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Top 30 Personal Financial Blogs You Must Follow Right Now

personal financial blogs

1. Part-Time Money

About Blog: Part-Time Money is one of the largest personal finance Blogs, Which teaches about success tips, side hustle, investment, savings, business ideas, making money. Actually, Philip Taylor is the one who got me inspired into blogging. I have followed him for almost 6 years and besides, he had thought millionaires of peoples including myself a lot about finance. Yes, he deserves to be the top financial blogger.
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2. The Penny Hoarder

About Blog: The Penny Hoarder is one of the largest personal finance websites in America, receiving millions of visitors each month. They envision a world where people earn a liveable wage no matter what their job, can provide for their families without worry, and can retire with the confidence that they will not outlast their savings.
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3. Entrepreneur

About Blog: Entrepreneur is a very educative financial blog. What I love about it is that they cover everything about finance. Therefore if you want to learn everything about money at one source. Then entrepreneur is what you must go for. They also have good financial podcasts and geat E-books
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4. Making Sense Of cents

About Blog: Making sense of cents is a highly growing personal financial blog owned by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner holding master’s degree holder in finance. It is really a good and educative blog you must follow especially if you are a beginner who is struggling about managing money, savings, investment. Also, she has a good course on affiliate marketing you do need to check it out.
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5. Money Saving Mom

About Blog: A great blog about saving more money, authored by Mom of 3 and Jesus-Lover Crystal Paine well experienced financial advisers. Aside from teaching how to cut down your expenses, they provide step by step guide to saving more money for the future.
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6. I will Teach You To Be Rich

About Blog: The ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ Blog is your inside guide to money and psychology for entrepreneurs and everyone else. This blog Teaches thousands to manage their personal finances and how to become rich.
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7. Get Rich Slowly

About Blog: Success tips and money-management tips on topics from high-interest savings accounts, frugality, cd rates, money market accounts, mortgage rates, how to get out of debt, money management, and many more.
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8. The Simple Dollar

About Blog: Success tips and money-management tips on topics from high-interest savings accounts, frugality, cd rates, money market accounts, mortgage rates, how to get out of debt, money management, and many more.
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9. Get Rich Home

About Blog: Do you want to become rich? Own your own business? get into investment? Or to work from home in your own comfort? Then you need to check out Get Rich Home. So far it is the best financial blog I have seen that will teache you step by step guide to become successful in life and to establish your own work from home business.
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10. Millennial Money

About Blog:Millennial Money is a great financial community that talks deeply about investment, savings, and making more money. I love this blog becaause the tips they provide is easy to apply
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11. Good Financial Cents

About Blog: I will not say a lot about the author of this blog Jeff Rose. But the advice I will give you is; If you are looking for a good experience financial adviser to follow then you do need to check it out. He thought me almost everything about finance investment.
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12. Panda Making Money

About Blog: Do you worry about making money both online and offline? Well, if you do you don’t have to anymore. Panda making money teaches step by step easy guideway of building wealth, you don’t have to worry about your understand because everything is step by step with a visual guide. It is really the best blog you do need to check if you want to make more money.
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13. Money Under 30

About Blog: Money under 30 focus mainly on adult but the guide there can be for almost any age. They cover a lot of guides including loans, insurance, money management, cutting down expenses, investment and bank. They have a great step by step guide for female entrepreneurs.
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14. Frugalwoods

About Blog: We love Frugalwoods because it’s all about a young couple documenting their path to financial freedom. After leaving the hustle and bustle of Boston, Mr. and Mrs. Frugalwoods now live on a multi-acre plot of land in rural Vermont.

They document how they build wealth through a frugal lifestyle. If you prefer pretty pictures and personal stories while learning how to manage your money, Frugalwoods is definitely worth checking out.
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15. Oblivious Investor

About Blog: Mike Piper a CPA and the author of oblivious investor is a great experienced financial advisor. He has great beneficial books you do need to check it out. I really love his teachings about investing
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16. Debt Roundup

About Blog: Blogger Grayson Bell started Debt Roundup after paying off $75,000 in credit card and auto loan debt. In addition to money-saving and money-making tips, Debt Roundup also provides free tools to help you manage your money, including paying off debt and investing money.
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17. Squawkfox

Kerry Taylor is a consumer expert who shares her best money tricks and tips with readers on her blog Squawkfox.
It has the feel of a lifestyle blog intersected with personal finance and links to other media sources featuring Kerry, including television appearances and interviews. There’s a lot of personality interjected here, making Kerry’s posts full of flavor.
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18. My Money Blog

