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email marketing toolkit

Email Marketing Toolkit is different kinds of applications or software that minimize the work of email marketers. Think of it this way, traditionally if a company wants to send an email to 1000 customers, they have to write 1000 different copies and send it one by one.

Another example can be related to the work of copywriters. They need to create different copies of a particular file and send each to their clients. You can see that this is a lot of work and it delays the response of email campaigns.

But technology has changed everything, you can use various free email marketing tools to communicate with all your customers in few minutes. How possible is that?

It really possible because the aim of marketing software is to ease most of our works. Although you cannot use a computer to solve all human problems, it does help in some ways. Especially when it comes to advertisements, there are so many online communities where you can reach out to others with your product.

If you have an online business or working for a company as a digital marketer, I’m going to show you how you can automate most of your work with free email marketing tools. The best part is that I will also guide you on some tips to get more campaign clicks.

You will also find an answer to these various email marketing questions:

  • What is the best software for email marketing?
  • How do I make an email marketing list?

So without wasting much time, let get to…

The 9 Best Email Marketing Tools and Software’s that Every Email Marketer Should Use!

To attract more sales, you need to have a huge number of daily traffic to your eCommerce site. This can take a lot of time especially if you target search engines or if you are without any digital marketing experience.

Email marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your online business or blog traffic. The price of email marketing tools are very high and it sometimes difficult for small business to afford.

But I have got you covered, below are the free ones you can use. Pay close attention to all the guides that am going to give you, it’s essential for your business success.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp email marketing campaign
MailChimp Dashboard

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tools that provide a solution to collect the credentials of all those who visit your blog daily. It’s well known in digital marketing that “out of 100% of people who visit your blog daily, only 2% will come back.” And that’s not how it should be, you need a way to bring back your audience to your blog.

Imagine for example as a salesman, you have put in a lot of effort to get 5 customers. Will you just let them go away after their first purchase? No, because they will surely need more products to buy as time goes on. So as a highly experienced salesman, you need a way to communicate and showcase most of your available products to them.

This will help you to build trust with your customers and by so doing, you will increase the number of your daily sales.

But what are the marketing tools that will help improve your business growth?

That’s where MailChimp comes in, it’s very easy-to-use software. Aside from its simplicity, it also comes with many email marketing templates for all your business needs. There is a paid and free version of this tool. But I recommend you to go for the paid version because it comes with many features you can use to automate your emails or campaigns.

But if you just started your business or blog, then simple go for the free version and later upgrade to the paid version.

Is Mailchimp A Good Marketing Tool For Blogging?

The short answer is yes, that’s the main tool bloggers use to market their new blog posts. One thing I like about this tool is that it gives you feedback on how people interact with your campaigns. If you sent out a mail, you will surely be interested in knowing how many people open and clicks the links in it.

Most marketing software does not provide this feature. They will not let you know how your audience interacts with your emails. All you will see is that “your campaign has been sent to 44 people successfully.”

What is the Price of MailChimp?

  • The free plan gives you up to 2000 contact lists. After it, you need to upgrade to a paid plan if not you can’t use the service to collect the email addresses of your blog visitors. But you can still send out campaigns to your audience or customers. There is a limit to the number of emails you can send in a month, note that very well.
  • The paid plan comes in two ways, that’s either you want to pay per month or annually. The monthly price starts from $9,99 but it’s mainly up to you on which approach you prefer to make payment. In case you are wondering if both prices offer the same features, the answer is yes.

The difference is that you can only use all the features of this tool based on the duration you purchased it. (So if you purchase it for 1 month, you can’t continue using all the features after expiration)

If you compare the annual to the monthly price, you will realize that the annual price is very low. So if you have the money, better pay for that and save some cents.

2. ConvertKit Marketing tool

ConvertKit marketing automation tool

Convertkit is one of the low-cost marketing tools for startup brands or blogs. If you don’t want to invest much money in advertisement, then it’s the right tool for you. It’s a very powerful tool and easy to use as well. You can use convertkit to build leads easily with your customers.

They also provide a 24h support for their customers which most automation software doesn’t.  So if you get yourself into technical issues while using their product, you just have to reach out to them for assistance.

Its supports various content management system platforms such as WordPress and Blogger. You can also use it directly in your various HTML pages, you don’t need to hire a web developer to integrate it. They will give you a source code of every form you will create and guide you on how you can embed it into your website.

They have an easy to use plugin for WordPress and Blogger users.

How to get started with Convert Kit?

  1. Create an account and complete the verification process.
  2. Use the drag and drop email subscription form builder to design your form. Notice that this allows you to upload your own image and add it to your form.
  3. Generate an HTML code for the form and add it to the page where you want to display it in your blog. (WordPress users should use the convertkit plugin)

What’s the price of ConvertKit?

The price of convertkit is $29 for businesses with 1,000 subscribers per month. I hope that gives you an idea of how their payment plan is?

  1. They have a free plan that offers you 1,000 contacts. After this, you have to upgrade to the paid plan to continue using the service.
  2. The monthly plan is actually based on how many subscribers you have. For example, if you have 1,000 subscribers, the price is $29 per month. And the price of 3,000 contact lists per month is $49.

