15 Top Investments in Ghana, Opportunities With High-Return

investments in ghana

Imagine you could make Ghc 9900, 000 monthly from your investments in Ghana. How good would your life be?

I know you will feel good and be the happiest person on this earth. You will buy cars, business and buy your dream house.

But, right now, here you are without any of that.

May be, you have been fired from your current job or you have lost Ghc 9000,00,000 in bad investments. Oh, what went wrong?

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a way you can start making over ghc 9900, 000+ monthly in investment. And it’s not too hard to do for yourself.

All of the answers you need are right here in this article. To get them, you just need to read on.

Story of How Bad Investment Got My Friend To loose Ghc 20000,000

But before I show you the best places to invest your money in Ghana. Let me quickly tell you a story of one of my friends who lost almost Ghc 20000,000,000 in the wrong industry. His name is Vicent and he recently landed on his dream job. Over the past, he had saved relatively huge money and decided to invest it. Within his community, there was one growing company. So he went and invested Ghc 20000,000,000 for an annual percentage rate of 30% in it.

He thought he had invested in the right place and soon he will be rich. But little did he know that the business was about to collapse due to poor management. Two months later after his investment. Daily graphic reported that the business is collapsed and is no more into operation. Vicent heard of this news and got collapsed. Because all his entire life, that is the only money he had.

He was rushed into the hospital but he couldn’t survive (dead). Very sad right? Yes.

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His wife called and explain the whole story to me. I felt very sad and quickly run into the hospital. But I was too late, Vicent was already gone. Looking at his dead body tears rolled out of my eyes. He had lost Ghc 20000,000,000 and his own life is also taken.  It was very sad, but yet it was a lesson for me to learn as a financial adviser on (How bad investment can kill someone)

But luckily for you. You are still alive, not dead. But it could be that…

You have lost all your money by investing in the wrong companies. Oh, am sorry for not showing you these high return investment opportunities early.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Over the past, I have made huge money by investing in the right places after I learned my lesson. These places will not get you killed or lose your money as my friend did. So…

The best investment opportunities in Ghana are only a few scrolls away.

And all you have to do to learn them for absolutely free is scroll down the page.

Best Investments Opportunities in Ghana with High Returns

1. Real Estate

With rapid growth in population, the needs to owe or rent a house will keep on increasing. Just in 2008 alone, statistics show that the average Ghanaian who owns a house is 70%. No wonder house renting is very difficult in the country now. Yes is really difficult now. Just imagine you trying to rent a single room in Accra circle. Will you get some? No, Why because the place is occupied. But if you are looking for single room self-contain you will surely get some.

But do you think the monthly fee is just like that of 50kg of bag of rich? No, it’s really cost a lot. House and real estate owners or investors are making huge amount of money in Ghana now. And yes, this business will never collapse because the need to own a house or rent one will always be in demand.

So if you are looking for a place to invest your money wisely. Then consider real estate because there is a high return percentage rate in it. And also it is a business that is staying forever. As long as people keep renting and buying houses this business isn’t going anywhere. So your principal will always be secured.

How to invest in real estate business in Ghana

There are so many real estate companies in the country. And all what you need to do to start making money from this business is to research for one. With as low as Ghc 5000 you can start an investments in Ghana in various real estate companies. The return rate is not fixed because each business has its own strategy of operating. So surely one will be higher than the other. And also the higher your principal, the higher your return rate will be.

Your goal is to look for some of these businesses who have a high return rate and invest in it. The duration on returns is mostly from 1 – 3 month, 1-6 month, and yearly. But remember the duration on returns is not the same for every real estate business. Some of the high growing businesses have a long  duration from that of 3 years and above. So look for one with short duration that has a high percentage return rate if your principal is not huge.

You can also decide to invest in long duration because most of it has a high return rate than short durations. Some of the big Real estate businesses you can invest in Ghana are, A.C.P estate at kwabenya (Accra), Franko estate at pokuase (Accra), Kings estate at kasoa (central region).

