Lessons In Life Learned: Self-Worth (Top Guide)

lessons in life learned

Lessons in life learned about knowing your self-worth. Imagine you have been hired by a great company, the manager has agreed to pay you $945000, 000 every week to work only 30 hours a week. How joyful will your life be? You may tell all your friends about it and throw a big party with them. You will soon buy your dream house, car, and establish your own business. But now, here you are without any of these. But, you don’t have to lose hope because of the secrets of making this amazing dream a reality start with practicing various lessons in life learned by other people. That is exactly what am going to show you. There is no magic secret to success, you just need to do what successful people did to be in the same position as them.

Before I show you the top life lessons you must learn to become rich or successful in life, I want to share a very important lesson a father thought his son before he died. It’s a story I think you should learn if you truly want to be wealthy in life.

A great lessons in life learned About Self-worth

Before he died, a father said to his son, I want to show you a powerful lesson in life. Here is a watch your grandfather gave it to me, it almost 200 years old. Before I give it to you, I want you to go to the jewelry store in the city, tell them I want to sell it, and see how much they will offer you.

The son went to the jewelry store and came back to his father and said, they offered $100 because is so old. The father said, try the pawnshop. The son went to the pawnshop and came back to his father and said, the pawnshop offered only $20 because it has a scratch. The father again said to him, now go to the museum and show them the watch. The son quietly questioned his father’s judgment but still willing to act on his father’s last wishes, he went to the museum and when he came back, he said to his father, the curator offered $375,000 for the real peace to be included in their precious antique collection.

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The father responds I wanted to show you that the right place will value you in the right way. Don’t find yourself in the wrong place and get angry because you are not valued, never stay in a place where someone doesn’t see your value or you don’t feel appreciated. If you don’t know your value, you will always settle for far less than you deserve. People who don’t know their value settle for less in a relationship, friendship, profession, or job. They know they’re worth more but they settle for someone else definition of their worth. That is the difference between most people and the few. That is the difference between the people who live the life they have created for themselves and those who can’t stand the life of their living.

Yes, here comes the “Powerful” life lesson I want you to learn…

You have to know your worth, most people will just allow anyone to influence the perception of themselves. But people who know their value refuse to accept the opinion of small-minded people. They refused to be put in a box, they will not be defined by anyone but themselves, they know their value is set by themselves. By their own thought about who they are not someone else opinion of what they are worth. Don’t let them put a price on you. You set your own price. And don’t go giving a discount to other people so you can fit in or be liked. People pleasers never end up happy in the end. Put yourself first, you must build your self worth by the work you do every day, you build it by the way you show up every single day, day in and day out, no excuses no shortcuts just a relentless dedication to being the best you can be. If you have someone in your life that tries to diminish your abilities in any way, the time has come to move those people along.

What a great lessons in life learned by his son.

Lessons in life learned: Action to take now

It’s time to work on that part of you that demand more from your life. Because only you know it all that you are truly capable of, its time to wake up and shock the world, shock those who value you with a disturbing level of determination. Shock those who doubted you with a commitment to excellence that cannot be matched by those who are week hearts. Shock those who doubted you with the actions you take, today as you draw a line in the sand and commit to becoming the person no one thought you can be because only you know what you are truly capable of.

In this world, you only have to earn the respect of one person, that person is you. You determine the level you demand of yourself, it time to demand more, it time to prove once and for all who you are, who you will become and what you will never settle for again. Raise your standards, rise up to a high level, and let no one question change your integrity again. Day by day, you start now, you build the foundations you deserve. Put in self-work every single day, build yourself up by becoming an unbreakable force, and an unstoppable machine, build by the result you get by the work you put in today and every day from this day until your day. Do more, don’t you settle for someone else opinion of your value. Now, you determine your value through yourself-work, your self-education, your self-determination of your own destiny, the destiny that is in your hands, your pride grows stronger every day from the work you put in. The time for change is now, when it comes to your own self-work there is no tomorrow, know your worth and never and ever settle for anything less.

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That is indeed great lessons in life learned. Day in and day out, people are always looking for approval from others but when they don’t get, they end up getting annoyed. But if you know how to approve yourself, never will you get annoyed never will you be hoping to be liked by someone. Everything is possible and it must be done by you. Give such tasks to others and you will never get to where you want to be in life. Know how wealthy you are and don’t just hang out with people who do not appreciate your presence. Find yourself in the right place where you will be valuable and you will be happy forever.


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