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Tips to be Successful in Life (For Students)

If you’re struggling financially or don’t know what to with your life, then this article is for you, I will show you untold tips to be successful in life. You have heard of this saying before “life is a race”.

But tell me, is life really a race?

Well, it depends, if you understand the game of life and how to play it, then life shouldn’t be a race to you. Is only those that don’t have goals and determination in life see life as a race, but the reality is, you are not competing with anyone so why should it be. You are who you are, and I am who I am, so we are not the same, we don’t have the same goals or determination and even if we have, remember our personality is different.

 So why should it be a race whiles no one is competing with you?

Bellow secret advice will help you to know the real tips to become successful in life faster than others who think life is a race and always blaming the government for ensuring their own success.

1. figure out exactly who you are, and what your strengths are, early on

strength of a man

You see most people will tell you to work on your weaknesses. I don’t believe in that. I believe if you spend your life working on your weaknesses, at the end of your life you have a lot of strong weaknesses, right?

 And what we want do is to figure out who we are, what we are good at, what we are naturally good at. Chances are those are the things we enjoy doing that we have a passion for.

Then you pick one or two things that you want to focus on and put all your energy into that to become exceptionally good at it. When you get exceptionally good, what happens is the market place will compensate you for it.

A lot of people struggle because they say to me well Justice, I really don’t know what I’m good at, or, I don’t know what I should focus on, I don’t know what career I should focus on.

Well chances are if you don’t know what you’re going to focus on, then it means you have not tried enough things.

Because imagine if you’re playing sports. Should you play basketball, should you play tennis, should you play ping pong, should you play golf?

Well if you have not tried different types of sports, how do you know which one you are naturally good at and which one you enjoy? So instead of just thinking about ok, I guess that is what I like, try things, experiment, test new things. Once you’ve tried enough things, then you know definitely I know these things I’m not interested in, and these are the few things that I think I’m good at, and you put a bit more time into it, and naturally, you see that hey, what comes easy for you might not be so easy for others.

That’s when you know you’ve found your thing, and one of the tips to be successful in life.

That’s your strength that you’re naturally good at, something that other people are not good at.

So, Secret number one, figure out who you are and what strength you have, and focus all your energy on that one or two things.

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 2. work for skills, don’t work for a paycheck

tips to be successful in life

You see, a lot of graduates that graduate from school say hey, I want to make sure I pick a job that pays me the most, Whoever pays me the most, this pays an extra dollar per hour; I’m going to take that job.

No, don’t do that because that’s very short-term thinking. When you work for a paycheck or when you work for money, you’re always making decisions based on you getting paid a little extra, versus what’s the overall vision you have for your life?

Just because your parents tell you that you should take that job, you should focus on that career, or your friends are studying certain subjects and you say you know what maybe I should study that too, or a lot of people are studying computer science, maybe I should get into computer science?

Well, it may not be the case. What are you good at, what do you love, but at the same time work for skills because those may not be the tips to be successful in life. In my early twenties, I was working for my first mentor, for next to nothing for one year. I was basically a volunteer.  I was working in his office, learning from him, he took me under his wings. One solid year, I didn’t get paid a whole lot. I was working less than minimum wage, it would make no sense!

But I learned so much, I always refer to that year as the million-dollar year of my life because I got a million dollars’ worth of education from my mentor. So I wasn’t working for money, or for a paycheck, if that was the case I would have said no, but I was working for skills. I was working to acquire skillsets that I could use in the future. You see, most people who are struggling financially, they want more income without skills.

You don’t have an income problem, you have a skill problem.

Because the marketplace is always willing to pay for people with talents and skills. So work on your skills, work for skills. Pick an industry, pick a company and pick someone that you could learn from. Don’t just work for the paycheck, work for skills.

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3. Think long term, not short term (Top Secret tips to be successful in life)

The problem of short-termism (part 1) - we can explore

One of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of young people make, sometimes on social media, sometimes some of them I have done business with, they have a very short-term mentality.

They’re trying to make a quick buck, they’re trying to get rich quick, a lot of decisions that they make, I can see that it’s very naive and a lot of those because they don’t think long-term. They’re thinking about this month, they’re thinking about this quarter, maybe some of them think about this year, but they don’t think very long-term. You see, I look at what I do, people look at, oh Justice, you’re very successful at a young age, and I’m like yeah, I’m more like a ten-year overnight success. But the real fact is that I’ve worked many, many years to get to where I am today.

I paid the price early on.

When I was young, when I was going to school, the first five years of my life, when all my friends are going out there drinking, partying, chasing girls, and just wasting time, for the first five years of my career, I didn’t take a single day off.

I was working 12-14 hours a day every single day. In my one-bedroom apartment with my mom, staying with my mom, working in my room, studying, working and learning, and that was it, I paid the price early, while all my friends were doing something else. So you have to understand that there’s a price that you’ve to pay, and you have to think a little bit long-term.

So don’t get frustrated when you look at people from social media and say oh, this person has this kind of lifestyle and he is so successful, she is successful, and this and that, and you think to yourself, oh I want to get there, I want to get there in six months, I want to get there in one year.

You are not going to get there in six months; you’re not going to get there in one year. You have to adjust your expectations. Now it doesn’t mean you don’t have that sense of urgency. What I am saying is, the sure fire way to get to frustration is you have this unrealistic expectation in terms of time frame and this is where you are. You are 20 years old, you are 21 years old, and you are 39 or whatever ages you are now remember there is a time to do something great once you are still alive.

Jack Ma from Alibaba has a 102-year business plan, 102 years! that’s why he is Jack Ma, he thinks long-term, he is not thinking about doing things being very reactive, this is what I want to do, no. What is my plan; this is where I want to get to, what do I need to do today? What skillsets to I need to acquire today? Who do I have to be today? What habits do I need to give up today that will set me up for success in the future? If you only look at that you will always get frustrated because you’re looking at where you are and thinking you are not good enough. You think you’re never good enough. Don’t focus on that.

A tree becomes a huge tree not overnight, years and years of nurturing, years and the first few years it’s wasn’t that tall, but when it grows strong it’s a different story.

So figure out where you want to be. If this is where you want to be and this is your goal, your long term vision, then you reverse engineer, figure out who do you have to be today, what new skills do you need to acquire? What new habits do you need to develop in order to attain that goal?

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4. Know The Value Of Time

time (tips to be successful in life)

“Time Is Money” You may have heard of this from your parent or peers before. And yes if you want to know the tips to be successful in life then you do have to know the value of time too. You must use your time very well; remember I told you earlier on during my teen when my peers were moving out drinking and chasing girls, I was busily working. By then I didn’t even know the value of time but I was busily working because I had a goal and I knew exactly where I wanted to be.

        All successful people know the value of time, they knew exactly that time is limited, and hence they seek a way to work many more hours in a day than most people do. But wait, I know what you are thinking, How can one work more hours than the other whiles we all have the same 24 hours in a day? Well if you think you have 24 hours in a day then that is your thought. Successful people know the value of time and hence they use others, people, time to build great wealth which makes them work more hours in a day.

So know the value of time and make good use of it. Don’t be like those your peers who are wasting their time because they think they have much more time to live by.

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                         Summary on “tips to be successful in life”

Those are the essential secret Tips to be Successful in Life all successful people know of so make good use of the above guides and work hard towards your goals.  But remember to make good use of your time, know the value of it, and cut off anything that may distract you from wasting your time.

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