12 Ways to Make More Money: For (Beginners)

ways to make more money

Money is one thing people want more of in life, but only a few peoples know the best ways to make more money. However, wanting it and making it are two very different things. Some people can make money effortlessly. For the majority of people securing even a single source of income is a challenge. This inability to earn is causing financial hardship all across the world.

Right now 78% of Americans struggle to cover their bills every single month. While some of this hardship is due to frivolous spending. A lot of it can be attributed to these people simply not making enough money to cover their basic expenses. Everyone should learn how to increase their income as it is truly an acquirable skill. In this article, I will show you the 12 ideas or ways you can make more money so that you can become financially free in life.

But before I show you, let me share with you a story of…

My friend Robert, on how he was able to dramatically change his financial life by understanding the 12 proven ways to make more money that I am about to show you.

Robert is a 29-year-old computer programmer living in Los Angeles. He is a pretty typical guy who loves spending time with his family and friends. Like many Americans, he had a strong need to start making more money so that it can reduce his financial stress and have more opportunities in life.

In fact living in one of the most expensive cities in the United States, will Robert earn a reasonable salary? He finds himself struggling to save money every month. He moved into cheaper housing leverage, public transit rather than buying a car. But at this point, he had cut all the costs he can. He has come to a point where he will need to start earning more money if he wants to improve his financial situation.

 One night Robert was watching YouTube when he came across a video on making more money. The video was a falling speech by business consultant Daniel Kruger, called “how to escape poverty, is your thinking keeping you poor?” Typically Robert doesn’t watch such videos but the title caught his attention so he decided to give the video a chance.

As the video started, the speaker began to talk about the epiphanies of growing your wealth and escaping poverty. He explained that as an employee, you’re just a cog in the system working very hard for next to nothing, while all the revenues you earn, rise up to the top members of the organization.

And sadly for these people who make up the majority in our society. They have no one to turn to in order to acquire the guidance that can help them get out of this financial dead-end. Because it’s the same money-making mode that all other poor people are subjecting themselves to. Like most people, Robert was told to take the safe path by getting a college degree, securing a job, and then working for decades until retirement.

While this lifestyle may have been fruitful in the Industrial Age. Humans have now transcended into the age of information and this traditional path is no longer the optimal way of making a living. In fact, as Robert was watching the video, he learned that there are four proven ways to make more money of which the final one was going to allow him to unlock his earning potential and never struggle financially ever again.

 So, let’ go through the four ways to make money that my friend Robert learned and how each one of it can help you to boost your financial earnings.

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 As Robert continued to watch the video, he was introduced to the…

1. Wheelbarrow way of making money

make more money

The first step in this money-making methodology was to go into the world and earn coins. Here’s how you do it, you pick up your wheelbarrow, load it full of dirt and for every hour that you push your wheelbarrow, you will get one coin. If you want a second coin you have to push your wheelbarrow for a second hour.

 Do this for 8 hours every day and all of a sudden you are just working in a typical 9-to-5 mold.

 In fact, this is the exact mode Robert currently finds himself in. Every morning he commutes to work, writes code for eight hours, and then quits and goes home. However, Robert has been working in this model for a while. Not long after he started, he came to realize that, pushing his wheelbarrow for eight hours a day in exchange for coins didn’t mean he would be able to live the lifestyle he desired.

When Robert realized that his income from his 9-to-5 job wasn’t going to be sufficient to cover his needs. He began looking for other ways to make more money and one method he decided to adopt was freelancing as a programmer.

 There were numerous clients that would want to pay for his expertise. So instead of pushing one wheelbarrow daily, he began pushing two. One wheelbarrow in the daytime and one wheelbarrow in the evening. Sure this method makes more coins for Robert. But…

It detracts the other important aspects of your life, like having fun with friends or spending time with family. As you can see, neither of these two methods of pushing your wheelbarrow will afford you to have the lifestyle you want. Luckily, there are better ways to push your wheelbarrow than what Robert was initially doing. But if there’s one important message to take from Robert’s current state, it’s that “you should never attach your earnings to how many hours you can push your wheelbarrow”.

 So if this isn’t a viable way of earning more coins or money, what other options do you have?