Okay, we are getting to the best hack on this list.

But there is one “High return rate” investment opportunity in Ghana I want to show you before we get to it…

2. Company Shares

There are so many high companies which are making relatively good profit month after month. Do you know you can get at least 15% of this profit monthly? Well, in case you didn’t know then wait. I will give you a simple hack to start making over ghc 5900+ monthly from these companies. You don’t have to involve yourself in the daily operation of these companies. Neither do you have to do any form of hard work. All what you need to do is to let your money work for you.

And yes that is it, so simple. You will let your money work in these companies and enjoy the profit while you sit and cheer around. This form of making money is called Passive Income. You don’t have to do any hard work to earn a profit. Oh really? Yes.  Then tell me bro. How can i make over ghc 5900+ in these growing companies? Is so simple, you just need to invest your money in these companies’ shares.

Investing in companies shares simple means. You will own a part ownership of the company. And yes, if you are part of the owners of the company don’t you think you deserve to be paid some of the monthly profit? Yes you surely deserve to be.  But the percentage rate on which you can be paid depends on the amount of principal you invest in. Yes the higher your principal the higher your returns.

How to invest in company shares in Ghana

Is so simple to do and a very profitable niche to invest in. In fact an average business investor makes over ghc 3000 monthly in Ghana. But note that this amount could be based on your principal and duration of the returns. Most companies release their shares to the general public at the beginning and middle of every year. So look for any growing company in the country you wish to invest in and do enquires about it shares.

 Remember to pay special attention to their terms and conditions. And also it will be much better to buy shares from companies that have a high return rate. Some of the well-known companies with high return percentage rate are:

  1. KK pe-Oprah company Ltd
  2. Standard Drinking Water
  3. Long Last roofing company Ltd
  4. Coca-cola company Ltd
  5. Agya Appiah company Ltd

Invest in any of the above companies to earn a second source of income.

Once you are equipping with it, you will find it much easier to invest in this next hack…

3. Lands

We live in a country where if you don’t buy a land and build a house no one respects you. Just look at that poor man in the street begging for food and that Landlord. The poor man has more respect than the landlord right? Wrong. If you answered yes then you haven’t made your research well. Take this opportunity and do another research of these two parties. You will surely find out that those who own a land or house are much respected than those who don’t.

Just listen to what lingered in my ears the last time when I was passing by. (Jane, is he the house owner? Yes, replied by Gladys. Wow, I wish she is my dad. He is so rich. Yes me too). So just look at this, Jane and Gladys are now selling their fathers respect to another man. Just because they saw the man owning a land and a house to which their father don’t.

So I hope you do agree with me. If I say those who owns a land and house are well respected in Ghana communities.

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But do you know you can earn relative huge amount of money monthly just by investing in lands? Really can I? Oh yes you can. Let me just give you a quick hack. Just imagine buying 1 plot  of land for ghc 10000 now. In 1 year time how much do you think you can sell this land for, Ghc 10000 right? Wrong. You can sell it for almost Ghc 20000 and above.

 Just look at those who bought lands earlier on in developing areas in Accra Ghana. Just look at that of Accra Circle for example. How much do you think land owners are selling 1 plot of land for? You can’t guess right? Just make a research yourself and when you find your answers. Make sure not to open your mouth too much because, there is colonial virus in the system.

How to invest in lands in Ghana

Look at areas where you can guess that it will develop soon in the coming 5-6 years. Then buy as many lands as you can and later sell it at high prices. Remember, lands which are close to market or street have a high price than those which are not. Also make sure to do papers and own a complete ownership of every land you buy. Because you know it already in Ghana and that of their land guard matters.

Okay, now is time for the best investments in Ghana you have been waiting for…

4. Agriculture

Agriculture is a highly growing sector that was reported in 2012 alone to have 24.7% in GDP. This rate has increased recently to 38.3% as at 2019. This sector will keep on increasing because the main occupations for 60% of Ghanaians are Farmers. And yes with high increase in rate of cocoa and local rice production the economy agriculture sector will keep on growing. This is not so surprising that. If you visit Accra, price of food is higher than areas in Ghana where most peoples are into farming.

