Public vs Private Sector Jobs and Employment Differences

public vs private sector jobs

Public vs private sector jobs and employment differences. That is exactly what am going to show you, the true difference between those who work for a government agency and non-governmental agencies. Imagine In your early days, you were able to know these differences and chose the right career path, which helped you get employed in a job that pays you $34567,000,000 every week. How happy will your life be? I know you will buy your dream house, fancy cloth, throw a big party and invite all your friends. But nowhere you are without any of these. But it doesn’t have to be this way, the secrete of knowing the right sector to work for is just a few scrolls below, all you have to do to see it is to scroll down.

Either you are within your 20’s or in your 40’s and want to know the right sector to work for to earn more money and have more time to travel around the world, then I have got you covered. The hack for finding the right career path is below (Public vs Private Sector Jobs)

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Difference between public sector and private sector jobs

Public sector workers or employees simply refers to those who work for the government agency of every country. Most of the public sector jobs function in full-time bases, the probability of one getting employed by the government to work on a part-time base is really less than that of the private sector. Most employees within this sector mostly work on contractual bases with the government until their retirement age of 60. What of private-sector workers?

 Private sector workers on the other hand refers to those who work for non-governmental agencies. This sector almost operate on whatever bases the company may choose to employ one to work on, be it, part-time, full-time or contractual. So which one should I go for? Before I answer that there are some clean differences between these two sectors you must know. But first, let look at it one by one the job benefits and disadvantages between the two sectors, that is public vs private sector jobs.

Public sector jobs benefits and Disadvantages

Those who work at the public sector has a lot of benefits. But despite the benefits there are some challenges they go through which are outlined below:

1. Job Stability

public sector organizations has the  stability of government-backing their operations. Whiles private sector employees may be facing unsterilized job operations, those working for the government need not to border of this issue. This is because all public organizations are being managed by the government.

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2. Provision of insurance Security Schemes

    Government employees who work at certain fields have special insurance security schemes. Most of this benefit goes to those who work as security personal for the government. As every country needs high security for it citizens, the government of almost every country takes special care of it security personnel by providing them certain insurance schemes to which some may extend to such an employee family.

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3. Fixed working environment

Because private-sector employees don’t have control of the organization’s operation, the manager of the organization may decide to transfer any of it, employees, to the organization branches anytime. This is a big problem facing those who work in the private sector, an employee of a specific company could work in almost 3 branches of the company in just a year. This is not the same with public sector workers, if a specific employee of the government needs to be transferred, it does not happen rapidly like that of the private sector. A minimum of almost 3 years will be given before such an employee could be transferred to a different organization. If this is to be done, the employee will be noticed in a very long time before.

4. Salary raise issue

One big problem of working for the government is how to get a raise.  Because the government has a fixed salary for those who work in a different category of its business sectors, getting a raise as hard-working employee is a big problem. Unlike the private sector where your boss always sees the effort you put in every day, government employees managers find it very hard to determine their employees’ effort for a raise.  

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Public-sector jobs examples

  • Police
  • Doctors
  • Teachers
  • Bankers

Private sector jobs benefits and Disadvantages

1. Different job-bases

Those who work in the private sector have a lot of advantages to working on different time bases than those in the public sector. For example, an employee may communicate to his boss to be working at night next month and day time the month afterward. This is because most private organizational works have so many forms of operation than those in the public sector. This does not mean public sector employees can not work on different bases, no. The key is working in the public sector may not allow your managers to permit you to work on different bases, even if he or she may do, it will not be continued. So the difference here between public vs private-sector jobs.

2. Gain new skills

This is one thing those working in the public sector can’t beat those in the private sector about. Unlike the public sector where workers are assigned a specific task to work on until retirement, private-sector employee  get assigned different form of task on time base which lead them to learn new skill after completion of such task.

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3. Job instability

This is a big problem facing the private sector. Work in this sector in not stable at all. If a company or enterprise fails to manage it daily operations well, the company may die out of the system, causing it employees the need to look for a new job.

Private-sector jobs examples

  • Private company workers
  • Non-government teachers
  • Private security agent workers

Which Sector should I go for, private sector or public sector?

So now that you have seen public vs private sector jobs differences, choose rightly and define your career path and see which sector will benefit you most. Remember, each sector does pay it employees as far as they work. The kind of job you want to do in the future is what will determine the sector you may fall into. If you want to be a government teacher and help most students, then you are in the public sector. Also if you want to work as a journalist for a non-government radio station, then you fall into the private sector.

Public-sector vs private-sector jobs final thought

Those who are granted employment in all two sectors do their best to ensure development. So it all about you and which sector you prefer but mostly it depends on what you want to become in the future.

If you have any suggestion about this subject of public vs private sector jobs, please drop your comment below. Now that you know which sector to go for, the question is how can you take action to land on your dream job? The answer is “How to land on your dream job


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