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You Can’t Make Everyone Happy: You’re Not Pizza (Meaning)

you can't make eveyone happy

Remember, you can’t make everyone happy all the time. We are living in a world where everyone is looking for approval of others. And because of that, you may try to fit in where you are not supposed just to be liked. But that’s going to hurt you a lot than you would ever thought.

Because if you are putting people needs first in your life, then it surely means you are trying to hurt yourself to make them happy. But the question is can you really do that? dd

And the short answer you may give is no. Because our life and the joy we may get out of it depends on ourselves. Something may change our mode to laugh for a moment but can that happiness last forever? Yes…

Wrong, because trying to keep everyone happy won’t be possible. And no matter how hard you try, you will end up washing away your own happiness for the sake of others joy. We all feel so awesome when we receive a gift from friends and relatives for the first time. But in few days later, the gift will get old and our joy on such surprise vanishes.

That is exactly how it is when you try to please everyone.

It will make them feel good for a moment but that can’t be forever. So stop worrying yourself of being peoples pleaser, you are not coffee. Likewise don’t expect others to make you feel good in life. Anything you want in your life is in your hands and as Lucky Dube said “This world is not a bed of roses. Good things come to those who go out and make it happen.”

So if you want happiness, you just have to make it happen and stop expecting it from others. Below comes the big question most people ask everyday…

Is It Possible To Make Everyone Happy?

Just look at comedians and how they present themselves on TV’s. How do you view them?

Imagine a widow whom her husband has died three days ago. Her friends have tried so hard to stop her from crying but to no avail. The more they try, the louder she cries. So they decided to take her to a concert party to watch a very funny video to calm her down.

Whiles at the concert, the comedian made a very funny comment. All the people at the gathering laughed except the widow. Now, if you are to rate the comedian on a point of 1 to 100 what percentage will you give him?

You will surely not give him 100% because one person did not laugh. And that’s exactly the answer to the question of thinking you can make everyone happy in life.

It’s not possible to make everyone happy.

And back at the concert if the widow did laughed, will such joy stay forever? No, she will still go home and cry.

you can't make everyone happy
you can’t make everyone happy

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So it shouldn’t be your game of trying hard to change everyone’s mode of life forever. That’s not under your control, you can only make others feel happy for a moment but not forever. And what’s the point of being happy for a minute and being bored the next hour? You can’t make everyone happy, note that very well. But…

What happens when you please everyone?

Who don’t like being pleased in life? Just tell me how you felt the day your friend bought you an IPhone to prove that he or she has money. You were so happy right? Yes, and do you know what happened if such person was without money but bought that just to please you? He or she will be left with a loan to pay. And can you imagine the amount of debt this your friend will get into if he or she continues such thing?

There is a big problem the world is facing right now because of existing of social media and the rest. A lot of people now are buying stuffs they actually don’t need to please their followers. They feel so good to shot a photo of something irrelevant their followers might like.  And at the end, they get no value from the things they buy except social media likes.  But that’s not what I want for you…

Because if you please people, they will get over it. And remember, that doesn’t mean you should not help anyone. No what I mean is that you should not do anything stupid that will cause you into debt with the hope of pleasing someone. Because no matter what you do, you can’t make everyone happy.

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And one other thing about being a people pleaser is that, you will put others need first in everything. This is a deadly trap and is one thing that may hunt you forever. It can also detain you a lot from achieving your goals in life. If you keep worrying about what others will think or view you on your actions, then how are you going to achieve what you want in life?

Stop pleasing others, forget about how they view you, go for your share of the pie of all the good things in life.

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy You’re Not Pizza

you can't  make everyone happy you're not pizza

We all know how sweat pizza is and how happy we feel after taking a little of it. It tastes very good my friend, if you have not tried it before this is the time to make a move on it. I really love it and I know you will too. It can make you happy for the whole day as far as you keep eating it. But once you lost your appetite, then everything will go back to normal. So we do call it mode changer.

And you know one special thing about it?

If 200 hundred people are in a room and you serve them all pizza. They will all feel happy after finishing it until their stomach becomes empty again.

But can you make all 200 people in a room happy for one whole day?

No, you’re not pizza my friend. And if you try, your record will be unbreakable and we will then call you “human pizza mode changer” (Nice nickname) I will license it for you, just let me know when you make it.  

