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You Attract What You Fear: Think (Quote)

you attract what you fear

You attract what you fear and think in life. Once upon a time, there was a boy who feared darkness. This fear haunts him from childhood to adulthood. Why because his grandfather told him a tale of Righteous and unrighteous people someday ago. The point in the tale was simple. His grandpa said wicked people act in the dark whiles the rigorous act in the light. The boy couldn’t understand the tale well and because he was so young, he did not ask any questions.

But indeed he grabbed whatever his grandfather said. To this he got a mindset that, every night when the dark comes. Wicked people will come to their house and kill everyone. He was young but he knew what is good and bad. So when his grandpa referred to the wicked once, he quickly noticed that is those who kill and steal from others. He had his own room in the house. But because he was so afraid to sleep alone, he did sneeze into his older brother’s bed every night.

One day, while he was sleeping. He had a dream of someone searching his room with a knife. When the person was about to touch his bed, the boy shouted out of bed “Mummy, they want to kill me. They have a knife.” This scared his brother so he waked up quickly and turn on the light in the room. Hey, who want to kill you? He asked. They are in my room with a knife. He replied mumbling. Okay let me go and check. No, no, they will kill you, they have so many knife. No, they won’t. His brother said.

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He called his parent and they went checking his room, but they saw nothing. No sign of a thief, everything on the boy room was set and well-arranged as it was.

It didn’t stop there. The boy repeated this action over and over again. His older brother decided not to sleep on the same bed with him again. Because he was driving him mad with his scary imaginations. He can’t allow him to have a sound sleep. But instead, he decides to do something to help his brother. So one morning, he called his brother and asked him about those scary feelings. To that the boy replied. Grandpa said when you turn off the light in the room at night. The wicked will come and kill me, mummy and you.

His brother laughed and told him to tell him how grandpas begin with that tale. Grandpa said, wicked people act in the dark whiles the rigorous act in the light. The boy replied. His brother laughed again and said, oh boy you are too dumbed. He was just trying to show you why others act secretly and publically. You see that biscuit over there? If you want to take it and eat for mummy not to see you, what will you do? I will take it when no one is around so that mum will not see it. The boy replied.

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Great, you are now acting in darkness where no one will see you. Grandpa was telling you not to do bad things secretly. He didn’t mean when you sleep in the dark, the wicked will come and kill you. When you go for that biscuit, you become the wicked. And when you wait and take it when no one is around, you are acting in darkness. So tell me, if the wicked comes tonight in our house whiles the light is off will they kill you and me? No, no, they act only in a place where no one is. But you and I will be on the bed, they will see that we are there so they will not do anything. The boy replied.

Great, tonight you are going to sleep in your room. Because if they come and there is no one there, they will take everything including your toy. Okay I will be there so they can’t take it.

How do you see this story? Why was the boy afraid of darkness? And what did his brother did to help him?

We are all living in fear not because something is haunting us. It is our own mind that will kill us. “Those who live in fear of dying will die very soon.”  Do you remember the law of attraction? It makes is very clear that thought is a magnetism. And if you keep on worrying or thinking of something, you will surely attract that into your life. Just take the boy as an example. Because he couldn’t understood what his grandpa was trying to tell him, he made his mind become frightened of darkness. He thought of it and this thought haunted him over and over.

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You and I are all the same. Instead of us using the law of attraction to our advantage, we allow it to work against us. I want to show you a “powerful” hack but before I do. Remember that…

You attract what you think you are. Your thought alone has a very great impact on your life. It’s will either work for you or against you. That’s why there is a saying that goes “He who has conquered his mind, has conquered the world.” You can train your mind to think of only positive things that will bring great things into your life. It is easy to do so don’t think is something that is hard. Remember, whatever you keep repeating to yourself is a programming of your subconscious mind.

Associate yourself with positive thinkers and you will find yourself to be thinking positively. This reminds me of a friend of mine who recently started smoking. He started smoking last 2 months and now he can’t live without it. It all started with a group of friends he joined in a party. All what they think of is drinking and smoking. Let go and have some beer and cigarette. That’s the thought they keep repeating to themselves. Now, their mind only thinks of two words constantly, smoking and drinking. They forget that “you attract what you fear or think of all the time.”

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So disassociate yourself from bad company or negative thinkers. If you don’t want to program your mind with their thought. One important thing you should also know is that…

You attract what you are in life, and not what you wish for. You might be day dreaming of why you haven’t gotten your own share of all the good things. That is not the case but the question to ask yourself it, will this my personality attract good things? No one would have ever worked if we just wish something and is there.

Let say you wish you have a car right now. If you just step into your carriage, will you see that car? No, you will only have that car when you work hard and become rich yourself. Can’t a rich man afford to buy a car? Surely you can. So is not about wish, is who you are that will determine what you will attract.

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I know you are finding it very hard to understand this. But I promise I will make it simply with a very nice example below. But before I show you, there is one important thing that is very essential for your success below…

Is It True That You Attract What You Fear?

