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You Can’t Go Back And Change The Beginning: James Sherman Quotes (Meaning)

you can't go back and change the beginning

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. The quote is very interesting when you understand it deeply as CS. Lewis says. It can make things easy for you and allow you to focus on important things. There is more to it and I want you to pay very close attention to the point am about to make because it very essential for your success.

Don’t you think you could have performed better and work harder? I feel I could have too but there is no point thinking about that. Just don’t mind, the past is past. What is there in your hand is your future. Just one thing…

Close your eyes for a moment think of the day of your result. You’re sitting in front of laptop or PC. You enter your roll number and press the submit button.

What do you see? PASS or FAIL? Whatever you foresee will be the end of this story. Now you know the ending, what you need to do? You need to work back, but how many days are there? What are the pending subjects you are strong at it? What are your weaknesses? Make a plan accordingly and make sure that you stick to your plan.

Does it mean that you should forget about your past? No, but you need to learn from the mistakes which you have committed in the past. Whatever mistakes you’ve done in the past, make sure that mistakes are not repeated from today on-wards not even tomorrow.

Today onward mistakes are not to be repeated, the pen is in your hand, make sure you write the end which you want. Just remember that ”you can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start now and change the end.”

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You Can’t Go Back and Change the beginning meaning. The quote simply means, embrace the current moment and forget about the past because you can’t do anything about it. There are a lot of people who think so often about their past. And yes there is no mistake in doing that. But what is the point of wasting 5 hours thinking about something you can’t do anything about?

So it somehow doesn’t make any sense to be thinking about the past. But we are humans with conscious and no matter what you may be hurt of something that has happened to you someday ago. But you must know what count and what doesn’t.  The days ahead of you is what you must take necessary plans and put in effort to achieve what you want.

You can’t change the beginning of everything or what has happened already. And that’s because time is very limited, once it’s wasted it gone forever. And we humans don’t have the power to reverse our lives.  That’s not under you control but what you can control is this very moment and the years ahead of you.  

you can't go back and change the beginning

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You can’t Go Back And Change The Beginning But You Can Start Now And Change The Ending

Stop trying to fix yesterday. You cannot work on improving yesterday, you can’t make it better. But you can improve today and tomorrow. People may have said and done things that have hurt you. They put you down, they’ve said you’re not good enough, not smart enough, not talent enough, you’re bad person, you have made mistakes.

You have heard other people but stop riding with the brakes on, stop riding with the brakes of yesterday. If you’re going to experience the peace you want, you must release the brakes, you must release the fears, the doubts and the negativity.

 If you’re ever going to experience the peace, the peace of making a difference, the peace of doing something great. Listen, everybody makes mistakes, everyone has problems, and everyone face rejections and setbacks. But it doesn’t matter what happened this week, or last month. What matters is right now, right where you have the gut to make changes.

Forgive yourself and others so that you can have peace, move on so that you can make positive difference.  You were put here to do something great, now get up and go do it and stop thinking about the past.

You can’t go back and change the beginning James Sherman

Most of us have probably had these moments where we thought, if only I could go back in time with the knowledge that I have now so that I could do things differently and fix my life. But the interesting thing about this is that in most cases, the things that we know right now are things that we could have probably also known in advance.

quote you can t go back and change the beginning

And yes, there are exceptions, sometimes there is a certain piece of information that we could have only obtained during or after the thing that we did. But in most cases, the knowledge we have right now, is just the result of the fact that we have this reflection moment after doing the thing that we did.

We spend some time to consciously think about it after we’ve already done it. It then led us to a certain conclusion which might make us think well, I wish that I handled things differently. But the funny thing about this is that in theory, we could have also come to the same conclusions before we started to act instead of after. If we would have also had that reflection moment before, instead of after, but we didn’t. We only did it after because that’s what we nearly always do. Note that “you can’t go back and change the beginning.”

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First we act subconsciously from our habits that we mess up some of times. Then we think about it consciously afterwards and then we tell ourselves “if only I could have had this knowledge in advance”. And well, in most cases, you could have probably had all you really needed to do, so think consciously before you act instead of after. And this is going to be the answer to your problem, you need to implement rituals in your life that ensure and teach you to think before you act.

And then you might say, well that makes sense. But that only really applies to things that have yet to happen. It doesn’t allow us to go back in time and fix the things that have already happened.

And no of course it doesn’t. Time travel is not possible but here’s the thing…

 The things that have already happened don’t matter. This might sound like a very spiritual or deep philosophical concept but time doesn’t really exist. There is no such thing as the past or the future.

