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Give More Than You Take: Quote (Meaning)

give more than you take

Give more than you take in life. Am going to show you something very weird, I know you might think am crazy. But trust me if you do what I will tell you, you will receive a lot of gift from others than what you may give out. So you are actually not going to give 100% things out and receive only 50%, no. We are going to do the opposite with a very “powerful” hack. Receiving is much better than giving and I bet you do like it?

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about. This guide will help you a lot on your journey to success. Is it money that you want? Cars? Cloths? Or a house? Don’t worry, you are going to get it right after this guide, I promise. And I know very well that, when you get all this, you will throw a very big party with your friends and travel around the world. Yes, it worth it but now, here you without any of these. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The secrets for having all this are exactly what am going to show you. But before I show you, please be mindful that you have to…

Give a little more than you take. Yes, it’s a give and take game but we are going to play very smart here. And if you are not willing to sacrifice a little for more, then this hack won’t work for you. But if you are going to do exactly what am going to show you, then start counting your blessings now. Because money, success, house and cars you are going to have it all, so what again friend? You are going to make money and achieve success with an untold magic secrets.  And remember, it all starts with giving small and taking more.

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Only few peoples are using this secret. So don’t think you are going to be the first to invent it, no is just that you did not saw it early. When you finally get to that level of millionaires, you will say to yourself that you have come a long way. But those who will know that you used this hack am going to show you, will tell you that…

You just take more than you give. And yes that’s exactly what we are going to do. We are going to give them little and take more from them. Because if you can achieve more success from others by giving them less service, then what’s wrong with it?           It’s worth it but remember, this hacks comes in two pair. The first one will show you how to give less and achieve more. And the second one will show you why you should give more than what you should take. The second one will sound a little weird. But don’t worry you will enjoy that game when I show you the hack in it (that’s give more than you take).

So let see the hack in the first one, I call it…

Put people first money making hack. There are a lot of people who want to make money and to have a lot of great things in life. Yet, they’re not willing to sow the seed of these great things. But tell me, can you harvest what you have not sowed? Surely no, you can only do that by going the wrong way (thief) and steal from others. Or by inheritance. But that is not what I want for you, I want you to make your own money that you may one day stand somewhere and look back and be proud of yourself.

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So how can you do it?

It’s simple, let say you are looking for an employment. What you need to do is that, wherever you see people working. Lend them a hand and bam! You are done with the hack because you will be surprise of what may come out. It really easy to do and this is my secrets for getting so many clients.

What I do is that when some post a freelancing job related to my skill on the web. I just go ahead and pick the job and do it without contacting the one who posted it. I only show him or her the final project when am done with it. But instead of charging high, I sometimes do it for free. And say something like, “if you need another project like this, please contact me directly and I will do it for a low price.” He or she might think you are so kind for not charging at the first point. But he may not know that you are sowing a service for money seed.

But you need to be cautious here and do the first project very well. Because if the client is going to trust you for more projects, it depends on that very first one.  So if you are not willing to do the first project well, don’t border touching it.

That’s the only secret I use for getting so many clients. And it applies to whatever you need in life, both offline and online (it works like the law of attraction). Whatever you need from people, don’t put money first in your mind. Give them the service they need and the money will come by itself.

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Most marketers are using this hack for giving free products to consumers. And what do the people do when they test the products and it’s exactly what they want? They buy more and more (Remember the money is taking care of itself here.) So don’t underestimate the power of this hack if you want to receive more than you give to others.

That’s the first hack. Let move to the second hack, it may sound very weird but remember that you have to…

Always give more than you take. While the first hack is about giving less and earning more, the second one is to give more and take less. What? How on earth can you tell me to give more and take less? Will you exchange $1000 for $10? Surely you might say no because you haven’t seen the secrets in here yet. And don’t be surprised because these are most of the questions people ask whenever I told them about this hack. But if you are like…

I won’t give you more than you can take, just stick with me for seconds. Because I need to explain certain things to you. And if you don’t get the concept behind it, it will be very difficult for you to make use of this hack. So write down all your questions and in few seconds you will understand what I mean. Giving more and taking less, I know you will probably not do that for free. But you got to do that for a reason. So what’s the reason?

