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Create a life you don’t need a vacation from: quote (meaning)

create a life you don't need a vacation from

Create a life you don’t need a vacation from. Going on vacation over and over is really awesome. You can learn a lot by experiencing different places in the world. Also, it gives you the opportunity to get to know the culture of other people. While others daily work allows them to travel around the world whenever they need it. Others just can’t take a day off to go on a trip. That is not the kind of life I want for you. What I want for you is to have free time to travel around the world and freely work even on vacation.

Work on vacation? Yes, others are doing it and you can. Just imagine seeing this powerful guide earlier. What could you have done with it? You can use it to double your monthly paycheck and make your dreams a reality. Imagine using it to increase your monthly paycheck from $200 to $990,000. How happy will your life be? You will buy your dream house, car, nice clothes and even throw a big party with your friends. What an amazing life?

But now, here you are without any of these. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The secret of creating a life you don’t need a vacation from is exactly what am going to show you. But before I do, just stick with me for seconds. Because there is one important thing I need to show you before you can understand this hack and benefit from it. So pay very close attention…

My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from meaning. Here is where you need to grab the whole concept. Because, before you can make use of this hack am going to show you. You need to understand this point very well. It’s really essential for your success. So what is it that you need to understand? When we say someone has a life that he or she does not need a vacation from. It actually means:

  • Such person is able to work even on vacations. This makes him feels he doesn’t need a vacation. Because after all, he does work on vacation so what more?
  • Such person has passions and hobbies he does enjoy in his free time.
  • Such person does not need only off days from work to explore the world.
  • He or she feels purposeful.
  • Does not worry about what he will do with his life.
  • Does not need to retire at the age of 65 because he lives as if he is on retirement.
  • He lives happily with his family.

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Just imagine this is the life you live. How happy will you be?

It’s really awesome and that’s the kind of life you may want to live. If so, then you got to pay very close attention to all the hacks am going to give you. Okay, I will but tell me. What can I do to have such an amazing life? I will show you in a step by step easy way. Remember am not going to show you where you should go on vacation, no. For that, there are so many places. And you have to personally choose where you want to go. So if you are looking for a good place for your next vacation. Then am sorry, this “Powerful” guide isn’t right for you. All that am going to show you is how you can create a life you don’t need a vacation from.

Notice that, such life is the kind of life where – you decide where you want to go, work when you like, don’t need a raise but increase your payment whenever you like. And a life that allows you to work even when you are on vacation. That is what is meant by, life you don’t need a vacation from.

Hey, do you mean you are going to show me how to live a life without going on vacation? Not at all, the whole concept is that. This life will make you a full time traveler if you want to. And even work and get paid whiles you are on a vacation. Leave as if you are on retirement and don’t wait until you reach 67.

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But currently….

I need a vacation from life. Yes that is one of the good decisions a friend of mine made. He had a dream of retiring at the age of 20. You might think that will require a lot of hard work right? What you don’t know is that, when you know your “why” the how is easy. I remember when he called me at his 21st birth day. He said Justice, you remember I told you am going to build a life I won’t be needing a vacation from right? I said yes, and then he continued. I have finally made it and am throwing a big party on that. Won’t you mine coming over tonight?  

I said oh yes I will. When I got there, it was so awesome. Seeing a 21 year old boy who is finally free from life was so inspiring. Whiles I wasn’t free or financially independent myself, I asked him how he did it. To this he replied, it all start with knowing when to need a vacation from life and when not to. What do you mean?

See Justice, life will whip you up and down if you keep on living a slaveries life. But remember, you need to be a slave first before you can conquer it. I have been a slave form age 1 to 21 (that’s a life you need a vacation from) And am going to live a slave free life from now till I die (that’s a life you don’t need a vacation from).

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Do you also…

Need a vacation from life? Yes, you surely need it because that is the first step to a successful life. You need to pass through a lot of hard times before you can finally get what you want. That is exactly what my friend did. From age 1 to 20, he worked day and night. But because he knew where he was heading, he never loosed hope. Whiles, he was working day and night, he was investing his paycheck and working on side hustle businesses.