The second way you can use your wheel barrow to make more money is to…

2. Start collecting more valuable inventory

 As Robert was watching the video, the speaker Douglas Krueger said, “if you can collect diamonds instead of dirt” then you can immediately start making more money per hour. The concept of collecting a more valuable resource would be like, improving your skills, or adopting high-income skills. Example like sales or copywriting.

 For Robert this could mean, learning a coding language that is in high demand or one that very few people have mastered. Which he can use it to increase his hourly rate at his job or through his freelancing work? Now, this method of making money does require you to trade time for money. But at least, the time you trade will be for a significant return. In fact, I think everyone needs to have a high-income skill but I will talk more about that later on.

The other way to make more money is to..

 3. Hire someone else to push a second wheelbarrow and then you take a little bit of their profits

 In Roberts’s case, this means hiring another computer programmer, to work on freelance projects that he acquired from clients. Then pocketing the difference between his income and how much he pays his employee. This is basically the model that most businesses used to make money. While this can earn you more dirt also there is more risk involved.

You see for Robert, he would have to pay his employee regardless of whether he was able to acquire new work. But if he was successful in doing so, he could also offload his work and collect the profits.

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Now the fourth way to make more money is to…

4. swap out your wheelbarrow for a better money

Making tool whether you’re pushing the wheelbarrow or someone else’s, you are still not collecting resources in the most efficient way possible. This way of thinking isn’t exactly intuitive. It’s like the example of Henry Ford and the Model quote. Having said that “if I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said they want horse” and in this case of making more money.

 Most people will tell you different ways to push your wheelbarrow. But ultimately, you need to ditch the wheelbarrow for something better. In today’s world, this can be like a product or a scalable service for instance, Robert could create prepackaged coding software that his clients could purchase and use to satisfy their needs.

 This fourth method of making money comes down to creating something big. Then serving it to thousands or even millions of people instead of having to interact with each individual.

A prime example of this concept in action is Apple and the iPhone. The world needs better telecommunication capabilities. Steve Jobs working was 9 to 5 hours and collecting a paycheck, he figured out how to provide value to a massive audience, which has made Apple one of the most successful companies of all time.

OK now, let me make it simple and list some real ideas you can make more money with.

5. Start  a Blog

make money blogging

Have you ever thought of having your own blog?

If no then why?

 Do you think you need super authentic knowledge or experience like Jesus Christ before you can start making money from blogging?

Oh no, you don’t need to have that much experience. All that you need is to be able to set up a word press site and boom you are gone that’s all. The rest is just about the continuous writing of blog posts. Setting up a blog and making money from it is super easy. You don’t need to invest huge money in it, with just $50 you can set up a blog with hosting and domain name.

The one reason but most people fail to start their own blog is that they think it involves a huge amount of capital. No, this is not true. The only thing that will cost you money to be able to set up a blog is Hosting and Domain name. But this is not something that costs much. There is a web hosting service that provides this 2 (hosting and domain name) requirement for minimum wage Blue host.

Blue host is the most affordable word press hosting platform used by many high earning bloggers. The main reason why we all love blue host is that when you purchase hosting with this link here they give you domain a name for free. So what are you waiting for! Will you keep standing there idle and be watching your peers making over $100,000 every month from blogging?

In fact, I actually get a lot of messages from most of you guys here saying “setting up a word press blog and choosing the perfect theme is a really difficult task for them” So what do I do when I hear this? Well, if you have any difficulties setting up a word press blog or getting the perfect SEO blogging theme then just contact me on

As a computer programmer, that’s all what I do (SEO, developing software’s and website). Just contact me and I will set up a WORDPRESS blog with a nice looking SEO theme that will generate thousands of traffic monthly for you.

Always remember that, it is very useless to have thousands of blog post without any traffic.  This is why most bloggers quite within a few month of seeing no growth on their blog. But can you guess what causes all this?

It simple, most of them no nothing about SEO, and the kind of themes they use aren’t built for SEO purposes. So no matter how hard they try to rank their blog on most search engines their blog themes doesn’t allow. The only way of making money blogging is to get more visitors to your sites so you can convert them into sales.

But what if you are using a blog theme that is denying you from generating tons of visitors form search engines?