This tool is very new in the market but very powerful than most of old email marketing toolkit.

How Can I Switch to Convertkit from another email marketing platform?

Migrating from one marketing platform to another is a very big hustle for most tools. But convert-kit provides you a free migration tool you can use to move all the details of your email subscribers to their platform. You just have to fill a migration form on your dashboard and if something goes wrong, one of their marketing team will get in touch with you.

You don’t need to be worried at all if you have some list of email subscribers somewhere.

3. ActiveCampaign

Active-campaign email marketing list

ActiveCampaign is one of the popular well-known tools to help you build strong relationships with your blog audience or customers. The software helps you to apply dynamic content and segmentation to your campaigns. It also helps you to start one on one or personalized conversation with your daily blog visitors.

There is one particular feature in this software that helps to increase the awareness of your brand. How is this done? Whenever you sign-up for this marketing service, you will have the opportunity to enter your business details such as website URL and business descriptions.

They will use this information in all their marketing channel whenever they want to say something about your business.

If you really want to interact with your customers often, then this is the best tool to choose. To create a powerful customers experience you need to make use of their CRM and email marketing automation tools. These toolkits will help you to create eye-catching campaigns that convert into sales.

Remember, the aim of every campaign is to sale something. So you need to use the right tool for the right job. The way out of this is to make every campaigns, messages and newsletter you want to send feel personal. So that it can catch people’s attention fast to perform some clicks and end up at your landing page.

All eCommerce, B2C and B2B companies can use their automation tool to automate all campaigns or ads.

They also have a customer service commitment team that will help you to migrate your email list from other platforms to your active-campaign subscriber’s list. You can activate the following marketing apps to make your customers buy more and tell others about your products:

  • Conversation and chat – Workflows, live chat, and automated chatbot help you to connect and engage with your customers in real-time by sending and responding to their messages instantly.
  • Site messaging – Would you like your blog visitors to hear from you when they are on your blog? This helps you to point out certain sections in your landing pages to your audience. You can also use it to offer customers a strong call to action.
  • Web personalization – You can use this feature to show visitors the right product they would like to see on your websites. This is very tricky to set it up but when done correctly, it will increase your sales. The point is that the tool will use your visitor’s information to suggest to them what page or product is right for them.

How does it grab your user’s information? When a user performs a search query of a certain keyword on your blog, they store this in local storage and use it to give them exactly what they want.

What is the price of ActiveCampaign?

It offers a free 14-day trial after which you need to upgrade to a paid plan. It is very affordable compared to most of the tools. How did I know? The price starts from $9, however, is based on the number of features you activate in your dashboard.

The idea is that not all features of this tool are necessary for all businesses. It depends on the size of your company and how often you send out newsletters.

4. Email Spam Test Tool

Free email spam test tool
Free email spam test tool

There are a lot of email templates out there you need to test out campaigns against spam fitters before pressing the send button. This is because most Email services like Gmail and Hotmail have some functionality that detects spam emails. Whenever such mail is detected, it has to be kept in the user’s spam box.

This is very annoying and Email services consider such mails to be unsafe. The reason is that hackers sometimes send messages to others to grab some information. And this service is implemented to prevent attackers from stealing people’s information.

The spam folder is not a safe place to advertise your products. What you want is to send messages directly to your subscriber’s inbox.

You can freely do this with an email spam test tool. You just have to copy the source code of your newsletter and run a check against Bayesian link trackers and spam filtering. If the check is done successfully, you will see a spam score and URL of sites that have similar contents.

This tool will not remove detected spam contents, you have to modify the highlighted contents and rerun the check until you get your expected report. Please this is a very important tool for all your digital marketing needs.

The prices of most email testing tools are very low. You can use most of them for free and later switch to an advanced one.

5. Sender


Sender is one of the low-cost free email marketing tools that give you full control to customize your campaigns to enhance deliverability. You don’t need to be worried about coding if you have no experience in computer science. You also don’t need any HTML or CSS knowledge to get started.

You can use the drag and drop form builder to design the structure and the look of your newsletters. Adding links, videos, text, and images isn’t a difficult deal at all.

They have a library of pre-designed email templates you can choose from. You can also design one based on your business brand or whatever way you might feel comfortable with.

One issue with most email marketing platforms is that they don’t provide responsive templates. This sometimes causes an issue and even changes the look of their customer’s blogs or business websites. But sender is different, all your emails will be readable on all devices with both small and big screens.

Sender also has a robust analytics report that helps you to track your subscribers to know who opened your messages and clicks the links in it. This will help you to apply different email strategies to boost your convention rate.

What is the price of sender?

  • Free forever – this plan allows you to collect 2500 users’ emails. And you can send 15000 emails per month with all features added.
  • Monthly subscription – this is a paid plan that costs $11 for a 5000 subscribers list and allows you to send out 60,000 emails per month.
  • Prepaid credits – This plan is totally different from all the two above. You have to buy a credit that starts from $35 and keep using the service. They will deduct the credit gradually based on the number of your subscribers and emails sent.