That’s all it to a successful life. Nothing much and nothing less. Don’t be working for working sake, have a plan and invest your time and money into it. And always remember that, those little investments will compound over time to make you rich and successful. So now, look at the whole concept of the quote this way. Hard work (life with vacation) = Success (life without vacation)

Think about what I just said for a while and see what kind of impact it will have on your life.

Once you get the whole concept, you’ll find it easy to use this next hack…

How do you create a life you don’t need a vacation from?

How do you create a life you don’t need a vacation from? I know you have been waiting for an answer to this question very long time. For you to understand it well and make use of it. I am going to easily break it down into separate lines:

1. Decide you want to have a life without vacation

When you don’t know where you are heading in life, you begin to follow the cloud. Wherever they tell you to go, you go. That is not the kind of life I want for you. Have a plan in life and print it in your room that you are going to succeed no matter what. It is better to plan well with a date and how you are going to make that dream a reality. Because if you don’t have a goal of retiring young or being financially independent, how will you put in much effort daily for your future?

So the first hack to create a life you don’t need a vacation from is to have a plan for it. It doesn’t matter how bad your past has been or how old you are. There is always a way and the best time to plant a tree is now. So forget about your best and focus on what is ahead of you. You can’t go back and change anything, but you can change your future by planning now.

2. Work to invest

 One thing I have personally discovered in life is that. Almost 80% of the word population is working simply because everyone is working. So they think work simply means you have a life. If you don’t work a day it means, you haven’t live for the day. So they work without knowing why they do so. I don’t want you to be like them. But one secret I want to show you is that, the rich work to convert active income into passive income. What do I mean by that?

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  • Active income: Is the kind of money you work before you earn. If you don’t work you will never get it. This is what leads to poverty, but most people are blind to it. So they keep focusing their energy on this area of life. You have to leave there as fast as you can because you can never be financially free. I started from this area and moved into passive income. Almost 98% of millionaires did the same. But I was not working in this area for working sake. I was investing my paycheck and part of my time on a side business. So that in the future, I will have a castle of…
  • Passive income: Is the kind of money you don’t have to work to earn. Either you sleep in your couch the whole month, you will still cash in. This is where the rich focus their time and energy on. And if you want to be financially free then you got to do the same. Don’t work simply because others are working, work to invest for a passive income for your future. Because with passive income, you can travel around the world the whole year without worrying about money.

3. Have a side hustle business

When you interview 95% of the world millionaires. You will find out that almost all of them have their own business. They do that because, they know very well that, you can never be rich by working 9 -5 for a boss. And they also hate to be working 42 hours a year just to increase the asset column of someone else than their own. Yes, if you are working for a company. You are not making yourself rich but rather the CEO of it.

 So whiles you are working 9 -5, look for some ways you can start a side hustle business. When the business begins to make enough money than your regular job, then you know is the right time to retire.

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4. Get the action habit

 This is where I want you to pay very close attention. Because all the hacks that I have given you, if you get rid of this, you will never benefit from any of it. Is nothing but the action habit, a lot of people learn for learning sake. My sister was a kind of introvert who was always reading. So during our childhood, I often see her reading. And whenever I set my eyes on her, I will also go and pick a book. Not to read anything but to just look through, for her to see that I have a book.  

That is madness and wastes of time, no wonder she was academically good than me. If you are not going to take action on anything, don’t be doing it because others are doing it. To achieve the same result as them, you need to take the same action with them. That’s the only different between the rich and the poor. Poor people wish a lot but take no action to makes those wishes a reality. Rich peoples are action takers, when they need something in life. They will put in whatever effort it will take to get that thing.

So all am saying here is that, get the action habit. And don’t let your learning leads to knowledge but rather action. Because if you don’t take any action, there won’t be any result in your life. The fact that you know how to be successful doesn’t guarantee your success. You can only achieve that when you take action. There is a saying that says “action speak louder than words.”

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I have given you half of the hacks you need to succeed in life. We are now getting to the best part of this list.