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Remember, is not only pizza that has the capability to change people’s mode for a very long time.  There are other foods like nutella, avocado and coffee (my favorite) and because of these, people often advice others on things like the following:               

  • You Can’t Make Everyone Happy You Are Not Nutella. And as you know the sweetness of nutella and the joy you go through after a few piece of it. It one of the food that can change your mode instantly. And it quicker than coffee if am to compare, unlike coffee where you have to wait for a few minutes before you can see it effect on you. Nutulla is a very quick mode changer.  
  • You Can’t Make Everyone Happy you’re Not Avocado. Here comes the well know happy mode changer food in Africa. Do you want to stay happy for some few days? Then a free bird has landed on your nest.      

So all that am trying to tell you about pleasing people is that I can’t give you a real formula for success. But I can give you a hack for failure: Try to please everybody all the time and will fail in everything.

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You Can’t Make Everyone happy Story From Famous Peoples

What Will Smith Said About Trying To Make someone Happy…

You can never make a person happy and that’s a real lesson in life you should know.

You can make a person smile for a day.                                                

You can make a person feel good.

You can make a person feel good and laugh loudly. But for such person to be happy, that’s out of your control. And it shouldn’t be your business at all.

I do remember the day I retired in life. I said to my wife Jada that, I retired because I want to make you happy forever.

Now, I want you to go and make yourself happy. Just prove to me that it’s possible.

 And after we cracked the hell up, we started talking about how we came into this false concept in our early days.

We thought that when we get married, we would become happy together. But later on we did remembered that, we were two totally separate people on two completely different individual journeys, and that we were choosing to walk out separate journeys together.

But her happiness was her responsibility and my happiness was my responsibility too. So we decided that we were going to find our individual internal private separate joy.

 And then, we are to show ourselves that we are already happy and not coming to each other begging with our empty cups requesting that she fill my cups with joy and hope.

 And also, she or I shouldn’t demand that she should meet my needs unfair and it’s kind of unrealistic and can be destructive to place the responsibility for your happiness on anybody other than yourself. The lesson here is simple “you can’t make everyone happy” so stop pleasing others.

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What Gary Vaynerchuk Says On Why You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Are you driven by economics?

Are you driven by legacy?

 You know, one of the things as an immigrant growing up on the east coast of America is that. I spent a lot of time doing irrelevant things I shouldn’t have.

And that’s one of the things that gravitate me so heavily to the Asian market in general. But there’s two things I’m unbelievable passionate about in life. Just pay a very close attention to what am going to show you…

1. Just the Hustle Grit

I am absolutely in net score blown away by the DNA of Asian entrepreneurs. It just has more grit than other parts of the world and I appreciate that I gravitate towards that.

The other thing I’m very fascinated by is parenting. And I am unbelievable passionate about the fact that I know pretty much no matter what your age.  I’m looking at you pretty much across the board in this entire world.

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 I have a lot of different point of views on how you were parented than the way your parents parent parented you. I think one of the most interesting thing about this part of the world is the pedestal that parents put on the past which I believe is the modern education system.

what you should be doing with yourself and all the pressures that so many of us deal with to try to make our parents happy in the cliché, doctor lawyer, good school way in a world where everything changed  that might have been very nice for 1997, 1984 and 1976.

There’s a big problem in this world. The main game of life since technology has changed everything is this…

We still live in a global education world where most kids are taught to memorize shit whiles everything is on their phone. Is that not nonsense my friend?

We are living through a very important time. And for me, the thing that I want to make it clear to you on your journey to success is…

Do you understand why you’re doing it?

Are you capable of doing it?

And are you worrying about other people’s points of view on what you’re doing?

Most of our parents did exactly that but you need to quit this mentality of other people’s point of view on your life. Your life is your life not theirs.  And you are the driver of that car, direct the stayer to a wrong direction to please others and you will fall into a pitch alone. Then you would realize that you own your life and you can’t make everyone happy.

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2. Free Your Mind From People Closest To You

There is nobody in this world that’s going to achieve anything that they want if they’re going to worry about somebody else’s point of view on what they want and how they’re going about doing it.

Let me make this very clear, life is very binary in a black and white mode. If you are navigating your life right now with the fear of judgment of other human beings regardless of whom they are, starting with your mother and working all the way down. You are going to be limited in your happiness.

