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Wherever you are be all there: who said (meaning)

wherever you are be all there

Wherever you are be all there and never multitask by Jim Elliot.  This is a very wonderful quote with deep meaning for increasing productivity and eliminating distraction. I bet you have been beaten by time before. If not once it could be more than that. And all is nothing but a result of procrastination or distraction. Well, I’m going to show you a very “powerful” hack to get things done easily and quickly.

And if you pay very close attention to all the hacks am going to show you. Your life will be fun and your boss will love you more than before. And I know very well that if everything goes well. You will buy your dream house, car, cloth and even throw a big party with your friends. What an amazing life of a dreamer. But now, here you are without any of these. But it doesn’t have to be this way, the magic secret of making this dream a reality is just a few scrolls below.

But before I show you the magic, stick with me for seconds as I explain to you what the quote actually means. Because before the hack will work for you, you need to understand the concept behind it. So pay very close attention…

Wherever you are be all there explanation. Most people misinterpret this quote because they try to explain it according to their own conscious. But is that right? Will it not be great to look at the authors view of saying it? He said in his book that, most people are fully depressed at their work because their half there. And this makes them put in half effort and as you know. Half effort equals half result.

So it’s all about productivity and nothing less. He moved on to say that. For you to achieve the expected result of something, you need to be fully there. You can’t put in only 30 minutes of effort on something that requires 2 hours and achieve the expected result, that’s impossible. Be fully there, meaning be full productive at whatever you are doing.

Do not multitask, if you decide to write 1000 words of article. Off your phone and turn off your email notification. Because when you are facing a hard time on a specific work, your mind will remind you that. Hey, this is hard, your phone is there check your email, that is easy. That’s how our mind works, we have been programmed to focused on the easy task. Therefore if you don’t find ways to eliminate all the bearers that may be a destruction to you. You will find yourself working on easy task that is less important than what you should really focus on. That’s why you should make use of…

Jim Elliot quote wherever you are be all there. If you can focus on one thing at a time until success. You will find yourself achieving more great things in your life. Because multitasking drains the energy in us faster than we may thought of. Here is an example, Ben reported to work one morning. And decided to write 10 sales copies before he ends the day. Immediately he started writing, he remembers that he needs to call a friend and ask him what happened at yesterday party. This call took Ben almost 3 hours.

After his stomach also reminds him that he hasn’t eaten for the day. So he spent 30 minutes on launch and returned to work. He managed to write 2 sales copies before 12:00pm. He went on a break for an hour and return to respond to his email messages. That took him almost 3 hours.

What do you think will happen if Ben keeps on multitasking? Will he finish writing the 10 sales copies he has set as his main agenda for the day? Surely, he can’t because he doesn’t focus on one thing at a time. And doing that will make him feel tied a lot which will lead to frequent breaks.

So to achieve more result of your work, you need to focus on one thing at a time. You may think you can combine two or three works at a time. Yes, you can but your mind will not concentrate on a single task. And if care is not taking, you may commit a lot of mistakes on both works. So focus on one thing at a time and give 100% full concentration to it. This way, your mind will think straight on that particular task and suggest you congregate ideas.

Who said wherever you are, be all there?

Jim Elliot said, wherever you are be all there. And concentrate on that single thing until success. Jim Elliot is known as a great writer and an inspirational speaker.  He has come up with a lot of quote from most of his books. But this one is mostly a top advice for increasing productivity and personal growth. It reminds us to apply all our effort on whatever we decide to do. And to get rid of anything that may be a cause of distraction to us.

Because life will be more rewarding if you live purposefully in the present and focus on one task. If you combine multiple tasks, it will take longer time to achieve the expected result. And if you are like most people who quit easily when they see no immediate result on their effort, you will put an end to the entire task. That’s because I don’t think you will waste your time on something that you will not gain anything from it.

So to save your life from this, the only proven way is to stop multitasking.

What does wherever you are, be all there mean?

Above I gave you a simple overview of what the quote actually mean. But there is more to it than that, so let dig into it deeper with a real life example.

John and Peter works as salesmen for a highly growing company. Both of them graduated from the same school with almost the same grades. They are both hard working but the boss has found out that John is much productive than Peter. To this, he promoted John as a senior salesman. Peter heard of this and got very mad. How can you promote John only whiles we graduated from the same school with the same grades? That’s what he asked the manager about.

The manager remained very quiet and decided to prove to him why. He told peter to go and find out about all the water melon sellers in the street. When Peter returned the manager asked him, how many sellers? He replied 3. Okay, I will send John too. When John returned, the manager asked him the same question. How many sellers? 3 sellers, each selling 5kg of water melon, 2 imports theirs from the next town and the other buy it from the nearest farmers in thetown, they get most of their market in the morning than afternoon and evening.

Then the manager said to Peter, you were only half there when I sent you. I told you to find out about them but you only focused on how many they were. Can I promote you as the senior salesman and ignore John who was all there?  Peter learned his lessons and from there onwards, he put in 100% effort on the task assigned to him.

That is a very great lesson that you can learn from. Apply it at your work place and your boss will love you than before. You remember, I said I have two “life changing” hacks for you right? That’s just one of it, let me show you the other one…

Wherever you are be all there quote: examples

This quote is very awesome and I can’t stop thinking of it. It make me more productive whenever am feeling less confident. But not only that, below are also an example of quote that is related to it.

Final thought

In short, for you to achieve much at work, you need to put in 100% effort. So do not multitask, focus on one thing at a time. And work on other things after completion, combining two tasks at a time will drain the energy in you and make you less productive. So put in all your effort on whatever task you will be assigned to at work and your boss will love you. And don’t forget to tell others that, wherever you are, be there.

If you have paid very close attention, you would have realized that I have not shown you the “hack” to Become A Millionaire Overnight For Free. Yes, I did that for a purpose, I don’t want your mind to blow. What I want for you is to become a millionaire and live the life of your dream. So check number 3 of – How to Become a Millionaire Overnight For Free and make your first $999,000 by doing exactly what I have said.


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