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So by now you might be thinking, what the hell is he talking about? Where is this going?

Well, I understand but allow me to explain. Lets’ say that you could go back in time with the knowledge you have right now so that you can do things differently. You might think that this can fix your life but that is a bit of an illusion. Because the only thing that you will really be fixing are specific situations. And you are not fixing the underlying problem that caused you to mess up these situations in the first place.

So as soon as you are going to run into new situations, you will probably make the same mistake. You will act subconsciously then you will mess up, then you will think about it consciously after and then you will tell yourself, “ah damn I messed up again. If only I could go back in time again” and you really haven’t fixed your life because you can go back in time as often as you want and fix as many situation as you want. But you are not fixing the underlying problem and the only way to fix the underlying problem which is your behavior that lies right here right now.

The quote you can’t go back and change the beginning has a lot to teach us. But it requires deep understanding before you can use it to your advantage.

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So what are some ways that we can fix the problem?

How do we create more consciousness before we act?

Well, this is a very complex topic, there are a lot of factors to it and I don’t claim to know all of it but I can give you a quick tip on something that I use a lot. And it really helped me personally which is premeditation.

It’s basically a little ritual where you spend some time with your own mind before you do something, so you think about what you are about to do, why and what might happen.

So for example, before I turn on my computer in the morning, I sit down in front of it and I ask myself:

 Why am I going to turn on my computer?

 What do I really want to do?

Do I want to immediately start working productively and feel great about myself and actually get a step closer to achieving my goals?

Do I immediately want to go to YouTube to procrastinate for two hours and then feel bad about myself all the time?

And this is such a quick and such a simple to do. But it really helps in creating more consciousness.  And it really increases the chance that you will do the right thing. Here’s another example, let say that I’m going g to attend a birthday party and there is going to be a person that has very passionate political beliefs that are the opposite of mine.

“Failure is the mother of success”: quote and (origin)

And this person knows it and is very provocative about it and things usually get a little bit tense between us. So what can I do whiles I know that you can’t go back and change the beginning?

I can have a little premeditation before I go to the party. Or that morning where I tell myself, okay I know this person is going to be here and getting into argument with this person really isn’t going to do anything positive. I’m not going to convince this person of my beliefs and to be honest I don’t really care. Because there’s plenty of people with different beliefs and that’s absolutely fine.

And all that will happen is that we will create a bunch of negative influences to the evening, we might ruin the atmosphere of the party. I might ruin my own mental state instead of just having fun relaxing and enjoying the party.

I’m now having a discussion with a very negative person and people might get a somewhat more negative image of me because I am having fierce discussion at a party,. So if this person tries to provoke me, I’m just going to be like well, okay it great that’s your opinion man.

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Each to his own and so by just preparing for this party mentally a little bit. I decrease the chance that I actually get into an argument with this person mess up and then think afterwards all I shouldn’t have went into an argument. I create a little bit of consciousness before I act and you could also do this in somewhat more of a Meta sense where you don’t necessary think about a specific situation or task but you think more about your day or your life as a whole.

 For example, in the morning you could have little mediation where you think about how to have a great and productive day.

And I really found that this tends to help at putting you into the mindset of actually wanting to act in accordance. And you might think well, it sounds like this premeditation takes up a lot of time.

But I would disagree, because I would say you’re going to spend that time thinking about things. Anyway, if you don’t spend time thinking about it in advance, you are probably going to be thinking about it a lot more in hindsight. And usually when you don’t think about it in advance, you will mess up more and you have these grudge which tend to linger around in your mind a lot. So I do actually say that thinking about it in advance is probably more time efficient method.

But even if it doesn’t worth it to think in advance because that will just increase the quality of your life.

Can’t Go Back And Change The Beginning Quote Examples

James Sherman the author of the book “how to overcome rejection” explained very clearly why we should all forget about the past and remember the lesson. He advised all readers who have been rejected more than once in jobs, encountered multiple failures and gotten rejection of applications to not fixate on the past but to focus on the future.

Below is an example of quotes which relate to it.

Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go

Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

When you focus on the good, the good gets better

Failure is the mother of success

Cupcakes Are Muffins That Believed In Miracles

What you allow is what will continue

We Are What We Repeatedly Do

Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go

The darkest nights produce the brightest stars

Remember, others claim that Christian apologist C.S. Lewis were those who came up this this quote. There is no such evidence on that and as you “if you don’t have evidence, you don’t have a case.”


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