So you can make relatively good money by investing in various agricultural sectors in the country. One thing I love about this field is that, is really easy and with little capital you can start investing in it.

How to invest in agricultural sectors in Ghana

So simple, there are a lot of agriculture businesses in the country you can decide to invest to be a part owner of it. With this you will earn a certain percentage of the business profits monthly or yearly. You can also visit local areas where farmers need money to increase the productivity of their farm yards. You can then offer these peoples loan with a reasonable interest.

Cocoa board of Ghana has good shares you can invest in. They have a very good high return rate. This percentage rate keeps increasing yearly because cocoa farmer’s productivity in Ghana is beyond expectation. They are doing a very great work.

Do you remember I said I have a special investment opportunity in Ghana for you?

This is it…

5. Church’s

Each and every month in Ghana rooming news. You will surely hear once in a day that, this pastor or church member of this church has done this and that. One pastor that is mostly know  is Kum Chacha who Is always on the radio saying this and that. Am not saying he has done something again please. Over the past we had heard a lot about him and other pastors. But there is one thing you don’t know about business.

I know a financial investor who is making relative huge money every month through churches. What does he do? When he sees that a church is building a temple. He enquires with the church eldest and offers them money with interest to help them build the temple. And yes he is not the only one who is into this business most peoples are into it.

How to invest in church’s in Ghana

Most church eldest are rooming in banks looking for loan to build their temple. So you can take advantage of this opportunity. Your goal is to look for such church’s or someone who is into this business to help you find one.

Do you know that you can start making over Ghc 9900,000 monthly in this business…

6. Fast Food Franchise Business

Little did you know but yes, the need to eat every day will always be in demand. Am even hungry as am writing this article and in a few minutes I will go out and get something to eat. Almost every Ghanaians like food and yes this is a worldwide issue. Can you survive not eating for four weeks? You can’t right? Yes, you are not alone for some of us we can’t even survive in three days without eating.

So you shouldn’t be surprise when you go out and see so many restaurants than librarys. McDonald for instance a brand which is actually not present in Ghana. Was reported in 2015 as the one of the best growing food franchise sector in various countries. This should tell you that the rate at which people are eating is really high. And yes if people are buying food all the time. Then it probably means fast food or restaurant owners are making relatively good money in the system.

Making it a very good sector to invest your money in. There is one well, growing food franchise company in Ghana am sure you have heard of “KFC”. Through my entire life leaving in Ghana I have never seen any KFC business that has collapse. But rather this company keeps growing all the time. Almost all their local branches are busily growing in the country.

How to invest in fast food franchise businesses in Ghana

You can decide to establish a restaurant from scratch yourself. But this will require a huge capital. So the best option is to invest in some of these fast food franchise business which are already growing. And yes this is not so hard to do. There are two ways to this:

  • Invest your money in such business like KFC, Odor Rich, and Indomie (my mother is the best cook in the world). By this you will become a part owner of such business and earn some percentage rate of the business profit monthly or yearly.
  •   Enquire with any fast food franchise brand managers of a certain business. Ask them you want to be a branch owner of their business in a specific location. If they agree, you will pay a certain percentage for them to top it and set up such branch in the location you required for.  You won’t own a complete ownership of such business because remember the brand is not yours and it won’t be manage by you.

But what is involved is, you will get a certain percentage of such branch profit as a part owner. This is simple and perhaps most branches of growing business you see around just operate on this way.

Hey, let me ask you a simple question. Do you like watching movies or listening to music’s?

If you do then this investment opportunity in Ghana is for you…

7. Entertainment Industries

Have you heard of the latest Shatta Wale song (We go show guy guy)? What of that of Sarkodie (Hand to mouth)? Ghanaians love entertainment so much. Almost every month an average musician in the countries drops at least one song. The movie industry is doing very well. Over the past there had been so many movie production brands in the community. Some of the well-known ones include Kumawood prd, Junga town prd and many more.

