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Are Rich People Happy (Best Explanation)

are rich people happy

Suppose you are a mum and your daughter wake up one day and ask you this question, Mum, are rich people happy?

What would you say?

May be you may also throw back question, and ask your daughter, baby, why do you want to know? Why are you asking me such a question?

Well, it could be that your daughter has made some research in the neighborhood and seen a lot of people who are rich and at the same time happy and unhappy. She has also seen poor people who are happy and unhappy. So she is kind of confused. She can’t figure out, if rich people are happy or not. Doing her research, she find out of both happy and unhappy rich peoples.

So here comes the confusion, are rich people happy? Why is it that, other rich peoples are happy and others are unhappy?

Well, before you try to explain this to your daughter, can you please bear with me so that we find out?

 What causes happiness?

 Why is it that most rich people are happy and others are unhappy?

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         What Causes Happiness

are rich people happy

Have you heard of the saying that “money doesn’t buy happiness” and I say neither does poverty. A lot of people like to make that connection. Well, you know I would rather be happy than rich or wealthy? Or money is not that important, that it’s okay, like if we set our goals too high then we will get disappointed. I don’t know about other rich people. But I have been rich and I have been poor and I can tell you that being rich is a far better than being poor. (In that case man, are rich people happy?)

Better to write my article in a luxury SUV than on a bicycle. Boss on the bicycle would not look so good. So what am saying is, there is no root cause of happiness that would last forever. Of course there are other things that can make you happy. Example includes, winning the lottery, getting promotion. But tell me, will that happiness last for 5 days? NO, it will never, is not about how much money or resources you have.

The real fact about happiness is; if you are a happy person, money will make you happy. It would give you more tools and more currency to do things to make an impact. If you are a sad, depressed miserable person, more money will make you depressed, sad and more miserable.

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It has nothing to do with each other. People like to use that as an excuse to justify their failures and to justify their lack of ambition. They say well, you know what it’s, I just want to be okay, I don’t need a lot of money, I don’t need to be rich and I just want to be happy. What I say is, why not both? Why can’t you have both? Why can’t you be happy and wealthy at the same time? Why can’t you be happy, rich and healthy at the same time? Why do we have to choose? Why can’t you have it all?

Why It Is That Most Rich People are Happy and others are Unhappy?

happy man

It’s like the saying;

“You can’t have the cake and eat it too”. Then my question is what is the damn point of having that cake? You want to have the cake and you want to eat it too? That’s what it is. So we have a lot of these misconceptions and lies and myths that people believe in that are not true and very often they are simple excuses to justify. That’s all that it is. I could tell you that most people who are successful financially not all are pretty happy.

Most are pretty happy because they don’t have to worry a lot of things that most people worried about. You don’t have to worry about the bills. You don’t have to worry about your car payment. You don’t have to worry about your house payment. So a lot of the struggles and the hassles that a lot of people have, a lot of the simple things that people are worried about.

When you are successful, when you have more financial means you don’t have to worry about those things. You could focus on other things that are maybe more important. You could spend more time with your family. You could help the people that need help. So don’t buy into the whole bullshit of oh, are rich people happy or rather be, no, do both? Be wealthy, as well as, be happy, don’t buy into all that.

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So Back To the Main Question

Are Rich People Happy?

I have said a lot about this question already (are rich people happy) but this time I will make it simple and short. The whole point is, being rich or poor does not determine how one could be happy in life. If you have a happy personality, you will always be happy even if you are poor. If you have unhappy personality you will always be unhappy even if you are rich. (Very simple) Wealth does not determine the happiness of a person. It true it very sad being poor but that does not mean poor peoples are not happy.

So there you go, I hope this answers your daughter’s question on “are rich people happy”. I challenge you to comment below with your own idea about the subject. What answer you would have given to your daughter (are rich people happy). to find out more check wikihow for reference


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