Whom are you going to convert into sales and make that $100,000 monthly?

So I will always advise you to look for professionals to check on your blog after setting it up yourself. Or have professionals to develop and SEO blog theme for you.

Right now this blog is just 8 month but it brings in over $290+ monthly income from Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. There are tons of bloggers out there who can’t make $10 in even two years of blogging. So what is my secret? Well, as you know me as a programmer and SEO personnel already.  I always develop the best SEO theme and applied the right SEO  techniques, which drive thousands of traffic here every month.

Does this mean you can make huge money in blogging if only you know programming and SEO? The answer is no, there are many bloggers out there with no programming or SEO knowledge-making over $200,000 blogging monthly.

The secret is simple, connect with other experience bloggers or have SEO personals to help you grow your blog.

So don’t waste time, grab this opportunity, and begin to make more money from blogging you can do it.  If you need help just contact me in my email above, I am always available.

OK let me show you the simplest way of making more money.

6. Start a YouTube Channel

start YouTube channel

Do you know

paid over 30 million dollars to it video makers in 2019 alone?

Well, if no then you have heard it.  Do you know of what many guys did to get their own share of this money? They didn’t lay bricks or swept the whole Google company every morning. They were just creating video content and most of them got paid $300, 00, and above. The only difficult part of making money from YouTube is getting your first 1000 subscribers.

That is the only hardest part of it. After getting your 1000 subscribers, you just need to keep creating videos, promoting it, and watch your revenue increase. If you promote your videos across other websites including social media and YouTube notice the backlinks; they will also promote your videos on the YouTube homepage and search panel. That is one free SEO tip I am giving you.

So get the action habit and start making more money. You don’t need to be a pro video editor to get started. You can even decide to create videos without needing to show your face in the camera. All that you need is an internet connection and laptop or smartphone. In fact, making money from YouTube is super easy all that is involved is by creating videos and promoting it.

I call this simplest among the simplest ways of making more money because is cheap and it does not require any huge startup capital.

7. Affiliate Marketing

ways make money with affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? It simply means, promoting other people’s products to make money on commotions of sales. In case this is your first time of hearing about this then let me make the meaning so simple for you to understand.

Let say you go to blue host or Skillshare and you sign up for their affiliate program. What you will just do to make money from them is that; you will be given a specific link with your user ID to promote their products. Whenever you share your link across other website and someone clicks on it and makes a purchase through, you get paid by a certain percentage of the product sold.

The commission or percentage on which you are paid depends on the kind of the product sold because not all affiliate programs have a fixed rate. Some products from the same affiliate links like click bank and amazon have different commissions. This is because not all products have the same prices.

You can really make a huge amount of money in this business. A friend of mine called frank makes over $390,000+ from his blog through affiliate marketing. But wait, I know what you are thinking! Hey, do I need a blog before I can start making money from this? Absolutely no, you don’t need to own a blog or website before you can start marking money from this. All that you need is a social media account like Facebook twitter and Instagram

Just signup to any of the affiliate programs listed above and keep sharing your links on different social media platforms. One thing about affiliate marketing I want to tell you is that you will need to work consistently when you don’t have your own blog or website. Because if you are only sharing your links on social media, you will need to keep sharing it all the time. This is because social media account gets refreshed daily with new content.

But if you have a blog, you just dump your link and promote your blog. Visitors will visit the exact page over and over and make a lot of purchases. So having your own blog is easy to get into this business. This does not mean you can’t do it without a blog you can but remember you have to keep posting your links day after day.

Okay, we are getting to the best tips on this list.

But there’s just one more “power” way of doubling your money I want to teach you before we get to it…

8. Purchase an Existing Website Or Blog

buy existing website

Are you the kind of guy who wants to start his own online business without starting from scratch?

Well, no need to be panic because there is a way for it. There are profitable online businesses out there making over $100, 00+ monthly which the owners don’t want to work on it again. Most sellers of these online businesses are too overloaded and want to get rid of some of the bugs. So what do they do? They have listed some of their online business on other marketing sites for sale to the general public.

Hey, does that mean if I buy it I will become the owner of it and start making more money with it? Absolutely yes, go for it and make money with it.