The rate at which entertainment sectors are growing in the country is really high. And yes MTN has just spoiled the hood with it Hit Maker program. So this should tell you that investing in entertainment industries in Ghana is really a good decision you should take. Most producers today are making really good money in Ghana. Just imagine how much Sarkodie or Stone Bwoy producer will make. I actually don’t know if these guys have a producer or they do produce themselves. But if they don’t then am sure their producer can buy a private jet now.

  How to invest in entertainment industries in Ghana

All what you need to get into this business is money. This sector does require a huge capital before you can get into it. So I will surely recommend you skip to the next hack if your money is too small. Because you can’t afford to produce Yaa Porno or Mrs. Vee with only Ghc 2000 bro. If you have big capital and you want to make good money then this sector is what you should consider investing in.

There are so many ways you can invest in this industry:

  • You can decide to be a producer of any underground artist whom you think will soon be famous. You have to be careful in this and look for serious artist. Because most of the artist are just doing it for fun. They don’t aim to go far. And yes who want to be a producer of an artist who will soon quit?
  • Invest in entertainment companies and own a part ownership of the business profit. There are so many industries of this field you can look for. Some include kumawood prd. Your goal is to enquiry with them and see if they will sell some of the business shares to you.

I got D7 in Integrated science that is why I couldn’t join the army. It not my fault Justice, our teachers were so dumb playing smart. Said by one of my mate who said he will be a soldier during my college.

So if students are getting D7 because of dumb teachers in Ghana.

Then let us all invest in…

8. Education Sector

Most people will say that “for a student to do well in class 80% of it is on the student” But for me I do disagree with it. Do you know why? Just imagine me knowing nothing about engineering. And trying to learn auto mechanic from a dumb engineer who claim to know everything.  He being so dumb, do you think he will impact good thought into my head? No, only bullshit. And yes, the same with students and teachers too. If their dumb, they will impact their dumbness to their students and such student will also become dumb.

Because students knows nothing that is why their being sent to school to learn. If they know it already, then what is the sense in it for them to be sent to schools? After all, what you are going to teach them they know it already. So does it make sense to waste money on school fees as a parent? No. That is why most Africans have completed school with all the degrees. And yet they can’t invent anything new with all the knowledge they have. Parents keep blaming their kids for not performing well in class but they don’t know most of the time is not the children’s fault.

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So most African countries especially Ghana does need a high growth in our education sector. So let all consider investing in this field to ensure the growth of the country. If you do agree with me on this, comment bellow with your suggestions.

Am sure you have been a Trotro mate before right?

Whether you responded yes or no you have surely taken a car before.

So these next investments in Ghana will interest you…

9. Transport Vehicles

There are so many commercial and none commercial cars in Ghana now. Being either Trotro, Taxi or Abobo yaa every car be car. Don’t laugh there is one newly car in the country that is booming around now a days. I actually can’t mention the name well, it is either Pragiaa or Prajia can you say it loud? Ha-ha funny right? Yes, am planning to do my wedding with it. You just need to add your email in below section for the invitation card.

Most car owners are making good money now days with their cars. They don’t do any form of hard work, they just let their money work for them. Just imagine how much you can make by being a owner of joint 3 trotro car in the country (I will explain joint car owner soon). Some drivers do work and pay for their bosses and others work base on monthly basses. So being a car owner or joint owner you can make relatively good money.

How to invest in transport vehicles in Ghana

This is so easy to do and with as low as Ghc 3000 you can get into this business. Being a joint part owner of a car simply means that you will own a certain part of the ownership of the car. It doesn’t mean the car is completely yours no. There are so many companies that buy cars and offer it for drivers as work and pay. These companies keep buying cars month after month for drivers.

Their doors are open for any investor who is willing to be a joint owner of their upcoming car they are planning to purchase. This company will sum up all their investors principal and buy a particular car. When the car is bought and given to drivers as work and pay. You being a joint owner of this car.  you will receive a certain percentage of the car daily earnings. The rate at which your earnings will be paid is due to how huge your principal is. And yes the higher the capital you invest the higher your return will be.