You may want to ask me that, hey…

How can I put my life on vacation?

If you want to know how to put your life on a vacation, then pause for a minute and ask yourself this. What is my current financial status, does my job allow me to have free time with family and friends, am I on active income or passive income. List all the answers on a paper and look through it very well. You can even sleep over it for a week or month for you to gather right thought on it. Then ask yourself, if this is all what I have stated about my life. Will it be right for me to go on a vacation? Will it make me broke or it will have no effect on my finance.

If you end up that you don’t need to put yourself on a vacation now. Then I will suggest you keep working on your dreams until things are right. So that you won’t end up digging a grave for yourself by going on a trip.

But if you figure out that, everything is perfect and you are ready for your next vacation. Then congratulations! But I have a word of advice for you. Eat healthy foods, exercise weekly, be kind and generous.

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What do you do when you can’t go on vacation?

This is an important question most people ask themselves of all the time. There is nothing to be bordered in life about going on a trip or taking some days off to explore the world. If you can’t do this that doesn’t mean you can’t do others things. There are a lot of things you can do in life that will make you happy aside going on a trip. But you need to know why exactly you go on a vacation sometimes. Others do it because it makes them feel happy.

So if it’s happiness that you need. Then ask yourself, what are some of other things I do in life that makes me feel happy? If you come up with two or three answers, those are exactly what you can do when you can’t go on a vacation.  After all, you go on vacation simple to get rid of unhappiness. So if listening to music or playing golf will give you the same level of happiness you need. Then why not play golf sometimes?

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Create a life you don’t need to escape from

Create a life you don’t need to escape from meaning. This is much related to the main quote of this article. But it’s somehow different in meaning than that. There are a lot of successful people today who are living happily with their family and friends. They wish such life to never come to past, because they know that is the exact life they have been seeking for. So now that they have gotten such life, do you think they need to escape from it?

So that is the kind of life you may want to live. A life that is worth living, no problem, no distraction, no worries, being financially independent and full happiness. Such life, when you get it, you have to wish it to stay forever. But never think of it as your spiritual heaven but rather a physical heaven. That’s what I want for you, so work hard today and make that dream a reality in the future.

How to escape from life

Escape from slaveries life and live the life of your dream. How can you make it? You don’t need to create a life you hate for yourself. And I don’t think anyone has the intention of doing so. Honestly you can make it no matter how the odds are. It all start with having a successful plan and taking the necessary actions to achieve whatever is on that plan. We all have dreams but only few people make it a reality. They think having a dream is all what it takes to succeed. But what of the actions to embark that dream?

So in short, if you want to escape from life. Have a dream and plan the necessary actions you are going to take to make that dream a reality. Because without any action, such dream will go in vain.

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What does a life that you don’t need to escape from look like?

  • Life where you work when you want to.
  • Life where you increase your own paycheck instead of asking for a raise.
  • Having free time to enjoy with your family and friends.
  • It the kind of life that allows you to do what you love.
  • Not having to worry about money anymore.

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Create a life you don’t need a vacation from quotes: examples

Below, I have gotten quotes from several famous people which is much related to – “Create a life you don’t need a vacation from.” It’s actually the top quote with the great meaning of all times according to Forbes. It will help you a lot in your journey to success. Your goal is to look through and pick which one relates to your dream and use it as a positive affirmation. Say it to yourself in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Hey, did you say this is a…

Live a life you don’t need a vacation from quote? Yes I did, and the meaning will speed your success than anything else.

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Final thought

That brings us to the end of this list of powerful hacks. But remember what I told you, get the action habit. With all the hacks that you have seen, if you take no action, you will never see any result. So rise up and say to yourself that you are ready for the best chapter of your life. And you will do whatever it takes to create a life you don’t need a vacation from. If…

You have any special quote that you may want to share with us, please comment below. Now, you have seen all the hacks, but the next problem is – what is that one thing that will help you to become a millionaire from nothing for free? To start making $999,000 every month. Click and take action on number 3 now, because is free for the first 100 visitors only.


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