Wow, can I purchase some of these online businesses at the local shopping mall? Hey, I didn’t hear that can you repeat it again.  

Looking for online business at the local shopping mall? Wow unbelievable.

Currently, there is only one website I know that online business are bought and sold which is flippa.  They have a variety of online businesses including blogs and e-commerce. If you want to purchase any of it, make sure to confirm the amount of profit and traffic it brings in every month.

This tip of making money is really beneficially because you don’t have to start everything from scratch. Someone has already done the hard part is up to you to purchase it and keep improving it. There are other blogs listed out there for sale which does not generate profit currently. My advice for buying such blog is to make sure it has at least 300 monthly visitors from search engines.

OK, let move on to the best ways among these list.

The top hack of making more money I want to show you is to be a…

9. Human Billboard

Human billboards

Most of the people don’t know what this form of making money is about. But in reality, it is super easy and high paying too if you have the gut to do it. What actually human billboard means is that you rent part of your body for other companies to advertise on.

Let say you want to make money with the kind of dress you wear all the time. Well, there are many companies looking for people to advertise their products for them.  What these companies will do is that they will provide you a T-Shirt to wear to rum on a specific location of consumers the company has a target.  Most people you see around wearing advertisement dresses all the time are just doing this kind of business.

Besides, one advantage of this type of making money is that you can be advertising and people will never notice. They will think you are just on your preferred T-shirt and just doing your personal movement in town. But what count? In the end you get paid for it.

I have personally earned some good sum of money form this business when I was in college. I never knew this business exists. I got to know of it when I was looking for a part-time job and ask one of my mates about the type of job he does. He explains it to me very well and the next day he introduced me to a company he has been working for and I got employed.

 All what I had to do was to wear the company advertisement T-shirt with a jean trouser and rum around in one of the market near me. It wasn’t a hard job it involves a lot of walking.

So, make a move and find such jobs in your area and double your income with it. There are such companies that will pay you to paint a logo of their product on your head after barbering like those painted people you see on various football stadiums. But I actually recommend you go for the dress type because painting a logo of a product on your head is somehow embarrassing.

There comes the most awaiting top way of making more money…

10. Invest Your Money

invest your money

I actually don’t know why most people keep their money at the banks for a long period of time.  Is it because they don’t know what investment is? Well, if today is your first time of hearing about investment then here is what it means.

Investment simply means putting your money into others business to attract a specific interest rate on a periodic bases. There are so many forms of investing aside putting your money in business. You can invest in stocks, shares and other treasury bills. In fact it does not make any sense to keep your money at the bank for long period of time unless is an emergency fund. if you keep you money at the bank for a while, it value reduce due to inflation.

And besides, you don’t have to be that much knowledgeable like Warren Buffet before you can get into investment. With a basic understanding of it you can begin investing. However, I will advise you to always be very educated in the field you choose to invest in. Investing is not that hard to get started but you need to be very educative because if you don’t take care you will end up losing all your money.

This form of making more money is the one I recommend to be the simplest. Because you don’t have to do any work after putting your money in it. You just have to sit back relax and watch your money work for you (a form of passive income).

So where should you start investing as a beginner?

I actually got started into it by trading cryptocurrency online. But trust me, I loosed all my money in it and because of that, I have never got into any form of online investment. The only secure way I have been investing up to now is by buying Treasury bill and stocks form local development banks.

So I really recommend if you want to get started into investing you consider buying Treasury bills and stocks from local banks in your society. Don’t repeat the mistake I did early on by losing all my money in online trading. Please be safe and remember the saying “One man failure is another man’s lesson”

Visit your local banks and ask if they can sell a Treasury bill to you. If they say yes, make sure they explain their terms to you very well before you purchase it.

OK we are almost getting to the end of these lists.

 But there is one more secret tip I want to give you before we get into the last part…

11. Freelancing Jobs

make money through freelancing jobs

Do you have any skill that you can offer online?

Then what are you waiting for? Haven’t you heard of freelancing?

Okay, I understand let me explain to you if this is your first time of hearing it.

Freelancing is just like doing local jobs in your society. But this time instead of offering offline services like cleaning and driving you rather offer online services like web designing and video editing. You surely need some online skills you can offer to be able to make money with this type of work.