Is it true that you attract what you fear? This is a question you might be wondering of. While the answer depends on various varieties. There is an important thing you need to understand about fear. It is not a punishment from your mind as a result of wrong thoughts. You need to experience fear to learn something from it. The lessons you can learn from fear of failure and others can help you to improve some areas of your life. So understand that you are here to learn and experience both good and bad. And if you’re not evolving in life, you are actually going to have a hard time.

The main reason why the law of attraction might be working against you is that. You have ignored it and deny your life path. But you can’t just ignore it, this law works everywhere in everything. So remember that, whenever you experience “fear” it’s a chance for you to learn and notice that is there for a reason. But is not the fear you need to be worried of but rather the reason why it exists. Because the only way to stop fear is not to remove “fear” but rather introduce love. As the saying goes “The only way to cure darkness is to introduce light.” So look within and search for what brings fear in your life and introduce love there.

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So the direct answer to the question – Is it true that you attract what you fear? Is yes. But remember, there is more to it than that. Because you also attract what you dream of, your desires and what you love.  Why do we attract all that is because, that is the only thought we hold in our mind. And whatever a man thinks of, so he will attract. If you think of positive things, you will attract so great things. If you think negatively, pain will come unto you very often.

I know you might be asking me that. Hey I don’t want to attract pain or suffering in my life? Well there is a “Powerful” hack to stop attracting fear but to achieve great things in life below. But pay very close attention because it’s really essential for your success…

How To Stop Attracting What You Fear

It obvious that no one wants to attract pain into his life. But more often we keep doing the same things that cause fear into our lives. So how can you stop attracting fear?

1. Don’t associate with negative people. Their words attract fear

There is a saying that goes “Show me your friends and I will show you your character.” Why because birds of the same feathers flogs together. So if your friends get triggered by their mind to smoke all the time. There is no doubt that you are also the same. After all you move and do everything together. Your words will sink into their brain and so will them. And as you know, negative thought is the top cause of fear.

So if you don’t want your mind to keep reminding you of something fearful. Then stop associating with negative people. Because imagine if you move around often with wee smokers. Your mind will always remind you that, the police are coming. And that fear will never stop until you disassociate yourselves from bad gangs. Also notice that the attractions that happens in your life are never random event. It’s a direct response to your feelings and dominant thoughts. .

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2. You attract what you feed your mind

Have you ever watch a movie and taken it into a dream at nights? Oh boy, it does happen to me all the time. One British scientist discovered in 2018 that. People who often listen to politics news on the radio or Television are the exact people who mostly argue about it in public. Why because if you have no idea of something. Will you talk of it? No, you will only do when you have some thought of it. And where do most of information’s comes from? On TV, radio, peoples and over the internet.

The food of your mind is thought. And you are the one to choose which food you want to feed your mind with. Choose wrong food and you will live in fear of death. But instead, pay very close attention to the programs you watch or listen on the radio. Be selective and pick the right manifestation of thought that relate to your dreams.  

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3. Practice positive self-talk

I bet you have heard this saying before, “Of course I speak to myself sometimes because I need expert advice.” Most people can’t go a day without being surrounded by non-stop talking friends. They actually don’t know how to talk to themselves. But the worthiest thought comes from those who speak with themselves. Is not a negative thought but positive thought. That is one skill you need to master.

A friend of mine who is guru in this told me that. It so awesome that I insult most of my friends in my head but they hear nothing. Yes, they won’t hear it but that negative thought will only program your mind to view people badly. Practice positive self-talk and feed your mind with healthy food.

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You attract what you fear quote: examples

You attract what you fear quote examples. Below are very great quote that relate to what we just discussed about. I specially picked them from very wise peoples. You can use most of it as an affirmation if only you want to. That’s how I use quote, I repeat it several times to myself until it sinks with my subconscious mind.

  • “You don’t get paid for the time. You get paid for the value you bring in.”
  • “When someone says you can’t, remember they are showing their limit not yours.”
  • “Time is precious, use it wisely.”
  • “Where energy and focus goes, that’s where attraction comes.”
  • Success is never owned. It rented and the rent is due everyday.”
  • “Those who live in fear of death attract it.”
  • “Don’t let your leanings lead to knowledge. Let it lead to action.”
  • “The only reason why am successful is because I just don’t quite.”
  • “If it doesn’t affect your paycheck. Don’t worry about it.”

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Final thought on fear attraction

In short all what am saying is that. Fear is a powerful emotion and bad thoughts does feed on itself. If left neglect, it can create a monster in your head. So step check what you focus your thought on. And make sure to feed your mind with positive thought. Manifest good thought, get rid of the opposite and always remember that – you attract what you fear. And…

Currently, you have seen ways to stop attracting fear into your life. But remember, that alone will not guarantee your success. The proven things that you can do daily to make money and to achieve great things in your life are found in – Why Success is never owned? And what you should do daily to become successful. Take the test on number 3 and I will personally get in touch with you.


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