About Blog: My money blog is the oldest financial blog so far, it has been in existence since 2003. MMB creator Jonathan offers advice on how to manage your money and how to let your money work for you. Helping others in becoming financial independence is his aim.
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19. Budgets are Sexy

About Blog: As the title implies, Budgets are Sexy provides fun reads about all things personal finance while following blogger J. Money’s personal experiences. He gives regular updates on his net worth changes, along with free tools and templates you can use for your finances.
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20. Disease Called Debt

About Blog: Are you overwhelmed by debt and don’t know what to do? Don’t worry Hayley paid off $62,000 in debt in less than two years and narrated how she did it.

So if you are struggling to pay off debt then you do need to check it out.
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21. Frugal Rules

About Blog:Started by John Schmoll, a veteran of the financial services industry, Frugal Rules now features a variety of writers focusing on how to achieve “freedom through frugality.”
They’ll show you how to tackle common setbacks when paying off debt, tax tips, budget tools, investment guides, and more. The content runs the gamut of topics for beginners to more seasoned frugality pros looking for specific information.
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22. The College Investor

About Blog: Written specifically for Millennials and college students, The College Investor offers personal finance advice tailored to a younger demographic. It’s especially helpful if you need help navigating the labyrinth of student loans, but also has tips for passive income and other income-earning side hustles..
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23. 20 Something Finance

About Blog: Though no longer in his 20s, G.E. Miller writes about holistic lifestyle changes you can make to embrace a debt-free way of life. He started off with significant debt and no savings and now saves 85% of his income.
20 Something Finance tackles all kinds of financial issues, like whether or not to financially support older parents or how much to spend on an engagement ring. You’ll also find tips on maximizing credit card rewards, ways to save on health insurance, and figuring out unemployment.
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24. Financial Samurai

About Blog: Financial Samurai delves into some deeper issues about wealth, from how to get it to who’s more likely to have it.
You’ll read about common characteristics of millionaires, successful investor mindsets, retirement planning, real estate, and more. There’s a little bit of everything here, but always from a unique angle you won’t get anywhere else.
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25. Free Money Finance

About Blog:This popular blog outlines ways to grow your net worth. At Free Money Finance, you’ll find personal narratives about creating multiple income streams, current investing strategies, as well as helpful insights on navigating your own career path.
The site’s simple layout places a focus on quality content, which is regularly posted by multiple contributors, so you always have a fresh perspective to read.
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26. Pocket Your Dollars

About Blog: Get nitty-gritty details on how to maximize coupons and other savings opportunities at Pocket Your Dollars. Everybody has to start saving somewhere, and the grocery store is a great place.
You’ll also find information on all kinds of ways to save, with the ability to browse by topic and print shopping lists from your favorite stores.
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27. Think Save Retire

About Blog: Steve and Courtney Adcock started Think Save Retire to shares stories about how to achieve financial independence and early retirement. TSR’s goal is to teach you how to think about money in a goal-oriented way.
Read their story to see how they were able to quit their jobs and retire early.
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28. Mr. Money Mustache

About Blog: Mr. Money Mustache presents a quirky point of view grounded in smart commentary about financial topics. With more than 400 articles in the archives, you won’t run out of interesting reads to browse.
There are lots of reader success stories and case studies along with early retirement ideas, home improvement hacks, and more. Come for the mustache, stay for the content.
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29. Cait Flanders

About Blog: What started off as a blog documenting Cait Flanders’ quest to eradicate her debt has turned into a center for minimalistic living.
Her weekly updates include beautiful photography as well as tips on how you can incorporate a mindful budget while shopping less. In fact, Cait even implemented a two-year shopping ban after purging 75% of her belongings. Talk about inspiration!.
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30. Everything Finance

About Blog: It’s no surprise that Everything Finance touches on just about all things related to money and what we do with it.
From broad issues like personal loan analysis to more everyday topics like lowering your electric bill, it’s a great place to browse for ideas on how to create a financial game plan that works for you.
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30. DailyWorth

About Blog: DailyWorth is committed to creating positive relationships between women and money. Focus areas include managing your money, building a career, running a business, and living a fulfilling life.
Articles range from small-scale ideas on how to save money to large-scale analysis of the changing political scene. At the end of the day, though, each post is intended to be relevant and applicable to your everyday life.
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