6. Warm-Up Schedule Generator

Based on the volume of emails you send every month, this tool helps you to generate a warm up scheduler. To have a good sender reputation, you need to warm up your IP address often to avoid email delay.

In short, email warm-up is the practice of increasing the email sending limit of a particular email account. This can be achieved by sending out few emails in a new account and gradually or later increase the number of emails sent.

7. Email Extractor

email extraction tools
Free email extraction tools

This is a very handy tool for companies that don’t want to put in the effort to build many email subscribers. There are thousands of free active emails over the web that people can extract and use for free. One may choose to copy each mail one by one and add it to his or her customer’s list.

But this is a waste of time, imagine you need to copy 30000 emails. Will you copy and paste it one by one?

Email extractors can help you get the work done quickly by extracting any email from a text. You just have to select the whole text together with the email and use the tool to filter the emails out. You can then go ahead and export it as a Microsoft Excel document and add it to your customer’s list.

Most popular tools will require you to simply copy and paste the URL of the page you want to extract the emails. This software comes in a different version but their price can’t break the bank.

8. Email List Splitter

If you want to split or divide your email list into different categories by domains or numbers, I have got you covered. List splitter applications will help you to organizes a long list of emails into different sections.

Here is an example of how it works…

Let say I have a 24,444 email list, I can split it into different categories such as education, SEO, marketing E-books, and technology.  So if I want to send out an SEO campaign, I have to send it only to the users that fall under SEO. This will help me to send out the right mail to the right people.

Because not all your audience will be interested in purchasing all your products. And it is not up to them to decide, you have to know what they will be interested in buying next based on their previous purchase. So suppose if a customer buys a phone from me, I can later introduce a new brand of phone ads to him or her.

Because if you try to sell them something different from their previous purchase, it could be that they already have another shop for buying that item. And do you know that promoting items your customers don’t want can destroy the relationship you have with them?

So take advantage of this free program and use it to improve the growth of your business. If you are wondering either these software’s are free, the answer is yes.

9. Email Subject Line Tester

One thing you need to focus on all the time is how to write persuasive copies. There is no point in sending out 200 campaigns every day if no one is going to interact with it. This is the main reason why top copywriters are always highly in demand.

To convince your customers to click on every mail you send to them, the heading or subject of the mail must be persuasive. One copywriting rule states that “the job of every headline of a copy is to get the user to read the first paragraph. And the first paragraph must also convince the user to read the second paragraph.”

If you apply this rule in your writing, your blog visitors will always read all your articles from top to bottom. I’m not trying to tell you to enroll in a copywriting class. But if you have the money, you can go for it because it is one of the high-income skills to learn.

You can also play smart here and utilize the power of email subject line tester software. These marketing tools will help you to analyze your subject line score before sending out every campaign. This should also give you an idea that there are other content audit tools you should take advantage of.

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What am about to say is very essential for your business growth. Pay close attention…

The Email Marketing Toolkit to optimize your email campaigns

To create free email campaigns that will bring in more sales, you need the right toolkit to optimize your campaigns. All the tools listed above function in a similar way. The only difference is the features they come with and their prices.

None is better than the other but I recommend you go for the one that you can use to automate your marketing campaigns. This will give you time to focus on the more important tasks. But if your company has a copywriter, you can consult him on her.

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Download Free Bulk Email Marketing Toolkit

If you don’t have the money to go for advanced paid tools…

Download the email marketing toolkit that is completely free. It called Mailjet and it one of the most widely used tools for drawing achieving awareness. It comes with features such as:

  • Email builder
  • Content management
  • API for third party integration
  • SMTP relay server that helps to send millions of emails directly to your customer’s inbox.

Almost 130,000 companies currently use mailjet in 150 countries. I don’t know of private individuals but that will be higher than the number of companies that use this tool. It’s all in one easy-to-use email platform to send out better campaigns.

Download the free Email Marketing E-book from their platform and use it to improve your marketing solutions.

What is a toolkit in marketing?

If you will recall, you will realize that I have not told you what toolkit is in marketing. It wasn’t my intention to hide it from you so let me explain…

Toolkit in marketing refers to various tools that help marketers to get their work done fast and easily. Instead of wasting 3 days writing a single sales copy, you can use these tools to get the work done in few minutes.

It’s not only used by copywriters but rather everyone with no experience in marketing. There are already prewritten copy templates in most of the tools, and all you need is to modify the content to meet your needs.

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What tools do you use for email marketing?

A lot of people have been asking me this question on various social media platforms. Let me make it clear, at first I was not using any marketing tools. I set up a second page at the back of my site and I was using that to collect my visitor’s emails. I was storing all their details on a database that was hosted on the Bluehost server.

Then I used my coding experience to developed some logic for sending out campaigns.

One evening while surfing the web, I saw the MailChimp ads and decided to start using them. I have also been using convert-kit and mail-jet for other clients.

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That’s all the tips I want to share with you, have fun!


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