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What To Say To Jehovah Witnesses At Your Door (JWs Ministry)

What To Say To Jehovah Witnesses At Your Door

What to say to Jehovah’s Witnesses at your door when they approach you. Do you know any JWs in your city? Or do you have any friend or family member who is a Jehovah’s Witness? If so then how do you talk to them when they knock your door to share a word with you? Comment below with your thought but if you have no clue on what to say to Jehovah’s witnesses, then in few seconds below, you will find your answer so that you will know what to say to them at your door.

Over the past, we have heard a lot about Jehovah’s Witnesses and how eager they are with their ministry or missionary works. Others say, Oh don’t mind them, JWs they have their own bible which is the (New World Translation or NWT or Awake! Or so-called Watch Tower). I remember me sitting on a chair someday and heard someone saying to his friend “When they greet you, don’t even reply, they are not Christians they are just pretending” I read an article too on Forbes which says, Jehovah’s witnesses are force Christians, it is just an organization founded by Charles Taze Russell. They pay their members to do door-to-door ministry. If not because of that you wouldn’t have seen them on the street.

If you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, please comment below with an explanation of all these rumors. Tell us something if they are true or not.

Whatever the case is, that is not what I want to show you. If Jehovah witness is the true religion or not, that is not what am here for. What I want to show you is (What to say to Jehovah witnesses at your door) Imagine you know all the scriptures in the bible and every idea behind it. How proud will you feel of yourself when someone asks you to give him or her one quotation and explain it? You will feel so great and give the person two or more scriptures. But what if you know nothing in the bible? How will you respond to the person? Will you tell him or her that you will give him an answer the next day or you know nothing in the bible? That will be some kind of shame or shyness.  And who wants to be ashamed in life? No one, that is why I want to show you how you should respond to Jehovah’s witnesses when they knock on your door so that you won’t say a word that you will later feel ashamed of.

So let get to it on what to say to Jehovah witnesses at your door.

I went out with my friends one Saturday evening around 5:10 pm before the sunset. On our way back, one Jehovah’s Witness lady approached us and said, hi brothers, my name is Jina and I want to share a word with you. Oh leave here, we have no money madam, go and find a work and stop begging others, I said. Then we laughed and one of my friends said, that is all that they know of, begging for money all the time, lazy peoples.  (Few seconds below to know what to say to Jehovah witnesses at your door)

Then that very next week, I got an admission letter from one computer school I had applied for. The letter said all admitted students should report to the school premises the next day for orientation. So I went for the orientation and I was shown my class and got to know a few mates. Classes began the next week. So on my first day, I got there around 6:40 am in the morning. I sat on my chair together with other presents students. At 7:30 am the tutor entered the class and greeted with a low sweet voice whiles my head was down. Gee… who could this be? I raised my head and there she was the Jehovah’s Witness lady me and my friends abused.

I quickly bare my head down again hoping she never notice me. Then I said, if she is going to be my tutor here, then I better change my course or school before she reports to the administrators of how bad I am. Do you know what came out of her mouth next? ‘My name is Jina and I will be teaching you guys C++ and Asp dot Net. Can you guys also tell me your name one by one and your motive for choosing this course?’ Then with my head down, I said to myself, “I better get out before it gets worse” I was the fifth person to mention my name. So I quickly stood up and walk straight to the door without saying a word to anyone. All eyes were on me but I was the only one who knew what I have caused. She didn’t notice me as I walked out. (Below comes the secret of knowing what to say to Jehovah witnesses at your door)

I got to the house and looking at how much I paid for the admission, I decided to go back the next day and just reveal myself and plead to her. So the next day, I got there but this time I sat outside the waiting hall, waiting for her to see which office she will report to. She finally came and I followed her. Just before she opened the door for me, he looked quietly at me for almost ten seconds without saying a word. I sat down and I thought she has noticed me. So I begin to lecture her, “Madam I am so sorry, my name is Justice and… and….”  And what, she said. Me and… and… my…. my… friends got you annoyed the other day and… and… I want to say am so sorry please, I said kneeling on my knees.  She spied on me quietly and said stand up before you went away yesterday from the class, I already knew I was going to meet you when I saw your passport picture on my student’s list.  Oh really, so you know the reason why I left right? Yes, that is why I didn’t call you back because I know how it felt, she replied.

From that day on was, she became a mother to me, trust me. Upon all the teachers that have thought me before, I will say none of them was so kind compared to her. She was so kind. She gave me her contact and I started messaging her. She never minds of how bad I abused her, one thing I remember she told me was “never treat people as bad as they are in your life, treat them as good as you are” I learned a lot from here and I began having interest in Jehovah’s witnesses which lead me to ask more about their congregation on things like, how they get money for their Watchtower magazines, Reasoning from the Scriptures and many of their books. To me, I thought all Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) are jerk but I was totally wrong, I wasn’t making use of this wise saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

If you don’t know them, their weekly meetings can be somehow annoying to you. Because what most Christians believe in the doing of God works is different from Jehovah’s Witnesses. For them. they can easily start a meaningful conversation with anyone they see which is hard for most Christians to go out for ministry or missionary to do evangelical work. On JW Website and many JW books you will often see this scripture Matthew 28:19, 20 which says “Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit” So they believe that they should go out to peoples door and share the word with them as Jesus said.

There is one hack I want to show you about them on what to say to Jehovah’s witnesses at your door? The hack is just below here, all that you need to see it is to scroll down…

So What Should You Say To Jehovah Witnesses At Your Door

What to say to Jehovah’s Witnesses at your door. I hope because of how bad I abused one of them and ended up pleading, you have gotten the answer already? Remember, Witnesses (JWs) are just humans like me and you, what makes them look different is the fact that they live according to what their Watch Tower Society says. Jina said that they are just interested in helping others to know more about the kingdom of God. So their purpose of knocking people’s doors is not to beg for money as I did think. So is simple, don’t say anything to offend them when they approach you.

If you want to learn more from the bible, they are willing to help you for free. If you don’t want to learn anything too, just tell them that you are not interested in knowing anything in the bible and they will not kill you. Don’t insult or say anything bad to them please, this was the mistake I did earlier on but I was wrong with the kind of mindset I had on them. We are all humans we don’t have to allow religion to separate us.


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