother of success, is really true. I know you may not want to encounter failure in your life. But remember, this journey called “life” nothing will make you better than the lesson you will learn from failing. Once you fail at something, that doesn’t mean is the end, there is a lesson you must pause and learn. Failure will always teach you something that will save you something valuable than what you may loose on your point of failing. You will succeed easily when you learn from disappointment, rejection, failing, and frustration.

If you are afraid of being a loser or failure, just finish what you started and see what your strength may lead you to achieve. This way you will be capable of your goal and how far it can go. Don’t be okay and fill happy when things are always on a point. Sometimes, you need to get out of your comfort zone, and try new things, get rejected, do mistakes, let obstacles come your way, be disappointed, and fail. When you do, the real lesson will come but remember applying such a lesson is what will lead you to success. Losing does not mean you are a loser, it only reveals the true you to yourself.  

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Just imagine how life will be if we don’t have the will to attempt anything? I hope you remember Thomas Edison right? The person who invented light bulb. Do you know how many times he failed? 10,000 times he failed, but what moves him forward for not giving up? He said, “I have not failed, I have found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” You remember when I told you that when you fail it means you are one step closer to success right? That was exactly what was in Edison’s mind.

Failure is the mother of success. So don’t be so frustrated when things are not going the way you expect. Move ahead and keep failing but remember to learn every bit of lesson from it and keep applying. Don’t repeat such mistakes again because you now know the lesson. Remember, in think and grow rich, one sentence says, “a mistake repeated more than two times is a decision” People repeat their mistakes because they don’t learn the lessons, that is exactly what will happen if you fail and never border about the lesson, in life, you will fail and fail again. We only build when we apply the lesson we learn from failing.

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