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Give more than you take meaning

Before I go far, I want you to understand that our life is about serving each other and not about collecting things. You may not be willing to give much to others but let make things simple here. Imagine putting yourself in the shoes of that poor man outside there, who hasn’t eaten for a week. How will you feel when someone passes by and gives you $1 and takes off all your cloth that is worth $100? You will feel very bad right? Yes, but do you remember you just said you will only give less and take more? So why do you have to feel so bad when being played the same game by another person?

So you see why we need to give more than we take in some situations? Or to give without expecting anything in return? There is a lot of blessing in giving with no expectation to those who can’t pay us pack. Because those who even give feel much happier than those who receive. Just try it once and you will see what am talking about.

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So what is the hack in it? I will show you but before I do, you need to know some…

Give more than you receive bible quote.

The bible embraces giving more than taking less. So if you think am the first person to show you this, then think again it already in the bible. Acts 20:35 says “I have shown you in all things that by working hard in this way, you must assist those who are weak and must keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus, when he himself said: ‘There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.’”

So give and give to those who need it. But remember you are not giving in vain. You are exchanging it for more happiness and blessings. If you have never experienced such a blessing before, then it means you have been giving less than you take (the first hack doesn’t work here please).

The more you give, the more you receive: how?

You are bombarded and am aware because you don’t know where to use the first hack and the second one. Well, I will clarify that. Remember, the first hack only works when you really want to get something from others. That’s either employment, money, advice, or whatever you may want. But the second hack somehow works opposite to it. You exchange more for less or more for nothing. So where should you use the second hack? And is that even a worthy hack? Yes, and yes, I will prove it to you.

You need to apply the second hack in situations where you want to give something for free. So why is it a hack while you won’t get anything out of it. The first benefit is happiness. The more you give, the happier you will be. And also you may not know where this little kind of free kindness will lead you to.

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Here is an example. There was a wife who always toasts bread at night and leaves one on his window. She did that because most people pass by her house with a starving tummy. This thing continued for a very long time and nobody ever showed single gratitude for this lady. So one day she got very upset and decided to put poison in the bread. But after toasting the bread, he thought of it for a while and threw it in the fire. She put a poison-free bread on the window and someone came for it.

That very night his son came to the house and told his mum this – “Mum you will never believe how people cook exactly like you in this neighborhood. I just met a man who gave me toasted bread just a minute ago. Mum trust me, it tastes the same as what you have been cooking for us.” The wife remained quiet and said to herself, have I not thrown the poisoned bread out, I would have killed my own son.

 So do good in expectation for nothing, you may not know who you might be helping.

Give more than you take love more than you hate in relationship   

Does the second hack work in a relationship too? Yes, it works almost everywhere “love” is a concern. Don’t expect to be receiving more all the time from your spouse. Give much more to him or her and the bond between you will be tighter. Just try it and you will see what I mean. There may be some cases where you may need to receive from your partner rather. But this doesn’t have to continue forever, let your partner also feels that he or she is valuable.

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Give more than you take quotes: examples

Below are some of the quote with deep meaning that is much related to this. I personally prefer to use most of it as my daily affirmation and I do think of it all the time. It saves me a lot by using it as life lessons. Below they are, the meaning will blow your mind.

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Final thought

So in short, all that am saying is that, use the second hack to give more than you take. And there will be more blessing in it and also you may not know who you might be helping. So keep the good work and show some kindness. Don’t forget the first hack too (Put people first money-making hack) If you want to give less and earn more, use that guide.

I have shown you how to be kind to others by giving them more than you take. But the question is, how can you give more to others while you have nothing yourself? It sounds funny, right? Yes, I just laughed but that problem is solved. Take action on number 3 of – How to Become A Millionaire Overnight For Free and make your first $999,000.



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