Comma what you have achieved. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to know and I don’t think it’s so easy. I’m just telling you how it is and if you look around, you will know how it played out as a powerful thing.

 So I think one thing that you have to start understanding is that, Is it you driving your car to success? One of my biggest problem is I’m 42 years old. I grew up in a world where entrepreneurship and businesses was not pedestal as it is today. I grew up in a time where education was the only way out.

I grew up in a place where getting a real job was a significant win.

 The word entrepreneur didn’t even exist in my adult. In my adult life, I considered myself a businessman. And the word entrepreneur never came out of my mouth until my late 30s and mid-30s.

So my biggest fear right now is, if I could wish you anything besides health, the first thing I would wish you is self-awareness.

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Do you actually know yourself? The biggest problem is entrepreneurship went from something that nobody cared about to something that everybody now wants to be.

When I guest if you’re under 25 years old in the world right now, you only want to be two things, an entrepreneur or influences.

Only two things, the problem is 97% of people aren’t good enough to do that. It’s hard to do those things. Do you know yourself? Are you actually capable of doing that business, that app, that startup or that concept?

I think one of the things that I spend a lot of time thinking about is that the 19year old employee at Facebook made more money than the founder of almost every other company. Why because we are now in a technological world and that’s exactly where the money lies.

And I know that there’s a lot of people right now that think they’re going to start the next supreme or Adidas. Or start the next Instagram, Facebook or do this that and other thing. And the reality is that they would be remarkable number six, number 13 or remarkable number 49.

 And that’s very important to me the same way something else is unbelievable to me which is the following.

There are a lot people who want to build a business. But they don’t realize that making $100 a year with the business will not make them happy. But making $2000 a year is going to make them very unhappy. And that isn’t worth it my friend.

Self-awareness my friend listen, you would not think of me the same way as a business man if you realize how much money I leave on the table every year. And how much money I’ve left on my career. But how much that is not my KPI. That’s not what I strive for, and you would think about me differently.

Some would think about me better, some would think about me worse left and right but that’s fine.

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I don’t really care to be honest, I care for you to understand that when you understand yourself, the greatest thing that comes from it is your happiness. You are whom I care about and note that you can’t make everyone happy.

You’re also far more likely to be successful because one thing that people don’t talk enough about is how much hard work it actually takes to succeed.

Just sheer time and effort, I think one of the great things about building a big business is the process. And yet right now, my great fear is that so many people want the thing that you get from building a successful company. And not the struggle you will go through in the process of developing a successful company.

We are in such a world now where all of us through the content we put out on whatever social network you use are putting out such an extreme version of your lives that people are becoming envious of their friends. Everybody is now PR agent of themselves.

Everyone is putting out the nicest photo from their vacation and life ever. Everybody is putting out the most exciting night of their lives, people actually now doing things in real life just for the photo to put on fucken Instagram.

And this is very important to understand because we as humans are wired often to envy and be jealous and curious and dwell on not being on that boat. And that leads to a short-term behavior.

Everybody is looking to make a quick dollar so that they can go on that yacht or go to visa or buy that car or that bag. And this is 100% the poison that is in the system.

And so for me, I want to know why you want to be successful?

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I didn’t even really necessarily want to be successful. I just couldn’t breathe if I wasn’t selling something or building business, and that’s all I knew. There is nothing else it was why I was such a bad student. I couldn’t even appease the hours I needed to be a decent student a day because I needed every minute selling baseball cards or wine or whatever I was up to at that point in my life. There was no choice.
Stop trying to make everyone happy.

You Can’t Make everyone happy quotes Examples

“Don’t feel so bad for setting decisions that upset others. You are not in charge of their happiness. You’re responsible for yours only.”

“The only true formula for success relies in the people you please. And if you are doing that too often, then you are going to fail often.”

“Don’t be so worried if you don’t see me often. Am not a people pleaser, am chasing my dreams in my darkest room.”

Be the best version of yourself and stop being worried about others.”

“Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today”

What You See Is Not Always What You Get

Wherever you are be all there

Whatever You Are Be A Good One

So in short, all am saying is that, you can’t make everyone happy at the same time or like yourself. So focus on what you want to achieve in life and stop being worried about how others view you on your actions. As far as you do good things, there is nothing to be worried about, so why border? Just try hard and put in the best effort you can daily for your own success. And also remember that “A few days of struggle can provide a lifetime of success.”

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