If you have any skill then just get into it but if you are interested in these types of jobs but you don’t have any skill. Then consider learn typing, SEO copywriting, and graphic designing. I specifically mentioned SEO COPYWRITING because I have actually made a couple of dollars from this category by freelancing on up work.  

There are so many website you can look for such jobs including Up work , fiverr,  freelancerflex jobs

One thing I love about freelancing jobs is that you don’t need to be instructed by your boss. You just work according to your client requirement in the comfort of your home.

Finally, we are at the end of this list.

All what you need to make over $1000 monthly is to…

12. Make Money By Sell E-books

sell eBook for money

You remember I told you on number 7 to start your own blog right?


That is not what I said. Just have a look at number 7 again. Affiliate marketing is what I said you should get into.  Do you know that within 2018 alone amazon reported that the average E-book seller on its platform monthly earning was $146? Well, don’t be surprised of such money because this monthly earning just got increase to 14% in 2019.

So what do you think is going to be by the end of 2020! Increment or decrement? 

Just keep cull and wait for the report by the end of this year. I know there is going to be a big increment because I myself was first buying hard copy books but over the past 4 months I have been buying E-books.

Selling E-books is super easy, the hard part is just about writing. After writing it you don’t have to worry much about advertising or promotion. Just post it for sale on Amazon or click bank and other affiliate marketers will advertise it on their online businesses for a commission on sales. I hope you have now gotten the whole concept of affiliate marketing in case you couldn’t get it earlier on.

If you want to speed the purchase of your E-books, you can put a high commission rate on it to attract affiliate marketers. One thing I like about selling E-books is that with one single book you can sell it to any number of peoples until you die. Sorry if that hurt you but that is the truth, you can sell your book over and over again.

Recapping the 12 Ways to Make More Money

1. Is to push your wheelbarrow for longer hours. Most people have to do this in the beginning just to get started. It allows them to not only collect a few coins but come to appreciate that this method of collecting coins will never make them rich.

2. Is to start filling your wheelbarrow with a more valuable inventory. This means acquiring higher-income skills that will allow you to trade your time for more money. This is essentially maximizing the return you will realize when still operating within the time for money model money making method.

 3. Involves hiring someone else to push a second wheelbarrow. This money-making method requires you to assume more risk than simply pushing your own wheelbarrow. However, it can also allow you to make money without spending your own or personal time, which in many cases is worth taking on the extra risk and cost.

4.  Is to swap out your wheelbarrow for a more effective tool which I have already explained. It is a product or scalable service that you can extend to the masses. In short, this tool will require you to exchange value at scale, leveraging the concept of working smarter rather than harder.

5. Start a blog

6. Start a YouTube channel

7. Affiliate marketing

8. Purchase an Existing Online Business

9. Human Billboard

10. Invest your Money

11. Freelancing Jobs

12. Sell E-books

From my personal experience using all of the 12 ways of making more money previously outlined.

I can tell you that the quicker you can move away from selling your time for low returns, the better. In the context of the story, you want to move from collecting dirt to collecting diamonds. In the shortest time frame, possibly for me, this meant learning or mastering the art of operating in order to stop trading my time for minimal return and instead multiply my hourly earnings.

 Well, you would think that, as someone with multiple degrees that I would pursue the acquisition of skills through formal education. I actually cultivated this craft using today’s article sponsored by “Skillshare” online classes on all kinds of high-income skills from copywriting, graphic design, and even sales.

 In fact, Skillshare has over 22,000 classes to choose from, and the best part is that you don’t have to dish at a fortune to learn a new skill that can dramatically increase your income at just $10 a month. You can earn a new high-income skill as I did and leverage it to start collecting diamonds rather than dirt.

Now as you know I only promote products and services that I have actually used and Skillshare is definitely one that I stand by. But luckily you don’t just have to take my words for it. Skillshare is hooking up with a free two-month premium subscription which I’ve linked it. So you can start working on acquiring a high-income skill today.

Maybe you’ll take a copywriting basic for a successful sales course like I did or take an introduction to graphic design class. The options on skillshare are endless and not just $10 a month if you ask me it’s a no brainer so sign up today and see if skillshare is right for you.


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