Do you know that the most profitable investment opportunity in Ghana Is…

10. Hotels Facilities

Raise your hand in the air and say hurray because a free bird is about to land on your nest. Hotel facilities are a huge money making business in Ghana and do you know why? Because the available hotel facilities are limited. Yes, just last Friday I went to one of my client daughters naming ceremony. That night I was so tied so I decided to look for a guest house or hotel and spend the night there. But do you know what shocked me?

There was no hotel or guest house in that particular town. So what I did was to safely continue my journey to my house whether tied or not.  And yes is not only that town alone, in Ghana here only the big cities have hotels. So, you shouldn’t be shock if I tell you that an average guest house or hostel investor are making over Ghc 6900,000 every month. This is because most hotels are easily filled with customers due to it limitedness in the country.

How to invest in hotel facilities in Ghana

If you want to make money in this field and you are with huge money. Then I will advise you to build a hotel or guest house for yourself. As for managers you can decide to employ others for you not to bring a big burden on yourself and involve in daily operation of the business. Because the number of guest house or hotels in the country is very small. So just consider establishing one in a growing city where there is none.

But in case you don’t want to start from scratch. You can decide to buy most of this business shares and be a part owner of it. Most of these businesses are always in need of investors so you don’t have to worry about finding one. Just look for any growing guest house or hotel and look for their address and enquiry with the managers. The internet has made things even easier. Almost every business now a day has an E-mail address attached to their contact list on their website. You can decide to research about such business you have in mind and mail them directly.

There is one Ghanaian wise proverb I do love it. “I don’t need to know your language to know whether you like me or hate me”

Do you want to know the meaning of this wise proverb? If yes, you just need to scroll bellow to the next tip…

11. Mining Sectors

Ghana is one of the top countries who is richly blessed with natural resources.  In 2008 alone records shows that Ghana produced 80.5 of gold and hence being the top Africa gold producer.  And still Ghana is not blessed with gold only. There are other natural resource including salt, gas and petroleum, silver and bauxite. Investment opportunities in this sector have a very huge return rate. As far as is a natural resource, there is still some in the land. And there will always be no matter how long the mining keeps on going.

Investing in mining sectors is a really decision you must take now. Because most foreign countries are now investing in this sector. You have probably head of this issue of Chinese citizens mining gold and diamonds in the country right. Yes, do you think if is not a profitable sector they will come all the way from their country to here? No.

Where are all the S.H.S boys and girls who got E8 and F9 in the Wasse or Novdec?

I have interesting investment opportunities in Ghana for you that do not require any examination.

So don’t think you have to go and learn before you can invest in…

12. Financial Services (bank and insurance companies)

We live in a country where citizens are afraid of saving their money under their pillows. And yes who will save his money under a pillow which will not yield any interest? So if peoples are switching from the olden days of saving money under pillow to banks. There is a sense in it. Because who knows when a thief will rush into your house. But with financial sectors even if thief’s go and rub in. At least you can claim your money back because am not sure thief’s can rub the entire money from a bank.

This mentality has increase the growth in financial sector of every country. Making it a profitably niche for investment. Almost every 2 years I do see a new Bank in Accra Ghana alone. Someone should go and tell Warren Buffet that there is money in the financial sector here. So he should come and invest his billions in.  If you think Warren Buffet is the only investor am inviting into this sector then you do need to think again. Because foreigners are already investing in this sector here in Ghana.

And yes their not even investing, they own financial business like Access Bank.

13. Tourism

Have you been to kakum forest before? What of Kotoka International airport? How does the place look like? So nice right? Yes, Ghana has a numerous tourist places you can go on a trip on. You will feel very good with your eyes when you visit some of the best places. I took my first trip on Elimina castle. I was very amazed but I was so young so I can’t say much about what I saw there. So if you want to hear a story about it. Then why don’t you go there and see things with your own eyes? Besides, the British are not going to kill you, because we are now independent no need to be afraid.

But do you know you can make some good money by investing in most tourist places in Ghana? Yes you can and the return rates of these sectors are really high.

Have you ever called a friend and gotten this respond “The MTN number you are calling cannot be rich”

If yes, then there is a bad network in your area and the best solution to this is to invest in…

14. I.T or Telecommunications

Telecommunication businesses are making huge money now days. For me if you ask of the highest growing sector of every country. I wall say is the I.T industry. Yes almost every business now is using the internet. And yes can you browse the internet or make calls free? No, you surely need to buy data. An average Ghanaian buys at least ghc 2 data a week. The internet is now a country now. The only transportation to there is data bundle. We love this country so much and yes you are reading this because you are here.

You can get almost everything in this country called internet excerpt fried rich. For entertainment or videos, you don’t have any problem just go to this city “YouTube”. Is just 1 seconds journey no need to take a car. And yes the more people browsing and making calls daily. The more money telecommunication companies make. So you shouldn’t be surprise if I tell you that MTN offer a higher return rate on it shares. The problem with these companies is that. You need a huge money before you can buy it shares and they also have a long return duration.

How to invest in financial services in Ghana

With these business all you have to do is to buy it shares and be a part owner. Because establishing a telecommunication from scratches yourself won’t be a good advice for you in this high competitive market. So make enquires of either MTN, VODAFONE, and AIRTELTIGO  on when their shares are release to the general public.

Among all the above investments in Ghana. Below is the one so easily to do and very cheap…

15. Treasury bills

I specially began my investment journey in this field at the age of 19. I had only ghc 1000 and thought I was the richest teen in the country. But one day I went into a banking hall with my mum. I saw a young girl of 15 years spreading money from her purse onto the counter.  I thought she was sent to do a deposit into her father’s account. But when I saw his passport picture on her bank note I became so shocked. So when he was about to go. I told my mum am going to piss out. I crossed with her out and asked where she got that money.

She told me she just made a re-investment of her past interest on her investment. I was so shocked, but within me there was a burning desire to do the same. So that night I ask my mum on how I can start investing in bank treasury bills.

And yes that was where I got started. But badly for me, I lost my first investment. Because the bank was a private one and it was on collapsing stage. Me being so dumb at that time couldn’t notice and lost my money. But this was a good lesson for me because now I can proudly say that almost 70% of my earnings are through investment. I have lost and learnt a lot of lesson in it. So that has helped me all the time to invest in the right place just like the ones I have listed above.

So if you are looking for a place where you can invest low money in. Then consider purchasing treasury bills from various banks. Fidelity bank for instance has a good return rate. I just bought 180 days shares last year and my interest have been rolling in. So I do recommend it for every Ghanaian who want to invest little capital. You can invest as low as Ghc 1000.

How to invest in treasury bills in Ghana

Just visit any growing local bank you wish to invest in. Ask of their terms and conditions regards to their shares. Pay special attention to their terms because each bank has it own strategy. And also remember that the return rate differs from all banks. But one quick investment lesson I have learnt that I want to teach you is. Make a good research of every business that promise high return on its shares before you invests in. Because most businesses when their on collapsing stage. They promise a high return rate on their shares to attract buyers to sustain the business. And if the business couldn’t survive it investors end up losing their money.

Final Thought on Best Investments Opportunities in Ghana

  With all the above investment opportunities in Ghana listed above. No matter how much your money is, you can choose from low business that requires small capital. But one thing I will advise you on is that. Always adhere to any business investing terms and conditions before you decide to buy it shares. Because investing in a business which you do not equip with it terms doesn’t sound right. And yes if something should happened on your principal what are you going to say in case your principal can be refund?

So always understand each business terms very well before you invest in.

Comment below of any investment opportunities in Ghana you know that I couldn’t add. And also I challenge you to mention one lesson you have learned from this article in the comment box below.

Great, on the next article I will talk about…

How Much an Average Ghanaian investor can make

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